There are many benefits for soaking feet during pregnancy, but these 4 taboo pregnant mothers need to know to avoid causing fetal malformations

When Xiao Li was in college, he especially liked to soak his feet. He had to soak almost every day. Even if he was married and pregnant, Xiao Li still kept the habit of soaking his feet. In her words, "Comfortable".However, it is a number of things to soak feet during pregnancy and soaking feet on weekdays. It is particular about soaking feet during pregnancy. If you don’t pay attention to it, you may affect the health of the fetus.So what should I pay attention to during pregnancy?Let me talk about it.

It should not be too long for soaking your feet

Many pregnant mothers have the habit of soaking their feet during pregnancy. This can alleviate the sense of labor of both feet. However, although soaking their feet is good, it is necessary to grasp the time. Generally, it is recommended not to soak the feet for more than 25 minutes.The reason why the feet are soaking during pregnancy is because the foot soaking can accelerate the circulation of human blood, but the time is long and it will increase the burden on the heart. Therefore, pregnant mothers cannot soak their feet for a long time.In addition, there is a need to tell the pregnant mother that when you soak your feet during pregnancy, you must wear high -waisted underwear, because you need to bend your body for a long time when soaking your feet.Only high waist underwear can better protect the fetus in the belly.

Can’t add Chinese medicine

Some pregnant mothers pay attention to health. When they are soaking in their feet, they put some traditional Chinese medicines in the basin. This seemingly healthy approach is wrong.Because the medicine is three -point poisonous, although traditional Chinese medicine has the effect of regulating the body, some will also enter the fetus along the placenta, which will also cause fetal malformations.Therefore, when you soak your feet during pregnancy, you must not join the Chinese medicine. This pregnant mother should pay more attention.

Can’t soak your feet immediately after meals

After some women are pregnant, they are particularly easy to do. They often go to bed after dinner, so they will also choose to start soaking after dinner.But this is wrong, because if you immediately soak your feet after meals, the blood that should have flowed to the digestive system will turn to the lower limbs.After a long time, it will affect the secretion of gastric juice of pregnant mothers, which will cause the pregnant mother to indigenize, and indirectly affects the development of the fetus.So even if you need to soak your feet, you can wait until one hour after meals.

Don’t massage the soles of the feet

There are also some pregnant mothers who have nothing to do during pregnancy and often do foot massage to make themselves more comfortable.However, the soles of human feet are distributed with a large number of acupoints, and some acupoints cannot be pressed randomly. For example, the right -angle triangle area located at the back of the ankle bone outside the outer bone. If the pregnant mother accidentally presses the acupuncture point in this area, it may cause uterine contraction, So if you do n’t understand, do n’t massage your feet at will.

After reading this article, I believe that the pregnant mother has a new understanding of the feet during pregnancy. In short, it is a good thing to soak your feet, but you must not be sloppy during pregnancy.

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