There are so many common contraceptive methods, but most people choose the wrong way.

Recently chatting with a obstetrician and gynecologist, the topic about women’s abortion.

They often see in the clinic that some young girls are undergoing abortion for accidental pregnancy.According to the doctor and friends, I have a patient who is more impressed with Xiao Zhang, because the conditions in the family are not good, and they will enter the society early. She and her husband began to prepare for pregnancy a year ago.In a hurry, I went to the hospital for a comprehensive examination.

After examination, the doctor found that Xiao Zhang’s uterine adhesion was serious, but Xiao Zhang was only 21 years old. This should not happen at such a small age. After some inquiries, Xiao Zhang said the truth.After four abortion surgery, the doctor understood the cause of infertility.

What are the harm of artificial abortion to women’s bodies?

1. Suiture infection

After finishing the flow of people, the woman’s body is particularly fragile. If you don’t pay attention to personal hygiene or have the same room again after surgery, it is easy to cause postoperative infections. Pelvic inflammatory disease, cervicitis, vaginitis and other gynecological diseases occur.

2. Flow complications

Because abortion surgery is operated in the uterine cavity, if there are still embryo tissue residues, the clear palace is also required for secondary time.

3. Infertility

According to data from the Chinese Maternal and Child Health Association: 88.2%of patients with secondary infertility have a history of artificial abortion, and the incidence of infertility caused by 4 miscarriage is as high as 92%. This number is scary.

Multiple abortion surgery can easily make the endometrium thinner and thinner. When fertilization is fertilized again, fertilized eggs will cause fertilized eggs to not bed and develop, causing infertility.In addition to these, there is also the cause of fallopian tubes and uterine cavity adhesion. It may be the cause of infertility.

Since artificial abortion hurts our women so much, how should we contrace correctly in daily life?

1. Use a condom

Statistics, most of the reasons for men who are unwilling to use condoms are uncomfortable. Is it because of their own feelings and ignore the health of lover?Those who really love you will not do this.

2. Take contraceptives

The contraceptives that are often used by people are: emergency contraceptives, short -acting contraceptives, long -acting contraceptives

Emergency contraceptives: The main ingredient is powerful progesterone, avoiding taking it within 72 hours of accidental pregnancy. Its hormone content and large side effects are likely to cause irregular menstruation and endocrine disorders. Therefore, it is not recommended that women take it frequently.

Short -acting contraceptives: contain a small amount of estrogen and progesterone, which meets daily contraception and has a very small side effect on the human body.Therefore, it is recommended that women take short -acting contraceptives.

Long -term contraceptive pill: It is mainly composed of long -acting estrogen and artificial synthesis. Because of the large amount of hormones, there are certain side effects after stopping the drug, such as early pregnancy reactions and menstrual disorders. Therefore, it is not recommended that everyone use it frequently.

3. Ligger

If the two sides have decided to have no plan to have a child, you can choose a ligation surgery for contraception.

4. In -the -palace birthday

The in -palace is commonly known as the "contraceptive ring". It is a safe, effective, simple, economical, reversible contraceptive tool. The side effects may bleed and abdominal pain.

Having said so much, there is always a way of contraception that suits you. Don’t harm your body because of ignorance. If the two sides have no plan to prepare for pregnancy, you must take safety measures.The man who is unwilling to wear a suit, but also lets you take emergency contraceptives, can only show that you don’t love you enough!

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