These 4 factors are the "culprit" of women with acute endometritis and cannot be ignored

Acute uterine endometritis is one of the common gynecological inflammation of women in childcare. Because this disease has a great impact on endometrium, in severe cases, it may still lead to infertility.Essence

Generally speaking, there are many incentives for the onset of acute endometritis, but because everyone does not know much about this aspect, from the perspective of prevention and management, it often appears to be stretched.

So, what are the causes of the acute uterine inflammation of women’s "recruitment"?These 4 factors, or the "culprit" of women with acute endometritis, are recommended to understand and prevent early prevention.

1. Bacterial infection

The harm of germs to women’s reproductive systems is self -evident. There are many common germs clinically, which can invade along the genital tract of women, and eventually affect the upper reproductive tract to varying degrees.

Common infected bacteria include staphylococcus, E. coli, splin bacteria, anaerobic bacteria, and gonococcus, mycoplasma, etc., which will affect women’s reproductive systems. Once the infection is infected, it will easily cause inflammation of the reproductive system.

If repeated infection can also cause recurrent episodes of endometriosis, patients can usually show irregular menstruation, leucorrhea color and quantity, etc., and abnormalities occur.

2. Tuberculosis

For the reproductive system tuberculosis, everyone may not know well that the fallopian tubes in the female reproductive system are the most likely to lead to tuberculosis.Tuberculosis will cause varying degrees of invasion to the fallopian tubes, which will then cause tubal blockage and affect women’s normal conception.

In addition, when the tuberculosis cannot find a breeding place in the fallopian tube site, it will migrate along the fallopian tube towards other parts, so the endometrium has undoubtedly become a natural breeding place for tuberculosis.

Therefore, in clinical practice, patients with tubal tubes are also seen, accompanied by acute endometrium inflammation, for this reason, in order to reduce the impact of tuberculosis, it is necessary to give full treatment for tubal tuberculosis first.

3. Non -tuberculosis endometriosis inflammation

In addition to the inflammatory infection mentioned earlier, non -tuberculosis endometriosis is also an important cause of inducing acute endometrium inflammation.

Clinically, when some patients are accepted by the uterine cavity, due to the rigorous operation of the operation, or not paying attention to care after surgery, some inflammation is infected, which will induce endometritis inflammation.Women who have menstrual periods and abortion, and women who live in menstruation during menstruation are the most vulnerable groups.

4. Pelvic inflammation

In addition to being affected by uplifting infections, women with recurrent pelvic inflammation are actually prone to infection of endometriosis, and it is also mainly acute endometriosis. This is because pelvic inflammation is mostly attached.The inflammation of the fallopian tube can also be passed to the endometrium to make the endometrium the biggest victim.

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