The woman’s stomach for three months was as big as her pregnancy in October.

Want to ask what happened?I see.

There is a six -year -old sister.It is really difficult to ask us about the relationship between us.If we get older, we will probably play together, or the opposite, there will be some quarrels.But we are six years old and have not studied the same school.My mother is a housewife, so taking care of her sister or playing with her, the mother never pushed my head.The relationship between our sisters is not good or bad. Although we live together, we have never had any intimate memories.

However, Yosha has always envied me.

Perhaps because of the difference between the eldest daughter and the second daughter, my mother treats me and my sister.But perhaps the main reason is that I was born in her twenties, and yarn was born when she was in her thirties.Since I started to remember, my mother was quite severe to me.However, I have never seen my mother say something seriously to my sister.

I have always tried not to keep these dissatisfaction in my heart.

When I was in the first grade of elementary school, I broke the tea cup. My mother said angrily at the time, "You are obviously a primary school student." Then he drove me out of home.But if there is the same mistake, you will say to her, "It’s okay? Pay more attention."

I don’t think so much things like this, I will say it directly.

"Mom is 37 years old. I am not as physical as before. I always feel that I have no energy to get angry."

My mother sighed deeply and said to me.

"But even now, you will still get angry with me."

"Those must depend on the importance of things. Break a tea cup, isn’t it good to pay attention next time? But if it is related to your academic and dating, isn’t it affecting your future? So although your mother is your motherI’m tired, but I still have to get angry with you. "

My mother’s request is that because it is a public school in the countryside, it is not only satisfied with the top of the ranks, and must be maintained at the first place.Those children who encouraged me in the tuition school must not have any exchanges with them.

At that time, I accepted my mother’s justification, but I didn’t know if I became a middle school student in six years, and whether I also received the same training.Because after college, I moved out.

It is the Two University of Tokyo, and it is not a powerful school.With my deviation [1], I have the ability to take a university, but my mother said that I had to go to a women’s university, and I had to compromise.

After graduating, I work at a cosmetics company.It is called "White Rose Hall".Although it is the largest company in the industry, it has nothing to do with me now.Because I resigned only for a year and a half.

The reason is …

If you want to say that this has nothing to do with yarn, then it is free.What’s the meaning?So, shouldn’t you tell me from the beginning, do you want to listen to when and which stage is there?

What I know is yarn when I am with me, so if you talk about it unilaterally because I talk about something that is related to me, I don’t want to listen to this kind of thing, but I will be difficult to listen.Do it.Furthermore, don’t you think this is very polite to me?

What happened after the yarn back to this house?Yes, after all, you want to investigate the case of yarn.You should ask this from the beginning.

Youha returned to his hometown from Tokyo, that is, our family, two weeks ago.

A case of violence against pregnant women in the town next door, she returned three days later.It’s terrible, the pregnant woman was poisoned by a stick or something when she walked at night.However, although the baby is gone, the pregnant woman is saved, a little stronger than Yosha.

The news said that the murderer did not catch the murderer, and I couldn’t figure out the motivation. It was probably randomly murdered. Therefore, it was better to hesitate to hesitate to hesitate, but she had already appointment with the hospital and wanted to slowly after giving birth to slowly after giving birth.Rest, so I decided to return to my mother’s house to have children according to the original plan.

My parents were also arguing, saying that maybe the murderer was not aimed at pregnant women, but that the victim happened to be a pregnant woman, so he did not intend to stop the yarn from returning to his hometown.They still want to witness the birth of the first grandson.But we are also more vigilant.

Youyan originally wanted to take the bus near home, but because the bus was going through the town next door, I drove to Shinkansen Station to pick up her.

Seeing the yarn from the ticket gate, I couldn’t help but stunned.Although I knew she had only one month left before the due date, and imagined that she would have a big belly, but she did not imagine that her belly was almost arched from the front.I thought how many people in her stomach were installed, and her mind couldn’t help but show that several babies in her belly folded together with strange posture, and felt a little disgusting.

Having said that, there is only one child in my sister’s stomach.A girl.

I have always felt that my imagination is slightly stronger than ordinary people, nor can I say that they are rich in imagination, because those bright and beautiful things rarely appear in my mind.But even if it is not a big deal, after entering my brain, it will become dark, painful, disgusting, and want to scream, spreading in my mind.

It is true that I don’t want others to discover this, but if the picture emerging is too amazing, I will still make an expression or sound in unconsciousness. From the beginning, I often feel creepy.Although I also want to justify others, if I explain the pictures in my mind with others, I am afraid it will only be more uncomfortable, so I will bear the misunderstanding and be respected and stayed away.

It must be false, but I am used to it, but I am used to it.

"Do you feel disgusting?"

This is the first sentence with Saisha.I haven’t talked about the pictures in my mind with Youyan, but she probably noticed it.I think we are indeed a sister at this point.I thought about whether to deny that I felt nauseous anyway, but when I saw that there was no unhappy expression, I did not deny or apologize, pretending that I did not hear her luggage.It’s better to say that I am very interesting to feel scared by her belly.

There is a better seat in the back row, but maybe because it is a mini car, she sat on the co -pilot seat.No surprise, she couldn’t deduct the seat belt.It does not seem to violate traffic rules for pregnant women.If my sister told me, I wouldn’t know this rule.But ah, don’t pregnant women need to tie a seat belt more?

From the station to the home, it is necessary to open forty minutes on the highway.In these forty minutes, I have been worried that with my own brakes, my sister will suddenly lean forward and break my stomach.I was worried that there was a strange picture in my mind, so that when I was home, I had sweated coldly in this winter, soaked in my armpit and backbone.The picture I appeared at the time was like this …

Don’t want to listen?Seriously, can you stop interrupted the words of others suddenly?It has nothing to do with the case. What are the criteria for judging?

If you make a wrong judgment on the choice of choice, wouldn’t it miss the key information and make the murderer’s long -term method longer?

If you investigate more thoroughly when the first case occurs, do you have to be killed if you have a yarn?

I’m calm.Is it okay to continue after returning home from Yosha?

First of all, start with my usual situation.After I resigned from the cosmetics company, I temporarily worked in a dispatch worker in Tokyo, but I returned to my hometown according to the wishes of my parents. I was introduced by my mother’s acquaintance.The front desk of ophthalmology hospitals.I moved out after I was admitted to college, and then I was in office and married, so in the past 12 years, I have always lived with three of my parents.

When my father and I have to go out to work, our family lives quite well.At 6:30 in the morning, three people ate breakfast together, as well as dinner. After 7 o’clock in the evening, go home to eat as much as possible.After a meal, he watched TV happily.Although the family was not particularly happy, she did not quarrel and lived a safe life.

Youya works in a suit store in Tokyo.The Obon Festival and the first month of the first month will definitely go home. When there is nothing, she often returns suddenly, saying that "the travel just comes back" is going home to show up.At those times, there were several times, and there was a yarn to take a man home.

The first time I came, the family was sensational.I ran over and met my parents, so there is no need to say that it is made from the premise of getting married.Both parents and I were prepared, and my father was wearing a suit that day to meet.As a result, the word "knot" who was married with Sa Lian was not mentioned. After playing happily, he returned to Tokyo after a few days.

What attitude do they fall in love with?I asked my mother to make a phone call to confirm.

However, the mother instructed us to be motionless:

"There is no children anymore, she must have her own consideration."

Probably because of the first time, I also started to wait for the news of yarn.After half a year, she took the man back to her hometown again.But I don’t know what, not the same person as the previous time.Obviously, parents felt that this time it was probably the formal parents, and they also ordered some festive meals in the takeaway shop.As a result, the man who was suddenly entertained [2] did not mention the stubble of marriage at all.

I went to ask my mother. When I got to this, I should either confirm with my sister or teach her a few words?Even so, the mother still shook her head:

"The times are different. If the people used to see their parents with their lovers, it is equivalent to getting married, but this is the feeling of entertaining friends for some gauze. She has often brought friends back with her friends since middle school.House’s."

"This should not be friends. Because …"

I can’t continue to talk with my mother because I don’t want to say something downwards from my mouth.It’s sex … sexual intercourse.Our sisters have their own rooms.The younger sister’s room has been kept for her before she got married.However, it is the twelve -twelve stacks that are separated by the bookshelves of the upper ceilings in itself.

My sister should also know about this, but she does not seem to restrain the sound of sex with the first man or the second man.Maybe even parents who sleep downstairs can hear.Nevertheless, they still allowed to return to Tokyo if there was a yarn without mentioning marriage.

But when I just returned to my hometown, it didn’t take long for me to call me. Before asking me about the situation, my mother asked the other party what was the relationship between the other party and what was doing.Of course, I was also told severely.

It is said that if you learn other people to do that kind of thing before getting married, you will never forgive me.

Especially for unmarried first pregnancy, it is the most difficult to forgive for mothers.If I do that kind of thing, I think my mother may cut off my relationship with me, and it is unknown to even slaughter me.Seeing that the artist in the TV show said that "Fengzi was married", the mother was already angry and scolded them to say such things frankly.

I immediately understood that my mother was not reprimanding the artist on TV, but told me.Since then, I just saw the "Fengzi Marriage" in newspapers and magazines, and my heart was restless, and my mother’s face appeared in my head.

In such a day, I couldn’t calm down all day to work, so I was hurt by my colleagues as "useless things."

However, Yosha "married".

In the spring of this year, there was a man who came back with the man again.She contacted us very rarely a week in advance and said she wanted to introduce us to a person.I am also my parents. I ca n’t count them with a few times with a shot. I feel that this time it is also the same situation. When she goes home, she did n’t make any special preparations.

The parents who retired at the age of 65 in the previous year were the two people who dressed as pajamas to meet the two who arrived in the afternoon.Dinner is prepared to pay more attention to barbecue than quality.During the meal, her sister didn’t touch her chopsticks, and Tie Qing went to the bathroom many times."I just said in advance." She stared at the barbecue iron plate like hating the barbecue iron plate, and picked her family that she was pregnant.

I don’t know if I took a breath first, or the face of Prajna appeared in my mind.In short, I was scared to dare not look at my mother’s face.His father opened his mouth as if his chin dislocated.He would not overthrow the table to beat the man.It is better to say that this is what the mother does.

But although her tone was a little uneasy, she didn’t mean to be angry:

"This, that, that’s it … This is not possible to get married."

That’s not so, obviously before saying hello, the man also scratched his head gently, and repeatedly said this:

"Although a bit suddenly, please take care of it. Oh, this is the line that the elders should say? Or is the lines that should be said when proposed?"

They said that they would not celebrate, so regardless of my meal, let me go to the nearby izakaya to buy some champagne back.

"It’s not alcohol, I can’t drink it."

I obviously had a heavy wine bottle and walked home. Youyan complained to me because I had drank beer.My mother asked me, "Grape -flavored soda is also fine." So I went to the izakaya again.After twice, I had a headache.Obviously I bought the wine I bought, and I did not toast it with you, so I returned to my room and fell on the bed.

Prajna laughed in my mind.I don’t think it’s like a thing like Prajna.But because I ca n’t figure it out, the headache will continue to deteriorate. I lay down deeply and took a deep breath, and slowly thought about the inexplicable situation just now.

It must be the same as the tea cup.Although the mother will get angry when she is physically physical, when the physical strength is not so abundant, they will only get angry with those things that have a bad impact on the future.Compared to what Feng Zi is married, there is still a child with Yosha, and his mother is quickly hugging her grandson. There is no bad hunch at all.It turns out, so did she not get angry?Then, did she give blessings because of this?

After I accepted this explanation, I could also go to the family reunion after the meal.I also reappeared with my brother -in -law.The authentic standing hands showed us, and he introduced himself as a chef in a well -known Italian restaurant in a brick furnace pizza.

"You look really slim, and you’re not right with these big hands. But it’ s really good. Hey, probably because it ’s always kneading the noodles.

With the urging of my mother, I used my right index finger to scatter about three centimeters in the authentic palm.His palms made me feel smoother than looking, but that night, my right index finger in the quilt was painful with calories.

I was thinking about what was going on, and my fingertips began to turn green, rotten, and dissolved, and then the rotten spread from the palm of my hand towards the wrist, and the hands that fell down with my hands were turned down.It was shown in my mind, and then I started screaming.

But no one intends to take a look at my situation.Perhaps it was because I screamed unconsciously in my sleep like this, and it was common for them to eat.I woke up God, closed my eyes again, and the regenerative palm began to rot from the right index finger again.

"You have to find the reason, calm, calm," I soothing myself and said, "Think about it, why do my fingers rot?" Is I disgusting the authentic and not noticing it?Or is it not disgust, but the opposite feelings?I think neither.

I can’t find the answer.When my hands were rotten for the fifth time, I heard the laughter of Prajna.Prajna laughed and said, "Let the man touch you to try it."

Stop, stop, aren’t you all your fault?Isn’t it that you said that being touched by a man was an obscene behavior and cursed me?Is that cursed voice encouraging me to be rotted this time?

Sorry, it’s something that has nothing to do with my sister.At this time, I hope you can interrupt me.Or, is there any key prompt in what I just said?

Compared to this, what do you want to ask?

Yes, yes, I want me to talk about what happened after she returned to my hometown.

No one goes out of our family now.But the mother still gets up at six in the morning to prepare breakfast.Although my father has to get up at about eight o’clock in the morning, it has nothing to do with this. Mother does not want to change his life rhythm.She finished breakfast at six:30, and at eight o’clock, she had finished her clothes and finished the yard.

My father lived the opposite life when he was working as a bank staff. He ate meals, read newspapers, and watched TV.After retirement, he can sometimes spend a whole day.But this day was really boring, so his father began to be keen on potted plants these months.

How to say, my family is summer vacation every day.

My father was like this, and I was not qualified to say what he said.After all, I have not worked for two years.Coupled with this person’s low blood pressure, it is really unnecessary to force himself to get up early in order to force himself.I sleep until noon every day.

But starting half a year ago, getting up at 7 o’clock in the morning has become what I have to do every day.

The next morning after Yosha came back, I heard a burst of laughter from the kitchen stove.It ’s so lively when I got up in the morning, it’ s really a long time.I couldn’t even think of this time before.I opened the door and saw that not only my mother and yarn, even my father sat in front of the dining table.

Hot rice and flavor soup.Salt and fried salmon and fried egg rolls.Is it so sweet that the fried egg rolls that have just been made?Maybe I have a breakfast together occasionally.

In this way, we ushered in the morning in a peaceful atmosphere.

"Good morning, my sister, I will start first."

There was a place where she was set up very long ago. She put down the rice bowl and moved her chair forward. Her high -rise abdomen made her chair almost stick to the cupboard behind her.

However, the mother sitting on the front of my sister, but said at a glance without looking at me,:

"It’s okay, there is a yarn. Your sister doesn’t eat breakfast."

Overnight, it became a world centered on sister.In this case, is it okay to make me join?Not good, I am excluded from people outside.If in the past, I would definitely appear uncomfortable in my mind, but now I can already cross this extent.

Because I have an inspiring partner.

"If you look for Sika, it is in the yard."

I was peeping at the table under the table, and my father said to me while watching the newspaper.

"What’s going on? Who put it out without authorization?"

"When I took the newspaper, the guy ran out by himself. Isn’t it good? I see it jumped and bouncing."

"No, there are some bad things nearby wandering."

Talking to my father is really anxious, and I opened the back door at home.So I saw Sikaled [5] sitting there, with an expressionless expression.Probably saw my face and felt relieved. It made a gurgling snoring in his throat, walking into the house with a leisurely step, and the feeding area on the side of the refrigerator on the side of the refrigerator.

"I will prepare you right away."

I took out the cat food bags from the shelf on the side of the refrigerator, filled with Sikaled’s basin.

"Speaking of it, my mother told me that you started to raise a cat."

Youya looked at Sikaled and said to me.

"What a poor thing? Is its name called Sika?"

She laughed.


I answered in a way to make sure she can hear each word.Even if it is a pet, who is willing to name Sika?Obviously, I do n’t understand this truth, but it ’s just that I can blurt out like a ridicule. This is the yarn.

Even if I was corrected, she did not show the slightest expression.

"That’s it. Like the name that my sister will take. But, can you go to other places next time? No matter how, the hair of animals is harmful to the baby?"

She added some difficult problems.

"Bou …"

Why should I have to be bad?This is my home. Isn’t it you who should go out?I should have been so anti -lip.

"It’s true."

My mother interrupted me in a word.

"There are cat hair drifting in the place where you eat. This is not hygienic. Sorry, I did not notice this before you came back. Shuzi, move the feeding area outside?","

How can we let it eat outside?The taste of cat food will lead to a nearby wild cat.Sikaled is a gentle child and will definitely be attacked by wild cats.I picked up Sikaled on the spot and took it back to my room on the second floor.

I took Sikalad back to the room, returned to the kitchen again, and moved all the tableware of Sikaled to the room.I always feel that the kitchen is a place to eat, and of course, I also arranged the feeding area of Sikaled there.In fact, it is just a good start from the beginning.

In this way, if Sikaled, who was sleeping in the morning, got up in the morning and opened the door to the kitchen without authorization, then I had to chase it back.But if you think about it, it has to go to the yard after eating, so the result is not much worse.

However, I got up early for Sikalad, and I didn’t feel hard at all.

Because of the impact of the pictures and headaches in my mind, my longest job has only been done for one year. Even so, I can always find the next job three or four years ago.But now because of the economic downturn, I can no longer find a job that suits me anymore.

Parents did not tightly urge me to find a job, so I lived a leisurely life while helping my housework.But even so, it is important to keep it with the outside world.Therefore, I have a burden on the task of buying ingredients for dinner. About about every day, I go to the national road to the large supermarket "Sunrise (Sunrise)".

Bright lights, fashionable exhibits in the season, and brisk music, as soon as I entered the store, my mood was naturally better.When I was at home, I felt a panic in my heart. When I came to the supermarket, my heart was happy.

I thought in my heart, anyway, I basically didn’t go out all day, and it didn’t matter what it looked like.But to "Sunrise", when my eyes looked at the lipstick of the new color number, when my hands reached to the exquisite and pleasant jewelry, I realized that I was a woman.

However, I don’t know when I started, no matter how many times I went to "Sunrise", no matter how long I stayed here, my mood would not be better.

Because the picture of the right index finger began to become a vascopic rotten screen in my mind over and over again …

Even though I am in "Sunrise", the picture is still shown in my brain, and the result is no mood of shopping. I pushed the shopping cart in the cashier pair of goods to the side of the bathroom, ran to the bathroom, and kept constantly.Washing your hands until the picture in your mind finally faded.

I was relieved, left the bathroom, and saw a revealing board hanging on the opposite side of the bathroom.In addition to the leaflets of special products on the board, there are several hand -made leaflets.

The notice of the recruitment chorus, the notice of the library festival, the participants of the flea market … In this, there is a leaflet that says "collecting kittens to support parents".

There are four photos of the kitten on the leaflet, and the cute look made me unconsciously stop and look at it.I have no experience in breeding pets, but I have liked animals since I was a child.In this way, I remembered what happened before elementary school.

A friend living nearby, a cat who raised her family gave birth to a baby.I remembered the touch of the kitten cat that had just opened my eyes, and the hair on my body was fluffy and soft.Obviously it looks like a white snowball, but it is warm when lying on my knees.The picture of the whole body covered with white soft hair appeared in my mind, which made my heart feel quite satisfied.

I want this little milk cat.My friend also said, "I hope Shuzi can adopt it." Before going to my friend’s house, my mother and I mentioned the kitten.At that time, my mother said, "I had a cat when I was a kid." Then I missed the three -color cat.Therefore, I don’t think she will oppose me to raise cats.So I gathered my courage and returned home happily, and asked my mother if she could raise a cat.

The answer is no.No way.

"I’m going to have a little baby soon.

Obviously I was looking forward to the baby’s birth before, but I remember that from that day, whenever I saw my mother’s increasingly bulging belly, my heart would feel uneasy.

Because the only happy picture in my mind is a cat, I consider raising a cat.There is nothing to worry about this time, and parents are in favor.

Mother thinks that since it is rare to raise pets, buy it from a pet shop.I accepted my mother’s proposal and searched with a computer, but I didn’t find a kitten that made me shine.What has been swinging in my mind is still revealing the four kittens in the board.

Dark tiger orange cats, light -colored tiger orange cats, white -bottomed orange cats, white cats, there are four types.These orange cats are round faces and big ears, big round eyes and nose, and they are particularly cute.But only the white cat had a pair of eyes that did not wake up, and half of the nose was black, and it looked like it was not wiped out.

But the only white cat is a female cat.But when these four cats appeared in my mind, only this white cat would coquettish me.It will lie on my knees, watching me, snoring, and sleeping well.

One day, there was a decisive situation.I went to see the interpretation version of "Sunrise" and found that the patch was affixed to it, saying that the three cats other than white cats had found adoptive parents.The only white cat in the photo that was not covered by stickers seemed to be looking for me, so I took out my phone on the spot and dial the phone number printed on the leaflet.

Judging from the photos, this white cat is all conspicuous, but it looks different face to face.Of course, I was first taken away by its pure white fluff. Above this, those dull sleeping eyes seemed to have melancholy, and the half -black nose avatars were charming beauty moles.In front of my eyes.

That is Sikalaide.

Sorry, this time I don’t know when it will become a matter of talking about cats.

Do you do what to do to Sikalad?She told me not to feed cats in the kitchen, but there was nothing to mention.

Many times, even though Sikalad is a place at the place where it can be at the tentacle, there will be a yarn to ignore its existence, and continue to watch TV and read comics.But sometimes what she thinks will go to my room and hold Sikaled to the living room.

I heard that the mental state of pregnant women is easy to become unstable, and my sister is probably when she is in a low mood. Go to Sikaled to cure it.

Especially after a week after yarn, isn’t there another pregnant woman being attacked next door?The victim was in a coma, and the children in the stomach were not kept.No matter how much, after the second case happened, everyone would feel that this was aimed at pregnant women, and even the media was rendered in this direction.Therefore, my sister didn’t go out for a walk. She was bored all day, and her mental stress should be getting bigger and bigger.

This is the case, but why did she go out on that day and at night?

Three days on that day, my sister went to the obstetrics and gynecology department for a medical examination, and I drove her over.Because I didn’t accompany her into the diagnostic room, I didn’t hear the diagnostic results directly from the doctor’s mouth.

"The doctor said that there was a good time before the baby was born, so I asked me to go out more."

In the car home, my sister said to me like this.So this is not the case.If there is something that suddenly wants to eat, you can clearly ask me to buy her back. There is no need to go outside in the middle of the night?

On the one hand, a serial violence case occurred next to Machi [6], and on the other hand, even at night, there was a convenience store where ten minutes away from home. It should be safe to go there.Essence

Like the place where residential planning is being sold is the place where the dangerous elements of ambush pregnant women will be hidden, isn’t it?This is probably the route that my sister will come up.

That day, parents went out early in the morning to participate in relatives.They planned to live for one night, but I told them that after receiving the news of the police, the two rushed home overnight.It seems to catch up with the last new trunk line that night.

Although the sister was out of breath, even if they rushed back the next day, there would be no difference.

That night, I didn’t know what my sister went out.If he notices that she is going to go out, she can ask her more than a word to go.If she is going to buy things, I will buy it for her. If she wants to go, I will accompany her.In short, if she can greet me …

Obviously, this tragedy can be avoided.

Note that if you are not at home, I feel wrong. It is what happened to me after taking a shower.I saw my sister’s bath towel in the dressing room and put it in my original place, and wanted to know her, saying that I had taken a shower first.But I went to the living room and the guest room to watch a circle, and I couldn’t find her figure.

Yes, there is no one in the room with a yarn.

After she got married, I moved the bookshelves that separated the room, turning both sides into my room.Of course, this was approved by the sister.So we made the guest room and made my sister return to the room where they had a home -produced room.Although the proposal in half of my room was also discussed, the mother thought that there was a garm with a big belly, and the steps were too dangerous to see the steps.

Considering that my sister will bed for a while after giving birth, it is more convenient to send meals on the first floor.

So that night, when I was on my own room on the second floor, I could conclude that my sister either watched TV in the living room on the first floor or was lying in the guest room.

I also went to the kitchen and toilet.I even found it under the table, because I suddenly had a sign of the mood of thinking about it, and fell to the ground."There is a yarn, there is a yarn", I shouted her name.I thought again, maybe she was in the yard or garage.Maybe she forgotten something in the car.I thought like this and walked to the porch.At that time, the phone rang.It was called by our police station in Town, saying that they should ask about what happened.

Are you a criminal police officer at the County Police Department?

Sister’s mobile phone seems to have not found it yet.The wallet in the bag seems to be gone.It was because I found the mother and child’s handbook [7] that I could immediately contact me.

I checked the call record of my phone call.I know that before I answered the phone, the same police station called me once, when I was taking a bath.

Before that?So, before that, I was in my own room on the second floor.What am I doing?

I am destroying fleas for Sikalad.


I’m destroying fleas–

Two months after birth, I came to my family’s Sikalad to love my mother. In short, it always lie on my knees.It buried his head between my thighs and made a ball. I touched its neck with my hands, and it murmured and snoring with my face with my face. After a while, I fell into a dream hometown.

I like to insert my fingers like a comb in its white and soft hair, gently touching its warm body.The warm touch of the fingertips is unpredictable. When I stroke Sikalad, the rotten picture of the fingertips will not appear inside my mind.

Sikalad is my patron saint.

However, that day, when I caressing Sikaled’s body as usual, the fingertips of my right hand felt a sense of conflict.Is it sticking to dirty things?Or does it have something like warts on it?I used the fingers that pressed on Sikaled, and gently removed the thing, and found that it was a thing about three centimeters long, brown -black, and oval, hiding in the fur and creeping.

It’s flea.I remember when I was in kindergarten, I saw it at my friend’s house.The cat was lying on the knees of my friend and sister, and fell asleep in a long way. The friend’s sister looked for a black living body on his belly with both hands, and then caught it with his fingertips.Broken with a flutter.

"Flea can suck the blood of cats, not only itching the cat, but even in severe cases, it will even make it infected. You must remove the flea like this."

My friend’s sister said.She explored the cat’s belly in front of my eyes, and found the flea and squeezed it. After a while, the work was destroyed.I think the most powerful thing is that when the big sister did this, she almost didn’t look at her fingertips.I am not good at contacting others with eyes, but my elder sister is different. When I talk to me, my eyes are always looking at me, and my hand still crushes the flea.

"I can feel it by my fingertips, and I can make a coincidence."

Because the elder sister did not show any proud expression when she said these words, even when my fingertips found fleas on Sikalad, they did not develop any strange internal pictures.I can not think about those useless things, concentrate on the nerves of fingertips, and enjoy the refreshing sense of crushing fleas.

Especially the flea filled with insect eggs in the stomach.That moment was so cool.I can even hear the sound of its abdomen cracking, which makes me feel comfortable.In order to prevent incubation, I picked up those worm eggs with only about one centimeter from the nails of my thumb, and they were picked up one by one.

Polying and fluttering, the touches of the coat of the envelope made me really feel that this is the wrapped eggs inside.

But just crushing the abdominal and insect eggs cannot satisfy me.The flea that was pinched with the belly, dragging my broken belly, and escaped from my fingertips.I was shocked by the tenaciousness of life. As I moved, I grabbed the flea that was slowly escaping, and smashed its head.

I am immersed in flea.Whether I turned Sikalad’s body over and tune, or looking back and forth on it, it seemed to assign everything to me, not to move at all, let me fad it.Looking at this kind of Sikalad, my heart was pity.

I believe that Sikalad is my daughter, no, it is my avatar.

I calmly recalled my dialogue with the criminal police. I noticed that in that long conversation, I did not mention how much content about yarn was mentioned.It’s not that I consciously avoid the topic, probably because I don’t want to recall some things. Some things I don’t want to tell others, just edited these contents unconsciously.

I only started thinking about a question until now. Why should I go back to my hometown with a yarn?Tokyo’s obstetrics and gynecology medical facilities must be better. If people need to take care of them, then the mother can temporarily go to take care of her.

That’s right, this home may still have gauze, but this room does not belong to her anymore.How could she run back for granted and still act on my bookshelf without authorization?Especially while I was playing with Sikaled in the yard.

If you are bored all day, Sikaled will feel bored.If Sikaled does not stick to fleas, I will feel bored.So after eating every day, I will take Sikaled to the yard for an hour.But there is not only Sikaled.There are a lot of wild cats in this area. If Sikaled runs to the place where the cats play, I will roar and intimidate it, because there are always some irregular guys who will pursue Sikaled into the corner of the yard all the way.

At night, in my own room on the second floor, I watched TV while removing fleas.With Saisha, he broke in without knocking.

"Borrow a few books with you."

Too said, he put the three books back to the bookshelf.

"" Pour "," The Memory of Storm "," The Scars of Rose "… I thought it was a reasoning novel. As a result, what was this? Romance novels?You can feel it. This plot is upside down, it is really ridiculous. Quarry, sex, reconciliation. Misunderstanding, sex, marriage. Amnesia, sex, memory recovery, and then reunion, reunion continues to have sex. Isn’t this brain disability? ButIt ’s okay to use it to relieve the boredom. What should I look at the next one? What do my sister recommend?"

I should not answer her with a good face.If you want to read my book, shouldn’t you ask me first?

"" Cinderella’s Trap "and the like."

While stroking Sikaled, I recommended another book on the shelf.

"Is this a reasoning novel?"

Said Saisha.Isn’t this a sense of reasoning or romance at the first hearing?Is this not purely looking for me?

"But ah, even if it is a romance novel, I also hope that its setting can be more realistic. Because the heroines you read, all the heroines are virgins. And 35 -year -old professional female white -collar workersIsn’t this nonsense? I think, the first time I went to bed, I couldn’t stop the men, very moved, funny? "

"Hey, Sikalad, not to move."

Sikaled just grown up and fell asleep on my leg, but I pretended to be concentrated on the flea.

"I said, isn’t it good to use some insect medicines? Sell in the supermarket."

"Except insect medicine is not good for kittens. Some people on the Internet said that the hairy children at home were poisoned by insects."

"One said, I think it’s no longer a kitten. Forget it, just as you."

The sister looked up on the shelves again.Obviously, just pick a few books and take it away. She must stand there to read the title of romance novels in one place.

"I don’t quite understand this concept, but basically it is Xiaohuangshu who shows women? For the readers, the heroine is self -projected. Similar to this, it is known that it will definitely not be with the reality.The handsome and overbearing president falls in love ‘but this is really good’, what else, "Do you remember every kiss I give you ”, if my husband says this kind of fart, then I must definitelyAsk him: ‘Are you hitting your head?’ But the overbearing president said this kind of words. But you see, are you not a virgin? At the age of 35What day is it? On the other hand, isn’t it a virgin? This stuff can see me on a stomach, don’t you feel strange? "

Youyan said like this, sitting opposite me.Her eyes slipped and looked at me, and I seemed to be really catching fleas, and her sight never left her fingertips.

"Is it just that I misunderstood? There are so many virgins in the world in the world? If there is no need, no one will write this kind of book. Wow, that kind of person, just remember what to remember ‘what’ what happened to ‘what happened.At the time, I can also read the book with the overbearing president ‘. Really disgusting … Ah, can you say that you are like this? "

Youyan glanced at me with the eyes of a fool.Her brown pupils looked like the abdomen of the flea, which hurt my fingertips.Sikaled seemed to feel the wind and rain, and yelled.I spit out a word like sighing:

"You can stop it for me."

"Sorry, it seems a bit too angry. But, I have n’t come here to visit my sister for a long time? Your skin has begun to cracked."

With a smile, I smiled, and picked two romance novels from the bookshelf, and left the room.One of the two books, the protagonist is a forty -year -old woman.She was raised by strict parents, and she did not know the joy of being a woman, and lived in a two -point life of family and workplace.However, in a stormy night, she met a man who was injured and lost his memory.The encounter with that man made a dramatic change in her life.Because the man’s true identity is the crown prince of a small country.

Ah, I will be born to this world to meet you-

This story that makes me accelerate my heartbeat will be ridiculed by my sister.

Forty -year -old virgin, unacceptable, disgusting …

I have not been ridiculed by a man who changes men and who can go to bed in less than once a year.Obviously he always returned home with a bunch of boring men. What is it?

I don’t have any place worse than my sister.It’s just six years old than her, but she will never lose to her whether it is her face or temperament.Although I can’t talk about being a beauty, there are many people who like me.There are also many men who go to watch a movie or ask me to eat together.

When I was in my tens, I didn’t have such a mobile phone.My mother never called the boy to me, but she would transfer the call of her sister to her.

I went to the library in Town with two boys in the same class. After being known by her mother, she was using the words "shameless" and "shame" all night to deny my personality.But when the sister and the boy went to the karaoke room together, the mother even gave her pocket money.

My mother obviously only allowed me to go to a women’s university, but let my sister go to the university of men and women for granted.

My mother obviously asked me to live in a student dormitory for four years, but asked my sister to live in an ordinary small apartment.

When I returned to my hometown, my mother asked me over and over again: "Wouldn’t it be to have a bad man with a bad man? Didn’t you go to betray his parents?"Never said her.

I have been following my mother’s instructions like this.In the end, it was not just a man, and I couldn’t even communicate with others normally.

Even so, it was not a person who did not show gently to me, but was driven away by my mother.Either say that the income is too low, or it is too rude.

But there is obviously a person like Saisha, not even compared to those heels of those people.

Isn’t the only difference in our only difference?

Isn’t our only difference, isn’t it only the mother’s efforts?

Obviously, why is my mother a fool?

It was the case that had just happened to attack pregnant women.

After dinner, I remembered that I forgot to buy milk in "Sunrise", so I was going to go out to buy it.When I changed shoes in the porch, things happened.

"Wait a minute, I want to eat pudding, let’s go together."

My sister came from the kitchen, her mother followed closely and chased it:

"No, that kind of case just happened here, don’t go out and stroll around."

When I heard this, I was taking off my shoes, so I turned my head and looked at my mother. What was she talking about?

"Shu Zi must be okay. She didn’t get pregnant. What would I want to buy it, you go to buy it back."

Even if I am not a pregnant woman, I am a woman to walk on the night independently.Anyway, saying "Pay attention to safety" is okay.

"After all, my mother is easily regarded as a pregnant woman, and I can only go."

I said to the fat mother.Let’s just fight back.Although angry, I still bought pudding for the whole family.Because my mother didn’t like to eat caramel, I specially bought her raw cream.However, as soon as I got home, I heard such a conversation from the kitchen:

"Is my sister a little strange?"

"Sure enough, do you think so?"

"How to say, she is a bit nervous. You see she seems to only love the cat, and she is busy catching fleas all day. Isn’t she normal?"

"She wants to work more at this family, because although she has a good mind, she is not smart enough, and it will not be long -lasting."

"Then get married. No one will introduce her activities such as blind dates?"

"There are a few relatives. But most of them, she returned to her even if she didn’t see it." The vision was too high. "

"Where is she waiting for the overbearing president? At the age of forty, she is still making a girl’s dream."

"Obviously there is a yarn, I am married, and I will have a baby immediately …"

"Is my sister been menopause? I have heard that a woman who is not older recently will get menopausal syndrome. Otherwise, let her drink some supplements to try it?"

"Well, her illness is more serious than this. Her problem must not start this year. So, if she did something strange, you would forgive her."

The two laughed like Prajna, walking around with me as the center.The speed of Prajna is getting faster and faster until I can’t see their figures.The green liquid flowing out of my cheeks dripped.I was thinking about whether Prajna was dissolved, and I found that it was me who was rotten.My whole body was dissolved, leaving only a skull floating in a green swamp.

I covered my ears and fled back to the room.

I’m sick?Because I am not married?Because I am a virgin?—— Go to you!

When I collapsed, Sikaled climbed my knees.It’s like worried, looking up at me.My knee is warm.I felt the body temperature of Sikalad, and the body that dissolved into a green swamp gradually recovered, and returned to its original appearance.

My fingers quietly and slowly explored in the fur of Sikaled, and then my fingertips felt foreign objects.

It’s flea.The brown belly bulls like a ball.

I squeezed it with my thumb nails.A large amount of white worm eggs fly out.I squeezed them one by one.

Why are insect eggs, insect eggs?Because even this flea is ending with male.

Am I worse than this flea?No, not.I refuse to sell myself, live a righteous life, clear and clean creature.

I crushed the flea’s head.

"I have to destroy the pests."

The sound of grunting in Sikaled’s throat, snoring on my knees.

Although the matter of books and pudding made me stomachache, after that, there was no contradiction between the yarn and me.Probably because in this home, I am best at driving. She always wants me to send her to the hospital.In this way, there will be no Qi to face me with a high gesture.

The doctor asked her to walk more, so she often asked me to accompany her to take a walk.If I go to the convenience store, I will go with her.I also told Youyan that it was a way home to go home.

Did you give your baby a good name?Are you ready before hospitalization?It’s better to wear a short gown outside the pajamas?I found a very cute plush toy, but the baby liked plush toys from a few months?Let’s check which diaper is better.

Many times, we are chatting happily like the harmonious sisters.The age difference between the six -year -old is not important after the two sides grow up.I was as if I suddenly discovered this, and I felt that my sister was closely related to me.I also started to think that the baby was cute.


Because my parents went to the relatives of my relatives in the field to participate in the law, I made curry, had dinner with my sister early, and watched TV together in the living room.We watched the new desserts introduced by the convenience stores in the advertisements in the advertisements, and my sister said she wanted to eat.

I said to buy her, but she said she would eat it now.

"Sister is busy cooking today, and we didn’t go out for a walk in the evening."

Since she said that, I had to go out with her to buy desserts.

When I passed through the residential planning place without street lights, I saw a white figure in the dark.


Sikaled looked like nothing, and passed through the fork full of building materials.I called its name, and it didn’t look at me.But the collar must be Sikalad.

"Why is it outside …"

"I put it out for it. Because it seems to want to go out to play."

"Why are you like this?"

"No, it has been scratching the door, if it breaks the nails, how pitiful it is."

My sister said that, I couldn’t continue to blame her.

I heard other cats screaming.Did it make an appointment with friends here?But when did it make friends?

"Are you dating?"

My sister said with a smile.It is impossible to have such a thing.I walked towards the direction of the cat.The unbounded residential building was surrounded by a quite thick ethylene resin board. I turned over the resin board and saw that the moonlight was shining brightly.

Sikalad’s white body was pressed under his body by a brown tiger cat.


I picked up the four -edged wood at hand.

"Waiting for a while, sister, what are you doing?"

My sister crossed my shoulders and peeped at the previous situation.

"Sikalad is going to be killed."

"What do you say? Aren’t they mating?"

"how come……"

"And you see, Sikaled didn’t feel bad at all."


It is impossible for Sikalad to do such a thing.I clenched the wood again, but my fingertips gradually lost my strength.Sikalad was crying.The sound seemed to spit out the hottest heat in the body.My index finger fingertips began to turn green, rotten, and dissolved.Then I heard Prajna’s laughter.

"Haha, Sikalad has passed that line first than you."

The curse of Prajna hovered in my ear, but I couldn’t see Prajna.Instead, it is a huge flea, and the flea’s abdomen is bulging like a ball …

Sikaled, Sikaled, borrow your strength to me.As I gradually recalling its white and soft fur and warm body, my fingertips gradually recovered.

I raised the wood fiercely and hit the flea’s abdomen.I hit its abdomen over and over again …

Then, I crushed the flea’s head.

Regarding what happened that night, no matter who asked, no matter how many times I asked, my answer would not change.

——I am destroying fleas.

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