There are seven stars in Beidou. Why is Bai Suzhen selected a star?The reason is not simple

The white lady is a white snake, a white snake who has practiced for thousands of years, because Xu Xian saved herself, and he was a man who came to report gratitude. Why can a white snake become a change of adult?Is it because she practiced for thousands of years?In fact, the white lady has a stronger background, that is her past life. The white lady comes from Mount Emei and the area of Qingcheng Mountain. It is said that she is the Arctic Emperor’s Emperor sitting down the purple micro star, and the reincarnation of Ziwei Star is a white snake. After the white snake practice for a certain numberYou can become a immortal with a good merit.There are seven stars in Beidou. Why is Bai Suzhen selected a star?

When Bai Suzhen was named in the mountains of Chuan Dashan, he encountered the Arctic Emperor’s Emperor of the Arctic. Bai Suzhen made an oath for his life.She deceived the Emperor Zhenwu, and later was really suppressed by the Lei Peak Tower.Of course, the white snake can also be out of the tower. The condition is "Leifeng Tower falls, the West Lake is dry", but this will wait until the year of the monkey.

Later, her son Xu Shilin High School No. 1, when he heard that his mother was out of the tower, he couldn’t sit still in an instant. Before the court appointed, he ran to push the tower to dig the West Lake.EssenceLater, with the help of Xiaoqing and others, Xu Shilin was rescued and was named by the court to become famous.Relying on the prominent high position and the imperial power, he pulled a group of court ministers, relatives and friends, kneeling Leifeng Tower to create public opinion and alarm Guanyin. In desperation, the priest had to let Fahai release Bai Suzhen.

When Bai Suzhen was in the next place, Emperor Zhenwu gave her a detoxifying Dan. Bai Suzhen had no snake venom on her body. She could be married with mortals. In addition, she was deep because she was pregnant. When she was pregnantIt’s a person, and even Fahai is shocked.Coupled with the arrangement of the Guanyin Bodhisattva, he found a mother like Bai Suzhen for Wenqu Xing to help Wenqu Xing Xiafan. At the same time, the editor felt that Bai Suzhen and Xu Xian could give birth to Wen Qu Xing and he had a long -term treatment of illness, saving the wounds, and accumulating public morals.

There is also a saying that although Fahai has high mana, after all, it is just a mortal, and Wenquxing is immortal. Of course, people and immortals cannot be compared.

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