There is a certain risk of pregnant women infected.

1. There is still a certain risk of pregnant women infected with the new crown, referring to pregnant women who are three months before pregnancy.

2. I did not wear a mask in the company on December 18. There were colleagues in the company in the company infected with a new crown at night, and I also went to line up to do nucleic acid on December 19. I heard that some of them were queued for nucleic acids.There are also the chances of all infections.(In order to avoid unnecessary situations, it is best not to do nucleic acid in pregnant women. At present, many hospitals do not check acid. Call and ask before.)

3. December 20th began a headache and fever, and my muscles were sore. The high fever was 38 degrees (no medicine) in the morning (not taking medicine) at a high fever of 39 at night (taking antipyretics, the pills showed cautiously, no ban on it) fever.

4. On the evening of December 21, the lower abdomen began to bleed a lot of bleeding. Immediately moved to the hospital. When you went to the hospital, you had to go to the hot clinic and made the antigen. It was confirmed that it was positive.The child fell out immediately.The fever was reduced that day, basically around 37.5, and the muscles were slightly sore.

5. December 22 is this morning. I get up with body temperature and have completely receded. Then I have a cough and a little runny nose.In

6. Now let me talk about my situation. I am too small for the gestational sac, the germ is too large (refers to the fish tank too small, the fish is too large), and the HCG is not very doubled, the progesterone is getting lower and lowerIt may not be particularly large, but if you do not have a fever, you can stick to the heartbeat for at least 7 days, and there may be a miracle.

7. If there are mothers with a normal HCG, the recommended beds with low progesterone are not lower. Do n’t go to the crowd dense place.Most of the conclusions that doctors are talking about) are mainly looking at HCG. As long as it doubles, it may be very large to avoid becoming a villain. Moms cherish your baby.

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