The woman was pregnant as soon as the contract was signed, and the female boss had no choice but to cancel the company. The woman applied for an arbitration company!

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With the current economic situation, it is very difficult to open a company, not to mention labor arbitration.

A female boss in Qingsong, Shandong, was spreading. The company needs to recruit an employee because of the development of the business before, so Xiao Qiao went to apply.

After the interview, Xiao Qiao successfully joined the company. In fact, the boss also considered Xiao Qiao’s marriage during the interview, and he was more in line with the age of pregnancy. He was a bit tangled about whether Xiao Qiao was admitted, but Xiao Qiao’s ability was really outstanding.Far away from other applicants a street, so the company finally accepted Xiao Qiao and the trial period was three months.

During these three months, Xiao Qiao also conquered the boss and colleagues with excellent work performance, so the company signed a three -year labor contract with her.

But just a few days after signing a formal contract, Xiao Qiao knocked on the boss’s office room and presented a hospital’s pregnancy certificate.

The boss saw this pregnancy prove that she also knew in her heart. During the interview, Xiao Qiao concealed the news that she was already pregnant. She should already know that she was pregnant during the interview. Although the boss was unwilling, she laughed.Hehe agreed with Xiao Qiao’s salary leave for two months.

In fact, in the face of this kind of front -foot signing contract, the rear foot was restless and leave, and the boss also applied for bankruptcy directly, then canceled the original company, and then set up a new company to recruit the original classmates.Only Xiao Qiao.

Therefore, when Xiao Qiao was still at home, she was informed by colleagues that the company closed down and let her leave after getting some compensation. She would not pay her salary and social security for her later.

But Xiao Qiao was unwilling to live, and had to stay in the new company. When he was dismissed, he would compensate her.

It is conceivable that the boss is definitely unwilling to continue to be this big grievance, so Xiao Qiao thinks that the boss is using the company’s bankruptcy to disguise himself, so he asked the media to expose the company and try to use public opinion pressure to make the boss yield.

After the discussion was unsuccessful, Xiao Qiao applied to the local arbitration agency for arbitration, asking the new company to continue to perform the original labor contract, issue her salary of maternity leave, and continue to pay social security.

The final arbitration result is believed to be more concerned.

After Xiao Qiao applied for arbitration, he thought he could continue the wool of the new company, but the result of the arbitration was rejected Xiao Qiao’s application on the grounds that Xiao Qiao and the new company had no labor relationship.

In this incident, Xiao Qiao’s paid vacation behavior was in line with my country’s legal terms, but because he concealed the behavior that was already pregnant in advance, it contained deception factors in it.

In addition, the boss’s reorganization of the company’s reorganization may really be because the company is poorly operated or the company is reorganized due to its own development, but there is really no deep pondering because of Xiao Qiao’s factors.

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