There are two utensils born, and at the same time, they are pregnant with one side of the two baby!Netizens’ comment is on

Recently, Jennifer and Andrew Ashwood from the UK ushered in a happy event.

A new pair of little angels -Bobby and Piran,

Although they are twins,

But it is a bit different from ordinary twins,

Because they come from the two different uterus of his mother Jennifer.

Jennifer, 31, is already a 8 -year -old girl’s mother.

When she was pregnant for the first time, she did not find any abnormalities.

I am as pregnant and given as ordinary pregnant women, and I don’t feel that I am different from others.

In December last year, Jennifer found that he was pregnant again,

After inspection, it was confirmed that she was pregnant with a pair of twins,

Jennifer and her husband Andrew are very excited and have been looking forward to the advent of twin babies.

By February this year, in a examination, the doctor found abnormal situations,

Jennifer owns two uterus,

The twin fetuses mentioned before are giving birth to her two uterus respectively!

The results of the inspection surprised the parties Jennifer. She said that she had had a child before, and there was nothing special in the process.

And this time, "My body surprised me."

Not only Jennifer who was surprised, the medical staff also paid special attention to her.

Because her situation is really rare.

Jennifer has a twin uterus, which actually suffers from a disease called twin uterine deformities.

As the name suggests, it means that when women are born, they have two uterus at the same time.

Under normal circumstances, during the development of the embryo, the kidney tube on both sides should be integrated into a uterus.

However, the renal tubes on both sides of the dwelling patients are not fully integrated, and each develops, forming two uterus.

Each uterus also has an independent cervix, fallopian tube and ovarian, and individual patients also have double vagina.

Twin uterine malformations are less common uterine malformations, and the probability of occurring is about one -3,000.

Due to a special physiological structure, the process of pregnancy and childbirth is difficult.

It may cause infertility, abortion, premature birth, delayed development in the fetus, and deformity occur from time to time.

In the process of production, in order to avoid danger, 82%of patients chose a caesarean section.

Like Jennifer, the two uterus pregnant at the same time is very rare.

There are more than 100 cases in the world.

At 34 weeks of pregnancy, Jennifer gave birth to the twins through a caesarean section, and his mother and child were safe.

After two weeks of jaundice treatment, twins are now discharged home.

Jennifer recalled the experience of this pregnancy.

Compared with the first pregnancy, she suffered a lot of sins this time.

I always thought that everything in my body was normal, but this was not the case.

Now the Jennifer’s family is very busy in order to take care of the twins. There is no time to sleep.

Fortunately, adults and children are healthy and safe, and the results are quite gratifying.

These twin -uterine malformed patients are due to a special physiological structure,

Not only is pregnancy more difficult than ordinary people,

There will also be a situation of one child to more.

For example, on July 18, 2014, Jane Woodhede from South Wales made her daughter Gelei,

And Jane is also a twin -uterine malformed patient.

Even though she has been holding a regular medical examination for many years, she has not found the abnormal body. It was not until the age of 38 that she knew that she had two uterus.

The doctor told her at the time that she was difficult to get pregnant, and

In the end, she underwent the doctor’s suggestion and performed IVF surgery.

A few weeks later, she was really pregnant. After further examination, the doctor found a fetus in the uterus on her left.

Since patients with twin uterus are more likely to have premature birth and abortion,

Jane has always been careful during pregnancy,

In the end, a cesarean section was selected smoothly at the doctor’s advice.

Daughter Grace was born on the 11th day of the 40th birthday, and

She said her daughter was the best birthday gift in her dream,

12 weeks after her daughter was born, she was still able to stare at the little angel for a few hours.

Her daughter is her "cute and beautiful miracle."

Sasha Ryonfeld, from Michigan, USA, is also a twin mother.

In 2007, she was pregnant and had a miscarriage. During the inspection, she found that she had two uterus.

The doctor told her and her husband that the possibility of children is not very likely.

But surprisingly, Sasha was pregnant again and successfully produced a baby boy,

What is even more shocking is that more than 10 months later, Sasha was pregnant again,

There was a fetus in her two uterus,

The two fetuses cause excessive crowded space, and the fetus does not have enough space activity.

The situation of Sasha during pregnancy is very unstable, and doctors have no grasp of this.

It even reminded her that there may be one or two fetal abortion.

Fortunately, Sasha is quite lucky. In 2009, she gave birth to a pair of twin daughters through caesarean section.

Except for 7 weeks of premature birth, the situation of the two children is pretty good.

Shortly after birth, we no longer need to take breathing, you can eat breast milk. It is expected that you can be discharged within a few weeks.

Even Sasha herself said that her situation surprised herself.

In 2006, the situation of a twin mother mother in Devon County, England was even more special.

The three fetuses also come from different uterus.

At that time, Hannah Kice, 23, was already a two -year -old boy’s mother.

When she was pregnant for the first time, she discovered that she had a twin uterus.

Hannah was pregnant again in 2006. This time the situation is very special.

Because she had three fetuses in her belly,

Two of them are the twins of the same ovary, sharing a uterus,

The other is the other uterus alone.

Usually, women produce a egg every month,

But women in the twin uterus sometimes produce two eggs,

Hannah belongs to this situation, and the two eggs are conceived almost at the same time, and they belong to different uterus.

One of the fertilized eggs is also split into twins,

A twin mother like her can be pregnant with three twins at a time, the probability is only about 25 millionths!

The doctor has reminded Hannah that it is difficult to produce three fetuses in full monthly.

If the situation is not good, the couple can choose to terminate one or two fetuses in it to ensure the safety of the remaining fetuses.

However, under the persistence of Hannah, in the end, the daughter of the trilogy was born through emergency caesarean surgery.

The total weight of the three babies was slightly higher than that of an ordinary newborn at the time of birth. It was hospitalized for 9 weeks before being taken home by their parents.

Fortunately, there was no danger in the end, and the mother and daughter were safe.


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Source: Those things in the UK (Hereinuk)

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