There are few sperm, weak, and deformed rate. What should I do if I can’t conceive children?

There are tens of millions of sperm in men at a time, and only less than one tenth of them can experience the vagina and cervix, reach the uterus, and then wait for fertilization in the fallopian tube.In the end, only one sperm can be combined with eggs to develop into a fetus.

If men’s sperm has a small number, poor vitality, and malformations, it is very difficult to conceive children smoothly.

About semen

Normal men ejaculate for 2 ~ 6ml each time, and it is gray white or pale yellow. When it is just ejected, the jelly -like viscous liquid is just shot.The semen consists of semen and sperm, and the overall accumulation of sperm is less than 10%of the semen.

At first, the jelly shape is the effect of the pastry. The purpose is to prevent the semen from flowing out of the vagina. After 5 ~ 20 minutes, the semen starts liquefaction. At this time, the sperm can quickly pass the cervix, enter the uterine cavity, and find eggs.

The number of sperm per milliliter is between 20 and 60 million, and they are divided into four levels.

Class A: E very good mobility, fast straight line move forward B Class: Sperm activity is OK, slow or sluggish move forward to move C -Class: Sperm activity is average, only the curve forward D: The activity is extremely poor, you can’t, you can’t.Activity

In normal circumstances, the sum of A -level sperm is greater than equal to 25%, or the sum of the A -level and B -level sperm is greater than equal to 50%.

If the semen is less than 1.5ml; it does not have the incomplete liquefaction or liquefaction for 30 minutes after the body; Class C and D -Class Sperm> 40%; the sperm number is less than 60 million/ml, which may lead to infertility.for example:

Sperm quantity (small sperm)

Low sperm vitality (weak sperm)

Sperm morphology is abnormal (deformity sperm)

Other semen abnormalities

These can be learned through semen analysis.

In fact, there are few sperm, weakness, and high deformity. It is only the result of semen examination. Semen will not be abnormal for no reason. If the exact cause can be found, symptomatic treatment, then the effect is better.

If you really have less sperm, weakness, and deformed rate, can you not get pregnant?

In fact, there are less sperm, weakness, and high deformity. It is only the result of semen examination. Semen will not be abnormal for no reason and reduce.

Under the guidance of a professional reproductive doctor, find the exact cause, and there are some ways to respond to the symptomatic treatment.

Let’s talk about the most common situations:

Ingredients varicose veins: can

Sacrifice varicose veins cause insufficient sperm vitality, etc., and generally improved significantly after undergoing surgery.

Reproductive system infection: cap

The reproductive system infection (such as epididymitis, seminal vesicular adenitis, etc.) causes the quality of semen to decline. Infertility caused by this condition, it can be born after standardized anti -inflammatory treatment.

There are also other diseases that cause abnormal symptoms such as lack of sperm capacity and pipelines for sperm transportation of testicles, which causes less weak sperm. If these specific circumstances can be given, you need to analyze the doctor.

Six living habits can improve sperm quality

Regardless of whether it is diagnosed as infertility, the following suggestions will be helpful for all husbands and wives who want children.

Quit smoking, stay away from drugs

Smoking can cause reduced sperm, decreased sperm vitality, and abnormal sperm form.Drug use not only harms sperm health, but also illegal acts. You must stay away from drugs.

Drink less or not drink

Alcohol will reduce sperm vitality and reduce the number of healthy sperm.

Moderate exercise, maintain weight

Too fat may cause endocrine disorders, increasing the risk of hypertension and diabetes, thereby harming fragile sperm.

Balanced diet

If the vitamin C and zinc in the human body are insufficient, it will affect sperm activity, and vitamin E is also related to the generation and reproduction ability of sperm.

Avoid contact with toxic substances

In daily work and life, men with toxic and harmful substances (such as pesticides, pesticides, pesticides, lead, ionizing radiation, and heavy metals) will increase the risk of infertility.

Wear loose and breathable pants

The testicular is very sensitive to temperature. Excessive temperature will affect the testicular sperm function and sperm survival rate. Therefore, it is recommended to wear loose and breathable underwear. Do not wear tight jeans, soak sauna and hot water bath.

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