There is a pain in the giving birth to a child

I finally survived the suffering of her conception in October. I thought about giving birth to a baby, and the back pain during pregnancy could be relieved. Whoever thought it was getting worse, holding back pain, back pain when feedingLying down, it hurts.What about the baby’s waist?In fact, back pain is a problem with many postpartum mothers. What is the reason?

During the pregnancy, women will secrete relaxins in their bodies to facilitate future delivery, but they also reduce the stability of pelvis and spine, make the ligaments and muscles around the pelvis loose, and the joints are loose, which leads to the back of pregnancy.pain.

With the increase of the gestational week, the fetus is getting bigger and bigger, the abdomen continues to swell forward, the center of gravity moves forward, the lumbar spine forward and pelvic leaning occurs. In order to maintain the balance of the body, a unique posture of pregnant women will be formed.Etper causes compression, coupled with some pregnant mothers who do not like exercise, muscle lack of exercise, unable to play a stable and support effect on the lumbar spine, leading to back pain.

During pregnancy, eating, lying down, the weight gain is too fast, the fetus is too large, and the overweight will increase the pressure of the pelvis and lumbar spine, and it also increases the risk of rectus abdominis.The muscle burden gaining pain, which is also a common cause of back pain during pregnancy.

After giving birth to a baby, the body is weak. If you do not pay attention to rest, you will be over -fatigue. Incorrect breastfeeding posture, long -standing, bending, cold, calcium deficiency, etc. are also the cause of the worsening symptoms of back pain.

How to prevent and relieve back pain?

1. Pay attention to daily exercise so that the muscles are not relaxed.

2. Healthy diet, balanced nutrition, and controlling weight.

3. Avoid tiredness, bend over, and feed the baby to feed the posture correctly.

4. Pay attention to rest, keep warm, and avoid wind and cold invasion.

5. Timely review after delivery and recover treatment as soon as possible.

The manuscript of this article provides: Xu Yanhui

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