There was a crocodile in the dream

At noon, I ate a bowl of dumplings posted in a bowl of community, and then lay on the bed when I watched the TV.

In my dream, I dreamed of leaving home, and on the way to a village, just like my childhood village, the tall poplar trees, the willow tree and the elm tree are green, there are not many people on the road, and then I start to go.After returning, I passed a village when I walked back, that is, the kind of red tile rural courtyard in the past. I remember that one of my aunt lived in this village, so I wanted to find a oneFind him.

But when I haven’t found my aunt, there is a family planted a tall tree in a corner in the village. There are long beans hanging on the tree.There are about 40 grains, and there is no bug. I saw such a thick and so long bean horn for the first time. I really wanted to take a one back to the family to see it., Cut off a long bean angle and give it to me

I didn’t get the bean horns in my hand, I suddenly saw me. The sister -in -law was my aunt’s mother. My sister -in -law said that there are many good things in the pond in our village.The sister -in -law didn’t know how to go to the water. I stood on the river and looked at it. The water was particularly deep, and it was more precise.

There are many large stones under the lake. The water is very clear. The riverbed is not flat at all, but it is deep and shallow. It looks scared in my heart.There are really a lot of prawns like seafood, big conch, crabs, there are many fish, I don’t pay attention to what fish, anyway, there are many fish and shrimp in the sea. I still think if I canTake a few conch, just go back.When I stared at this Wang Zishui here, I suddenly found that there was a crocodile in the water. The crocodile was five or six meters long, and then he suddenly stretched his head out of the water and opened his mouth. His head was not in the TV.Looking at the narrow head, it is a big head.I was so frightened that I was so frightened that I was afraid of this big crocodile to attack, the person standing in the river, and then beside the crocodile, a small crocodile climbed on the along the river, it looked like a mother and child.Suddenly, I was very panicked about this scenery, because I knew that this was not only swimming in the water, but it could also climb on the shore. If he crawled to the shore, this injury was terribleEssenceAfter a while, my sister -in -law came up from the water, and he was not afraid at all

At this time, I saw my little aunt. My aunt said with a smile and talked about the sister -in -law. I don’t be the class teacher. I am more relaxed now, but my performance is only 80%of the class teacher, but he is also very happy to be happy.

This dream is over, oops, it is really nervous, both happy and fearful.

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