The wonderful use of Guizhi Decoction of the Ancient Chinese Medicine Case of Hanbang (33)

Hello everyone, I am a curator of a Chinese medicine museum from the ancient Chinese medicine medicine in Hanbang. Welcome everyone to continue to watch my article and learn the use of traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine.disease.At the request of my friends, today I will introduce to you what Chinese medicine is the prescription?I hope that after I briefly introduce the Chinese medicine recipes, everyone can feel his charm.I hope everyone will think of Chinese medicine during the treatment of diseases in the future.The Chinese Medicine Prescription is also known as the classic prescriptions of Chinese medicine. The variety of Chinese medicines of each prescription are golden varieties. The dose of each Chinese medicine is matched with gold. This is a simple description of the traditional Chinese medicine recipe.Traditional Chinese medicine is the history of our country for thousands of years.If the traditional Chinese medicine is not good or not, I am afraid that it will have been lost for a long time. For thousands of years, it has not been lost for thousands of years. In our domestic, Japanese, Korean, and American countries, more and more people have fell in love with the Chinese medicine sutra.Someone said that the Chinese medicine scriptures were not invented by Zhang Zhongjing?This shows that you do not understand the history of the Chinese medicine sutra. In fact, the medical saint Zhang Zhongjing is just a inductor of the Chinese medicine scriptures. For example, it is like a large truck contains a lot of goods to pile up everything together.After the role of the tirifier, the tiblisper is to put different products on different shelves. Zhang Zhongjing’s biggest contribution to the Chinese medicine sutra is to bring each of our country’s Chinese medicine prescriptions. According to the development stage of different symptoms of patientsThe sum of the sum of the summary is reasonable. The most popular point is that the medical saint Zhang Zhongjing put these traditional Chinese medicine sutras on six shelves, namely the Sun Certificate, Yangming Certificate, Shaoyang Certificate, Taiyin Cover, Shaoyin Cover and Jue Jue.This is a contribution of medical saint Zhang Zhongjing to Chinese medicine.I have told you a Chinese medicine in the treatment of rheumatism. This traditional Chinese medicine scholar is also known as the head of the sutra, which is that everyone can be cooked in detail.

Traditional Chinese medicine is also called Yin and Yang. Let me just tell you why Guizhi Tang can represent the spirit of the yin and yang.Guizhi medicine is divergent of Shuxiang, and Shuxiang is dispersed in the medicine nature of "Shennong Materia Medica", which means that Guizhi is a yang medicine, and the white peony is a bit bitter.It is called Yin, so Guizhi Tang Fang is one yin and yang, and some medicines, including red dates, ginger, and licorice.In just the spirit of the five flavors represents the spirit of the yin and yang, but also a characteristic of the acquired.Chinese medicine talks about kidneys is the innate foundation of people, and the spleen and stomach are the root causes of people.Why is Guizhi Tangfang specializing in the nature of the day after tomorrow?Guizhi is divergent by the sparseness, specializing in muscle, the main muscles of the spleen, the main limbs.Licorice is sweet into the spleen and stomach.Ginger is yellow and also enters the spleen and stomach.The red dates are red, red into the heart, the heart is fire, the fire has soil, the soil is the spleen and stomach, the red dates are yellow, the taste is sweet, yellow and sweet into the spleen.Therefore, the biggest spirit of Guizhi Decoction is to protect the day after tomorrow and nourish the spleen and stomach.At this time, friends who can see it can be seen at this time. If you usually do health care, you do n’t need to eat so many health products. You can drink Guizhi Soup once or twice a week.There is such a sentence on the Internet: if you are sick, you can drink Chinese medicine when you are sick, and you eat well without disease.This sentence is very reasonable.So when we use a lot of money to buy care products, it is better to take Chinese medicine sutras to help us health. When we have a cold, drink one or two bowls of Guizhi soup.EssenceI hope that we can all understand the spirit of Guizhi Tang.The first two months of pregnancy of ancient female friends must drink Guizhi Decoction. For thousands of years, the ancestors have done this.Therefore, Guizhi Decoction is the head of the sutra.There are many types of traditional Chinese medicine sutras, and 60 % of the sutras are added and subtracted on the basis of Guizhi Decoction.Guizhi Tangfang is equivalent to Wanjin Oil. For example, there is a small blood vessel between a small patient with a bulging small blood vessels, and he has been crying and uncomfortable.At this time, we can use Guizhi Decoction to add or subtract, Bai Baiyi plus sugar, one or two bowls, children will not cry or make trouble, because Guizhi Decoction Fang adds sugar.Baiji promotes blood circulation and treats stasis.There is also a 16 -year -old guy who has no spirit for three days. After asking, he found that he had nocturnal emission, and the young man was very painful.According to the symptoms he described, we calm down the gods, so that yang sneak into the yin and keep the yin, the human essence and blood belong to the yin, and the yang feet can be solid.The good Chinese medicine doctor will not open health products for you. Based on Guizhi Decoction, you will add keel and oyster. After drinking a few clothes, you will dive into the yin.The young man also has a spirit, and the phenomenon of nocturnal emission is also solved.There is also a middle -aged female friend who often sweats and can’t sleep well. Like the young man just now, he also adds keel and oyster on the basis of Guizhi Decoction.The symptoms of goodness are solved.This is the charm of Chinese medicine.If the patient has symptoms of muscle pain, go to the hospital for examination of muscle fibritis or tendonhantalitis. At this time, the blind medicine can be solved on the basis of Guizhi Decoction.The problem of tenditis or muscle fiberitis can be solved.Some people have a fast heart jumping. Some people jump slowly, adding cinnamon directly on the basis of Guizhi Soup, and the problem of fast jumping of the heart can be solved.Let ’s talk about rheumatism. The rheumatoid is mainly cold in the body. It has penetrated into the bones, so we must use Guizhi Decoction to use it to solve the problem of rheumatoid joint deformation and rheumatoid pain.Let ’s add the knowledge of the sequelae of stroke hemiplegia. Some patients with stroke and hemiplegia will have symptoms of uneven feet or bias.There is a acupuncture point, acupuncture can significantly improve the symptoms of feet unevenness and feet.Our feet can extend outward or extend inward, because we have two veins on our body to manage these two actions. These two veins are yin and yin veins, and the veins of the yin.On the outside of the ankle, if the feet are outward, there is a problem with the Yanglin veins. The acupuncture points for the treatment of Yangli veins are Shenmai acupoints. Good acupuncture doctors can solve this problem in two or three times.Let me tell you the problem of prostate and uterine cysts. Let me tell you a story first. In the past few years, a 38th woman in Shaanxi often feels uncomfortable. I went to the hospital for examination and found that it was uterine fibroids. The doctor suggested that she surgery.After resection, it was found that it was not an uterine fibroids, but a small layer of foam.Because this friend usually loves angry, after giving birth to the atmosphere, his stomach is uncomfortable. He went to the hospital to check that it was uterine fibroids. Why did you have no fibroids after resection?Just like when we go to the market to buy fish, we will find that there is an alveoli in the place where the fish gills, and the alveoli is equivalent to women’s uterine fibroids. In fact, it is not a tumor but an alveoli after anger.The normal treatment plan is to disperse the stasis of qi, and the bubbles disappear after ventilation.All of the parts created by God for us are useful, and it will definitely have an impact after resection.Let me tell you how our ancient Chinese medicine treats such diseases. If men have frequent urination or wet scrotum, it shows that there are too many water in the body.Tide, how can I not be a moisture?The sun is not tide. The sun is hot, so the scrotum is not difficult to cure, so that the body is hot. The sun heat of our body is the heart and the small intestine.When the heart is hot, the number of urination is less.How to achieve it?How to solve the prostate problem in detail in the next program?How does ovarian cyst disappear in uterine fibroids?How to treat traditional Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture?Friends who like ancient Chinese medicine can follow me, welcome to watch the video I recorded for everyone in watermelon videos!Can give me a private message to discuss the health knowledge of Chinese medicine together!

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