These 10 common pregnancy bleeding, expectant mothers must know, don’t be afraid

There will always be many small accidents in ten months of pregnancy, but accidental bleeding during pregnancy may be the most frightened by expectant mothers.Many expectant mothers may be at a loss.Perhaps the first reaction is considered abortion. In fact, this is an incorrect concept. There may be many causes of bleeding during pregnancy. Today we will summarize the expectant mothers to help expectant mothers understand these possible situations and can do it and can do it.Claim and deal with the right medicine.

NO.1 Ectopic pregnancy.If ectopic pregnancy can cause bleeding, the time for bleeding is roughly about two months.Mainly manifested as abdominal pain and nausea of different degrees.If the tubal rupture can cause severe pain and accompanied by major bleeding of the abdominal cavity, excessive bleeding can even cause shock, so you must pay attention.

NO.2 Cervical is incomplete.Also called cervical inner mouth relaxation and incompleteness of the cervical inner mouth.The emergence of this situation is more dangerous to attract attention.The symptoms of the specific manifestation are the expansion pressure brought by the baby’s growth of the cervix, which causes abortion.When the cervix is forced to expand, it usually has a small amount of bleeding, and it feels like falling abdomen.Because this situation usually occurs in the middle period of pregnancy, expectant mothers can rarely feel strong uterine contraction pressure, so it will not feel very obvious.

NO.3 Placenta stripped early.Premature stripping of the placenta can also cause pain and bleeding.The tension of the uterine is enhanced, and sometimes a large amount of internal bleeding occurs in the early stages of peeling.Abdominal pain is strong, and the uterus is tight, tender, and hardenen.Severe shock will cause shock.

NO.4 Portosy.If this situation is not checked early, it will usually be gradually reflected over time to the middle of pregnancy.General symptoms are anemia, uterine swelling, and vaginal hemorrhage.In severe cases, there will be symptoms such as pregnancy vomiting and pregnancy hypertension syndrome.Porttal fetus usually has discontinuous bleeding, and the amount of bleeding is very small.However, many major bleeding may also occur during this time.Occasionally, it is found in the blood like blisters.

NO.5 Cervical erosion.This situation depends on the degree of severity.If moderate and severe increased leucorrhea increases, the color is yellow and sticky.Blood wire will appear.Some expectant mothers will have contact bleeding.If there is frequent urination, the occurrence of frequent urination is basically serious.

No.6 Pre -placenta.If there is no reason during the late pregnancy, if there is no reason, there is no painless vaginal bleeding without pain, and the uterus does not harden.This situation ranges from slight to a large amount of blood loss, which may be severe life.

No.7 Hemorrhoids.Bleeding caused by this situation appears at the time of defecation.Generally, the blood color is more bright.During pregnancy, expectant mothers generally have different degrees of anemia symptoms. In addition, this bleeding usually becomes more serious, so it must be treated in time and eat more blood.Otherwise, it will affect the health of the expectant mother and the development of the baby in the uterus.

NO.8 is too fatigue.This bleeding is similar to menstrual bleeding, which does not cause abdominal pain and less blood.Generally, expectant mothers will feel weak, tired, and poor, and sleep.If you want to rest, you will recover well.

No.9 urinary tract infection.This depends on the degree of severity. If it is not serious, the performance in the urine is not obvious.In severe cases, blood clots will be found in urine.

NO.10 Abortion.This is also the most serious one.Most of them appear in the first three months of pregnancy.If there is bleeding or brown outflow, at the same time, observe whether it is discharged with the blood condensate pregnancy product.If it is accompanied by abdominal pain or back pain, this is more dangerous, which is generally a sign of abortion.

The above are the 10 most common situations we summarized. I hope that the expectant dads and expectant mothers must pay attention, after all, pregnancy is not easy.Be sure to pay more attention.

Finally, I wish all the prospective dads and mothers who wished to pay for this article, and "good pregnancy".

Author: maternal and infant Express

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