There is only a cat and a dog in the house. The orange cat did not go out but accidentally became pregnant. Who moved it?

When your cat’s cat is pregnant, you must be very happy and excited, but a shoveling officer living in Taiwan is troubled by this.

A dog and a orange cat "Nana" raised in the shoveling officer’s house. After eating and drinking, after eating and drinking, he lay down on the sofa belly.The belly, Nana enjoyed this situation very much.

At this moment, the hand that the shit officed on Nana’s belly suddenly fluctuated, and the shovel officer stunned, and then carefully observed Nana’s belly.

I only knew that Nana’s stomach was indeed a lot more rounded than before. At that moment, she felt signs of suspected fetal movement. The shovel officer was puzzled by this. Is Nana pregnant?

However, the shovel officer quickly excluded this idea, because since she raised Nana, she has not been allowed to go out, and it is impossible to contact other cats.Nana’s false pregnancy status.

After sleeping for a night, the shoveling officer became more and more unreasonable. Worried about whether Nana’s body had other problems, she took Nana to the pet hospital for examination the next day.

When the veterinarian touched Nana’s belly, Nana might be pregnant, but to be sure to do B -ultrasound.

The shoveling officer paced back and forth at the door of the inspection room, and finally waited for the veterinarian to hold Nana out, saying that Nana was pregnant, and there were three or more kittens in the belly, and it was about to come to the pelvis soon.

This sudden answer caused the shoveling officer to collapse a little instantly. At this moment, her mind kept recalling the various behaviors of Nana during this period.

But I’m still sure that Nana didn’t go out. It wasn’t until she went home to search for the knowledge of pregnant cats. After seeing the cat’s pregnancy, she remembered what happened a half month ago.

It turned out that Nana was a new cat who adopted the newly adopted by shovel officer. It was about a one and a half months. She saw Nana’s adoption information on the post. At that time, she learned that Nana’s poor life, so she adopted it without hesitation.Essence

When I saw Nana for the first time, it was very thin, often wandering outside, not even a full meal, and it was impossible to have nutrition.

So during the period of time when I came to the new home, the shovel officer never restrained its diet, and Nana’s figure began to gradually become round. At first, the shovel officer thought it was: "The definition of ten oranges and nine fats",I never thought that this was pregnant.

If calculated according to time, then Nana should have been pregnant before adoption. In order to understand this mystery, shovel officer contacted the adopter.

The adopter said that he had raised a male cat in his home. For some reason, Nana always came to peek at the male cat of their family, because poor Nana was wandering for a long time.Feed meals, and later helped Nana to find an adopter, presumably they should be good at that time.

Finally, the truth was white. After finding the child’s father, the shoveling officer said that he could only accept the facts. Sometimes it was fun. This is "Is it a gift for the anniversary preferential event?".

Soon Nana arrived in production time, but the production process was not smooth. In the end, she chose a caesarean section. Then she successfully took out five kittens to be fed. Seeing these five children, the shoveling officer squeezed a sweat in her heart., Murdering in my heart, what about the three good?

However, since things have already happened, they can only be accepted. The shoveling officer also said that making more money to be able to support them.

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