These 5 phenomena start to appear, congratulations, you should be pregnant!

Many expectant mothers who want to have a baby are waiting anxiously every day. I look forward to the test strip in her hands that can be surprised, but there are also many expectant mothers who are pregnant and are still in the drum. Generally speakingThere is a pregnancy reaction like nausea, vomiting!Before these reactions come, if the fertilized eggs are in bed successfully, there will be some subtle changes in the body!

Usually I am full of energy, and you suddenly feel exhausted, and you are always sleepy. This phenomenon may be caused by a large number of secretions in the bed in the bed body.The decline in energy will provide a good and stable environment for the development of the embryo. If you have sufficient sleep, you will still be tired and lethargic, then you must be prepared!This time will not be very long, and it will be able to pass soon!

For example, ovulation becomes a low temperature period, and it is called a high temperature period after ovulation.If you are pregnant, your body temperature will continue. In the first 1-3 months of pregnancy, the physical temperature of pregnant women will basically remain at a relatively high level

When the expectant mother fertilized eggs, a large amount of fluffy gonadotropin will be secreted after the bed is successful.The enlarged uterine compression of the bladder can easily cause frequent urination, and this phenomenon will occur in the early stages of pregnancy, and it will generally disappear naturally.Pay attention to the light diet, apply the abdomen with a warm towel to reduce discomfort!

The feeling of fertilized eggs is basically similar to the swelling of the holiday, and sometimes there is a small amount of bleeding. This is a normal phenomenon, which is caused by the rupture of the small blood vessels caused by the root of the fertilized egg in the endometrium!

After the fertilized eggs, the chest of the expectant mothers will have a swelling, sometimes accompanied by tingling, and the chest will become softer!After the pregnancy is successful, the body does not adapt to a large amount of secretion of hormones. Generally, it will disappear after a period of time.

Of course, everyone’s early pregnancy response is different. If there is drowsiness, fear of cold, smell the oily nausea, vomiting and other phenomena, go to the hospital for examination in time to confirm whether they are pregnant. Finally, I wish all the pregnancy is preparing for pregnancy.The expectant mothers can conceive a healthy and cute baby

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