There are 7 major reasons for habitual abortion to lying down, and pregnant mothers must pay attention to

Recently, she received a message for fans for many years, and she told her bumpy experience during the period of pregnancy.She married her husband in 2015, and began to prepare for her own child in the second year after marriage.But until 18 years, 4 times were pregnant, and one was not kept.

For the last time I was pregnant, I was very careful. I heard my family very much. I knew that I did not get out of bed after pregnancy. As a result, the fourth one was still not kept.In December last year, I suggested that she have a comprehensive pre -pregnancy examination, including the secretion of hormones.As a result, her anti -thyroid oxidase antibody is high, and the body’s immune cells will destroy embryo tissue, so habitual abortion.

What is habitual abortion?

As the name suggests, it is frequent abortion. The fetus is stopped, the fetus is more than 3 times, or the continuous abortion of an unknown cause of the elderly pregnant women is a habitual abortion.

If some husbands and wives do not take contraceptive measures after marriage, and have not been pregnant for 12 months, it is possible that the husband and wife suffer from infertility and may not have a miscarriage.

What are the causes of miscarriage?

1. Store abnormality in hormones

Like this fan, she belongs to the type of abnormal hormonal secretion.This reason is also one of the main reasons for habitual miscarriage, hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism with endocrine abnormalities.Disclosure of thyroid secretion can lead to abnormal prolactin secretion and polycystic ovaries, which can easily cause infertility, follicle development and abortion.

2. Immune system disease

The immune system disorder is also the main cause of habitual abortion, accounting for about 40%of the total number.Women’s immunity is low and abnormal coagulation, it is easy to cause fetal development, stopping, or even dying.

3. Uterine structure abnormal

Some women’s uterus and reproductive structures are abnormal, which can also cause habitual abortion.For example, gynecological foreign objects, double vagina, twin uterine, uterine inadequate, uterine adhesion, etc., can cause fetal abortion.

4. Genetic disease

If the husband and wife are abnormal in chromosomes, they may cause habitual abortion.Even if the parents are dyed normally, the fetus will cause abnormal chromosomes during embryonic development.The problem of genetic genes is also one of the causes of abortion. Tang’s is one of them.

5. The bad habit of pregnant women

Pregnant women have smoking, alcoholism, heavy physical work, obesity, etc., will affect the smooth bed and normal development of the fetus, and will also cause abortion and even habitual abortion.

6. Pregnant women are too stressful

If pregnant women have been working under high pressure for a long time, stay up late, over -fatigue, their bodies and psychology cannot be rest for a long time.

7. Male problem

Men’s low quality of sperm caused by hereditary, physical, and bad habits, low activity and insufficient quantity may cause women’s pregnancy difficulties and abortion after pregnancy.

There are also nearly half of pregnant women who can’t find any reasons for infertility and abortion. At this time, it is recommended that pregnant women can reflect on whether they have any diseases, family diseases, and menstrual disorders.

How to abortion and habitual abortion in pregnant women?

1. You can be treated with uterine or reproductive malformations. You can get pregnant smoothly after your body recovers.

2. If the pregnant woman is insufficient progesterone and the fetus is unstable, the general doctor will supplement the pregnant woman to supplement the lutein and prevent thrombosis and other drugs.

3. Preparation of pregnant couples should give up the bad habits of smoking and alcohol, normal schedule, and conditioning diet.You must not believe in some folk remedies and use them blindly.

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