The woman’s marriage examination found that she was pregnant and was broken up by her boyfriend.

Once a person has doubts about something, the clues they see will become the basis for verifying their ideas, and they will ignore the clues that do not meet the results.

This is indeed the case in reality. Once there is suspicion between the two people in a relationship, there is a gap. Once there is a gap, it is difficult to eliminate it. The things that mind will always mind. The crisis of trust can make any feelings collapse.

The relationship between Xiao Li and Xiao Zhao is like this. They were originally a couple who was about to get married, but a marriage check made the two of them break up. What is going on?

Xiao Li is an introverted girl, and her thoughts are more conservative and very obedient. They never fall in love during school. They also introduced by their family members of the marriage with her boyfriend Xiao Zhao.Xiao Li Shang is a good university, so he also found a good job when he came out. Although Xiao Zhao’s degree is not high, he is very capable. He is working in a state -owned enterprise. The income is considerable. Parents are also intellectuals.There are houses and cars in the home. No matter who perspective, Xiao Zhao is the best candidate for marriage.

Xiao Li’s parents are no exception. They like Xiao Zhao very much, and Xiao Li also feels like Xiao Zhao, so since the two met, Xiao Zhao had no rejection.The two people have a good personality and have a common topic, and soon they have determined love relationships.

Xiao Li’s thoughts are more conservative, and Xiao Zhao also respects her very much, and never do something more than a distance. This makes Xiao Li more good at this boyfriend. After each time they date, Xiao Li will be at 10 o’clock in the eveningRush home before, this is the provision left by her parents from an early age.

Xiao Li felt that the last line of defense before marriage could not be touched anyway. This was the protection of themselves. When they dated, they held hands and kissed.After nearly a year, the two of them began to discuss the wedding for the two. Both the dowry of Caoli were ready. Xiao Li and Xiao Zhao found a fortune -telling to get a good marriage certificate.Originally thought that the two could be successfully cultivated, and a marriage inspection broke everything that was originally beautiful.

The marriage check is mainly to check whether the two parties have hereditary diseases, and discovered that the future children can avoid these hidden risks. Xiao Li and Xiao Zhao decided to do a marriage inspection under the suggestion of friends.EssenceSo the two came to the hospital for examination, but the results of the inspection caused the two to be surprised. The test sheet showed that Xiao Li had been pregnant for two months.

Xiao Li felt incredible. During the period of falling in love with her boyfriend, the two clearly did not do any more than a distance. How could they be pregnant inexplicably.Xiao Zhao was very angry, and felt that Xiao Li was not as innocent and self -love at all. Maybe he could not explain it by others, and then wanted to get married quickly and let him take over.Xiao Li insisted that the hospital was wrong. It must be a problem with the hospital. After all, he really had no sexual behavior. How could he have a two -month -old child.

Xiao Li hopes that her boyfriend can believe in himself. After all, the two were together this year. They had not done anything except to kissing and holding hands. They suspected that they could not be eliminated once they were generated.When there was a problem, he felt that Xiao Li was lying on himself. In impulse, he said a lot of unpleasant words.Zhao but resolutely proposed to break up, which made Xiao Li very sad.

Xiao Li felt that the hospital had to check the problem, so she went to another hospital to hang the obstetrics and gynecology department. As a result, she was not pregnant at all.As for the case, after the hospital’s verification, there was another person who came to check the list of the two.It turned out that everything was an oolong, but the relationship between the two had experienced this, but it could no longer be recovered. Once the seeds that were suspected, it could not easily disappear. Such a beautiful marriage fell to the bottom.

So, because the hospital’s wrong examination has caused the two to break up, do the hospital need to take responsibility for this?

According to the "Law of the People’s Republic of China Medical Incident Responsibility Law", as an institution that provides medical services, hospitals should abide by certain standards and procedures during the service process.

Because of its own negligence, the hospital has brought irreparable serious consequences to the relationship between the two. The hospital is an important medical institution. When doing any work, you must be careful, serious and meticulous, otherwise this time is a misunderstanding. Next time, next time, next time, next time, next time, next timeI don’t know what it is.

In addition, the "Civil Code" stipulates that if the rights and interests of others are infringing on the personal rights and interests of others and causing serious mental damage of others, the infringement can ask for mental damage compensation.

Because the hospital’s fault caused the relationship between the two to break down, in accordance with the law of the law of law, it should be responsible for the law of the law and give Xiao Li a certain spiritual compensation.

Although this hospital has a lot of responsibilities, because the hospital’s negligence caused irreparable harm to the relationship between the two, but the communication and communication between the two parties is also very important.Zhao knew that the hospital had a mistake and came to Xiao Li for forgiveness. If he wanted to continue the wedding, the sober Xiao Li was unwilling to give him a chance, because she knew that Xiao Zhao was not worthy of entrustment.Impulses, she is reluctant to continue this relationship.

I believe that Xiao Li has grown a lot in thought and emotion after this incident, so we must polish our eyes when choosing a marriage object, and hope that we can meet the right people.

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