There are three dates a day, doctors don’t have to find it. It turns out that there are so many benefits to eating red dates, don’t hesitate anymore

Jujube is a kind of food that we often eat in our daily life. Maybe many female friends will consider eating some red dates during menstruation.

Eating red dates can have the effect of nourishing qi and blood. It is helpful for protecting physical health and maintaining physical functions. The nutrients contained in red dates are also very rich. Eating red dates in moderation can make the body get more comprehensive nutrients.


If female friends have insufficient qi and blood, they may accompany the paleness of the face, which will not only affect the external image and temperament, but also increase the body.

Therefore, in daily life, you can eat some red dates in moderation. Perhaps to a certain extent, you can have the effect of nourishing qi and nourishing blood, making your complexion more rosy, and also improving the external image and temperament.

Improve sleep quality

People need to take out 1/3 of their lives in their lives. In sleep, China can be seen from this that high -quality sleep is critical to protecting physical health and maintaining physical function.

If you are always insomnia or the quality of sleep is not guaranteed, you can also eat some red dates, which may help improve sleep quality and improve sleep.

Beauty and beauty

Aesthetic is the nature of women. Many female friends in daily life have made a lot of effort in this area, but in the end, they found that the effect is not as obvious as expected.

If a female friend wants to have a perfect skin condition and face value, you may wish to eat some red dates often, maybe to a certain extent, it can have a beauty and beauty.

anti aging

Although aging is something that everyone will experience, when the aging really comes to the door, most people cannot accept it.

If you do n’t want to find yourself early, you might as well eat red dates. Maybe to a certain extent, it can delay the aging effect and help reduce the burden on the body.


For some people who pay great attention to health, it should not be strange when I hear that Angelica, because the effects of Angelica’s health in health are very good.

Eating some angelica in daily life can achieve the expected health effect. You can also eat angelica and red dates together to help improve constipation, promote blood circulation and pain, and regulate menstruation.


The status of wolfberry in the field of health is self -evident. When many people decide to keep health, they may choose to use wolfberry to soak in water.

When wolfberry soaking in water, you can add a few red dates to allow the body to gain more benefits, help nourish the liver, improve insomnia, and also enhance immunity and resistance.

red beans:

Red beans are also called red beans. The nutritional value is relatively high. Eating red beans in moderation can achieve the effect of removing dampness and coldness. At the same time, it can also help nourish qi and blood.

If a female friend can eat red dates and red beans together, it may be able to achieve the expected results more, and it will also help health care. I hope you don’t resist too much.

1. Scallion

Scallions are a kind of condiments. For example, many people will put some green onions when cooking, and the meals make this should be more delicious.

Remember not to eat red dates and green onions together, because the green onion is a food that is hot, and the red dates salt is a warm food. If the two are eaten together, it is easy to cause the fire.

2. Crab

The nutritional value of crabs is relatively high, and it tastes very delicious, so it is loved by people. Although the price of crabs is relatively expensive, people will still buy it every time they celebrate the New Year.

Remember, do not eat crabs and red dates together, because these two foods are mutual, at least two hours apart.

3. Animal liver

The animal liver that we often eat in our daily life should be the nutrients contained in pork liver pork liver, which is relatively rich and can supplement the iron deficiency anemia for iron deficiency anemia to supplement the body.

If you eat red dates and pork liver together, it is likely to destroy vitamins, and it will also cause the production of heavy metal elements, which is not good for physical health.

4, milk

Drinking milk often in daily life can allow the body to obtain more comprehensive nutrients. It is also good for protecting physical health and maintaining physical function, but do not eat red dates and milk together.

After eating red dates, it is best not to consume dairy products, because vitamin C may be two kinds of foods. The protein is condensed into pieces, cannot be absorbed, and may even increase the burden on the stomach in the stomach all day.

5. Xuanshen

Maybe most people feel very strange about this ingredient. Xuanyin is a kind of ingredients with high health value, which can play a role in clearing heat and removing heat, detoxifying and detoxifying.

The function of red dates and Xuanyin is grammar. If you eat together, it may cause swelling of the throat and pain. Therefore, for your health, you should not match these two foods.

In summary, eating red dates can bring a lot of benefits to the body, but you should learn about related taboos in advance before eating red dates to avoid hurting your body wrong. Do you have any other things to add?Welcome to leave a message below.

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