There are so many contraceptive methods. This is the safe and effective method. Do you know?

Many partners have encountered dilemma: they don’t want to take contraceptive measures, and they are afraid of pregnancy.What should I do?Today Xiaowei should ask everyone:

Let’s talk about these two ways of beauty ~

Oral contraceptives can be roughly divided into 3 types: emergency contraceptive pills: not recommended

Eating afterwards is suitable for impulsive people.However, its contraceptive failure rate is high (about 20 %), and it is also prone to side effects such as nausea, headache, and irregular menstruation.Long -term contraceptive pill: not recommended

Although it is said that eating one piece can continue to be effective for a period of time, the adverse reactions are relatively large, and it is rarely used now.Short -acting contraceptive pill: recommend

Eat it every day. As long as you do n’t miss it, the contraceptive effect can reach 99 %, and the adverse reactions are extremely small. It can even relieve dysmenorrhea, regulate the menstrual cycle, and reduce the incidence of ovarian and endometrial cancer.

Short -acting contraceptives contain: two components: estrogen and progesterone. After entering the body, they will temporarily prevent the ovarian release of the eggs and prevent eggs from meeting with sperm.

There will also be a heavy level to increase the viscosity of cervical mucus, inhibit the thickening of the endometrium, and make the sperm unable to enter smoothly.These waves of tricks continue, the contraceptive effect is "蹭 这" soaring up ~

And short -acting contraceptives can not only contraceptive, but also other benefits: because taking short -acting contraceptives cyclical can make the irregular menstruation more regular. More importantly, short -acting contraceptives contain progesterone, which can reduce the uterusThe hyperplasia of the endometrium reduces the risk of endometrial cancer.

(The National Cancer Institute (NCI) research confirms that women who take short -acting contraceptives have a decrease of 40 % of their ovarian cancer)

And with the extension of use time, the protective effect continues to increase, even if the protection effect can continue to exist even after the drug is discontinued.It is just a bit troublesome that because the dose is low, it will be metabolized for 1-2 days and will not be accumulated in the body, so you need to take it every day to ensure the effectiveness of contraception.

But this is also a place of safety. Compared with emergency contraceptives that make you hurt, short -acting contraceptives are like a "warm man".

PS: In response to the "short -acting contraceptive pills" that everyone pays attention to, Xiaowei will add another supplement:

1. Short -acting contraceptives do not affect conception. Girls who want to get pregnant. This month, the body can restore the pregnancy function next month, and it will not increase the risk of fetal disease and deformity.

2. Short -acting contraceptives will not gain weight. There will indeed have this impact before, but since the third -generation short -acting contraceptive pills have been improved, there will be no more trouble in this area ~

Generally speaking, the newer the better, the short -acting contraceptive pills have been updated to the fourth generation, and the current common is:

The difference between them is mainly: the content of estrogen is high and low, as well as the difference in progesterone, for example: Da Ying 35: It contains cyclopidone progesterone, which is currently the best progesterone to reduce the effect ofrogens.Mom Fulong and Xinma Fulong: They all contain oxygen deoxyrum. Although they are quite satisfactory, they are not very colorful, but they are more cost -effective.You Siming and You Siyue: It contains alcoholone, which is a new type, very close to natural progesterone, and the safety and effect are very good.

Xiaowei summarizes it simply and rudely:

Although short -acting contraceptives are good, there are also people with taboos, such as: smoking women aged 35, female suffering from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases such as venous thrombosis.Mathematical tumors (such as reproductive organs tumors such as reproductive organs) with diabetic hormones with vascular damage (such as reproductive organs)

If you do n’t know your physical condition, it is best to consult a doctor before taking it.

Having said so much, I believe that everyone is relieved to take short -acting contraceptives now ~

Even if you still don’t want to take medicine, you can choose, wearing sleeves, uterine hats, in -palaces, etc., and even ligation!Do not believe in the safety period calculation, in vitro ejaculation, and rinse afterwards, it is definitely an unreliable method.

Xiaowei hopes,

While everyone is enjoying love, while

You must also be responsible for yourself and your partner ~

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