The woman who gave birth to 4 women also accidentally became a husband who asked to divorce. Is this a qualified man?

Polar News commentator Wu Shuangjian

On November 12, a woman in Zhejiang posted a video saying that she had four daughters, and now she was pregnant unexpectedly. The husband was afraid of her daughter again, so she proposed a divorce and said that she would raise 1,000 yuan per month.The incident was quickly searched, causing heated discussion.On the 14th, the Local Women’s Federation of Linhai City stated that he would contact the situation.(According to the Nine -Pai News video report on November 14)

The video said that the reason for the husband’s divorce was simple and rude, that is, he was afraid that the fifth child was a daughter, and he wanted to have a son again.

This feudal remnants still have real soil now?It is really puzzling.Netizens said in unison that having a son still have a daughter, depending on the husband, this is not cold knowledge, but hot knowledge.It seems that the man not only has feudal thoughts, but also lacks in fertility knowledge.

Boys and women are the same, and they have already become a social consensus.Although the reason for the two to get married and what reason to divorce, it is really a housework. If there is no violation of regulations, they are responsible for their actions.However, in Article 1082 of the Civil Code "Restrictions on the Restrictions on the Rights of the Men", the woman shall not propose a divorce during pregnancy, one year after childbirth or within six months after childbirth; however, the woman proposes to proposeDivorce or the people’s court believes that it is necessary to accept the man’s divorce request.

In other words, Ms. Hu currently propose a divorce during pregnancy. If Ms. Hu resolutely oppose, his behavior can not be legal support at all.Moreover, the same is true with his wife may have a daughter as an excuse.

Watching the four little girls in the video look innocent, watching the mother with a big belly, and then looking at the conditions for their living and hard work, they all show sympathy for them.Ms. Hu dragged her pregnancy for eight months, and had to work to make money and support her family, but also with four children. For her, what huge life pressure and burden were she.Especially in the video, she was carrying a sleeping child, and she yawned to fight the sky at work, which was really defensive.

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In the relevant reports of Changsha Radio and Television Video, Ms. Hu said that her husband said that all the children belonged to the woman and gave 1,000 yuan a month, and there was no more money.Seeing her husband so decisive, she did not hesitate to agree.Ms. Hu said that as long as she works hard, she will get better and better in the future.

Although this truth is right, how does this current pass?Her husband gave 1,000 yuan a month, can he feed such a big family?Do Ms. Hu take care of so many children?Who will take care of the four children when giving birth?Is there a source of life after the fifth child?These are all deep doubts in people’s hearts.

At present, it is unclear whether they have completed the divorce procedures. At this time, the local women’s federation is really urgent to investigate the local women’s federation.On the one hand, we must try their best to protect the rights and interests of mothers and daughters in accordance with laws and regulations; on the other hand, we must also protect their basic life needs, so that children can accept education and grow up healthy and happy.

It is understood that their husband and wife are from rural Guizhou, and the man has the idea of "heavy men and women" or traditional concepts.As for why there are so many children, Ms. Hu said that the fourth and fifth births were unexpectedly pregnant under the circumstances of Shanghai.Anyway, when the child is born, he must raise it.

For her husband, it is not the son, but the responsibility.In the family, the relationship between husband and wife must be stable. As a husband, he must know how to care for his wife, and as a father to bear the responsibility of raising and raising children.Give 1,000 yuan a month, and then leave, is this a qualified man?

(Source: Polar News)

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