There is actually a tumor. Is drug treatment first choice?

In other words, Xiaomei took the bromidine. After taking the medicine, the re -examination of the prolactin dropped to 4 times (originally 7 times), and her vision did not continue to decline. She retracted the doctor.

After reading Xiaomei’s inspection report, the doctor suggested that Xiaomei continued to take medicine and came back to observe one month.

"How long do I have to take medicine? I feel like she became a medicine jar." Xiaomei had to take medicine and was worried that it was endless.

"This needs to take medicine while observing. If the vision is slowly recovered, the blood value drops ideal, and then the amount is slowly reduced. Your tumor is relatively large. If the drug treatment effect is not satisfactory, there is a possibility of surgery.So be sure to take medicine on time, don’t forget. "

Compared with the fear of surgery, taking medicine seems easier to accept.

Small US regulations take medicine for half a year, the blood value has continued to decline, and the vision has gradually returned to the past. The menstruation can also be trendy on time.At the advice of the doctor, Xiaomei eats the smallest dose of bromine pavilion.

The doctor told Xiaomei that you can take medicine and the medicine cannot stop.If you are pregnant, tell the doctor that the doctor will give suggestions.In fact, the use of bromine is also relatively safe during pregnancy.

Today, I will give you a disease of the prolactin tumor.

Lortic tumor refers to a tumor that grows in the pituitary, because it secretes prolactin.

Lortloin is a very important hormone in women, with polypeptide hormones composed of 198 amino acids.If people are named, the function of prolactin is mainly to promote milk synthesis.The rise in prolactin can not only cause milk secretion, but also affects the hypothalamus-pituitary-ovarian axis hormone secrete hormone, which affects women’s menstrual tide, often manually manually manually or scarce menstruation.

Because the anatomical position of the pituitary is special -very close to the intercourse, the pituitary tumor may cause compression of the cross nerve with the volume, which affects the vision.Just like lumbar disc herniation compressing the nerves of the lower limbs, it can cause tingle and inconvenience of walking, which is a reason.

Although prolactinoma is also a type of tumor, the preferred method is not surgical treatment.

The standardized drug treatment, most of the tumors will narrow the volume and reduce the level of prolactin, thereby controlling the symptoms.The first choice for drug treatment is bromide pavilion, which is proven to be a safe and effective treatment method.Generally speaking, the minimum dose maintains stable symptoms, and you can try to stop the medicine for about 5 years. If the prolactin is stable after the drug is stopped, there is no need to take the medicine, and the regular review and attention can be paid.

Surgical treatment is a necessary supplement for drug treatment. The main way is to surgery and go through the nose butterfly surgery.Over the years, the nasal butterfly and endoscopy of the nasal mirror have been very mature, less damage, less bleeding, and the patient’s response after surgery is slight.If the tumor is completely removed, the drug is no longer needed after surgery, and only a regular review can be taken.

However, some prolactin tumors have a large volume, and they have invaded the saddle and sponge sinus. It is very difficult to completely remove the operation.In addition, surgery is prone to damage the peripheral organs. Damaging pituitary can cause low levels of hormones such as gonadotropin, nomidainerine, or cause urine, burstings, damage to the visual nerve, and fracture of the skull.These complications occur in the patient and are very unacceptable.

Radiation therapy is also one of the treatment methods for prolactin tumors, but it is relatively small in clinical use. It is mainly used for patients with large scope of tumor invasion, high surgical risk, or unable to withstand surgery.The side effects of radiation therapy are obvious, which may damage the pituitary gland or cause intracranial secondary malignant tumors.As well as

The whole body can be used to use this word to describe the disease of hypertomicin and prolactinoma.Through today’s popular science, I hope that female friends will be vigilant about inexplicable vision and abnormal menstruation.

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