The woman was repeatedly violent by her husband for four months of pregnancy, and some people said that there must be a reason for being beaten during pregnancy.


Just brushed a video. In Jingdezhen, Jiangxi, a man pinched a woman’s hair and kicked her. The woman did not have the power at all, and could only cover her head with her hands.

After the woman was pushed down on the ground by the man, the man did not forget to kick on her, and I saw that I was frightened.

Fortunately, the woman’s mother -in -law stood on the side of her. When she saw her daughter -in -law be beaten, her mother -in -law rushed out and scolded her son.

After being beaten by his mother, he thought that the man would stop here. He did not expect that he rushed up and slapped several of the women who had already gotten.

The sound of slapped sounds clearly on the screen, and it can be seen that the weight of the start is seen.

It is reported that this beaten woman has been pregnant for four months, and the man hit her many times.

Many people in the comment area are saying "there is no need to pay for this man for the second half of the life" "" 4 months can be destroyed to start a new life "

Although many people say that they are pitiful to kill their children, but such a husband like such a husband, who suffers from them later?Such a child is even more pitiful.

There are still many uncomfortable voices in the comment area. Some people say "Fortunately, there is a mother -in -law who is towards her."

As a result, some people said, "People are also blocked on the grandson."

It is really dark enough, my mother -in -law is not easy to do.A If the mother -in -law does not stop her son, if you do n’t help your daughter -in -law, you can be drowned by saliva. Now the mother -in -law helps her daughter -in -law, and said that her mother -in -law is for her grandson.matter.

This is not the most angry. The most angry thing is when someone said, "I have to be beaten when I am pregnant, leave him directly, and let him regret it for a lifetime."

As a result, some people said, "What if the child is not his?" He also said that this was a video of his head.

Watching these comments is really angry. I wonder why so many people always like to think about the dark side?

Even so, it is not a reason to beat people. There are only one and countless times of domestic violence. Such men are not equipped with wives and children.

It is reported that the beaten woman has returned to her mother’s house and has also reported to the police, but she also has a big daughter. No matter what the result, she hopes that the woman can bring her daughter with her side and don’t let the child hurt.

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