There are "odors" in two places after pregnancy?It may be related to these aspects, pregnant mothers don’t disagree

Many women are unwilling to have children now, causing the fertility rate to be continuously reduced.It is just that many women still want to have a child with her husband. After all, the life of pregnant and having children is complete.After women, some places do change in some places, and even their body odor will change, especially the smell of two places is particularly obvious.Some husbands will also abandon their wives and say why their wives are so smelly.In fact, the wife’s smell is related to the changes in all aspects of the body after pregnancy, and the pregnant mother should not take it seriously.

After pregnancy, the most obvious stinky part is bad breath.Many pregnant mothers are unwilling to go out, for fear of being disliked by the people around them.Even the closest husband who used to be, sometimes you can feel away from herself deliberately. This feeling makes many pregnant mothers uncomfortable.

In order to improve the habit of bad breath, they have changed their habits of life. Even if they eat coarse tea and light rice, and eat less meat, these cannot change the status quo.Because of bad breath, I was unwilling to go out at all, and I was unwilling to communicate with strangers.A very confident person becomes inferior.

In response to this situation, many pregnant mothers also went to the hospital to consult the doctor. The doctor told her that this situation was not the one she appeared, and this situation was common.The reason why this happens is mainly because this woman changes with estrogen after pregnancy, and many women have poor gastrointestinal digestive ability. The gastrointestinal function becomes weak.One of them.

The phenomenon of bad breath is particularly obvious in the late pregnancy. In the later period, the uterus continues to increase, and other organs inside the body are squeezed. During this period, gastrointestinal functional and gastrointestinal absorption can become worse.

In order to solve the troubles in this area, many pregnant mothers will frequently brush their teeth.Although it can make the tone fresh briefly, it has not fundamentally solved the problem.In this way, if there are too many brushes, it will destroy the protective layer of the teeth itself, so it will be lost.

As mentioned earlier, pregnant mothers change their living habits and eat light food.As we all know, when pregnant, the appetite of pregnant women will increase greatly, which is also because the baby in the stomach also needs nutrition.If you change your diet, this will affect the growth of your child.Not only that, I will become in a bad mood because I can’t eat enough.

For pregnant mothers, if it is suddenly from big fish and big meat to light cabbage, it is likely to cause gastrointestinal discomfort. This will increase the burden on the stomach and stomach, making the bad breath more serious.

In addition to bad breath, there is also body odor.Body odor is one of the unbearable odors that many people, especially the sealing space of public places, which is more sour.

I remember once, at that time, it was already in the summer tail period, and the weather was not too hot.I was sitting on the bus. There was a pregnant mother in the car, sitting in the window, and the breeze blowing from the window. After the body of the pregnant mother, the whole car was an unspeakable taste in an instant.Everyone’s eyes looked at the pregnant mother, so she was a little embarrassed, explaining to the passengers on the car, she did not have the problem of body odor before pregnancy. This problem was generated after pregnancy.

The pregnant mother on the car said that she had also consulted the doctor. The doctor’s explanation was that the estrogen of women during pregnancy suddenly increased, which would stimulate the sweat glands system, which caused the body odor.Even if the axillary hair of pregnant mothers does not have many armpit hair, but too much sweat is secreted, it will cause odor.

At this time, a mother in the car gave the pregnant mother for science, saying that she was also a person who came over. He expressed his understanding of the body odor of the pregnant mother, but also pay attention to the impact on others in public.experience.

Baoma suggested that pregnant mothers often prepare wet paper towels in their bags. When sweating more, wipe it from time to time to reduce the smell of sweat.Children’s refreshing powder is also very effective, and it will also have a dry effect on the armpit.

Pregnant mothers should also pay attention to wear clothes. Do not wear too tight clothes. In this case, it will accelerate the appearance of sweat, which will cause the smell to be more serious, and the underarms are wet.Image.With the popular science of these knowledge, we also realized that the pregnant mother is not easy, and the unpleasant smell seems to be so bad.

Women should endure too much torture. Many women can not eat well throughout pregnancy, they can’t sleep well, and they have to change in all aspects of their bodies.Some female friends also need to worry about their children’s health issues, and they have to go to a production inspection every few months.Many check -ups are carried out on an empty stomach. It is really not easy to endure the hungry stomach. It is really not easy to shuttle in various departments of the hospital.At this time, the baby’s father is more involved in the inspection companionship, and it should not be the odor of his wife.It is not easy to get pregnant. Husbands should be more considerate of their wives, which is also conducive to the harmony of family relationships.

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