These 7 kinds of pregnancy stomach pain, which are normal, which may be ectopic pregnancy, placenta early peeling

Once you are pregnant, expectant mothers will become the most expensive person at home. Once there is any wind in the body, it will affect the hearts of the whole family.

During pregnancy, the stomach of the expectant mother is the target that the family focuses on the attention. If there is any problem here, the consequences are unimaginable.

The expectant mother eats it too much, lost a pair of dragon and phoenix tires

The 28 -year -old Yiyi (pseudonym) is a expectant mother in Inner Mongolia. She has successfully conceived a pair of dragons and phoenixes through IVF.

The family was waiting for the arrival of the two small lives with joy, and prepared a small quilt, small clothes, and toys in advance.

But no one thought that a sudden disaster took away all of this.

Just after the Qingming Festival this year, Yiyi went to the park to enjoy the flowers with her husband. She has been at home for a long time. This time I came out to play, I was particularly happy, and I bought a lot of "donkeys to roll" to eat. This is a kind of soft and glutinous snacks.Essence

But that night, Yiyi felt that his stomach was unbearable and he kept vomiting. The family quickly sent her to the hospital for examination.

The doctor’s diagnosis was "gastroenteritis", which prescribed conventional drugs, and then returned home.

But the next morning, Yiyi’s stomach had a more painful stomach, and even the shock passed. The family sent her to the hospital again. At this time, Yiyi’s ascites were serious, and the fetus in the stomach had no fetal heart sound.

After that, the hospital had an emergency operation on Yiyi, and found that Yiyi’s small intestine had been reversed, darkened, necrotic, and even a bad odor. The doctor had to remove her small intestine and large intestine.

Subsequently, Yiyi divided a pair of six -month -old deaths through the ICU.

What kind of disease does Yiyi cause such great harm?

Several experts jointly met with Yiyi and confirmed that Yiyi was "pregnant with intestinal reversal".

In her pregnancy, she has more progesterone in her body and weakened the intestinal peristalsis. In addition, her congenital intestinal membrane root distance is shorter, causing the intestine to be pushed by the uterus.

Such excessive pulling and squeezing can turn Yiyi’s small intestine to reverse, or even necrotic.

"Pregnancy with intestinal reversal" is actually a rare disease, but if the rescue is not timely, it will lead to a large -scale intestinal damage in the pregnant woman. The baby in the stomach may be infected with the fetus and the pregnant woman will also have a danger to life.

It is unimaginable for ordinary people, but it may indeed lurk beside people.

There was a Ms. Li in Xiamen before, when she was pregnant for 38 weeks, and it was half a month before the due date.

She ate a whole ice watermelon after the meal. As a result, she had a pain for more than 3 hours and vomited. Her husband immediately took the rain to send Ms. Li to the hospital. At that time, she had blurred.

The doctor first performed a cesarean section to Ms. Li, successfully took out a baby boy, and performed her abdomen surgery.Bleeding necrosis.

The doctor performed 6 hours of surgery in a row to keep Ms. Li’s life.

After the operation, the doctor said that Ms. Li herself suffered from the length of the colon. She also compressed other organs during pregnancy. In addition, she ate the entire ice watermelon at one time, which induced the intestinal twisting.

Like Yiyi and Ms. Li are actually extremely rare. Their intestines have some congenital problems. They are stimulated again during pregnancy, which leads to serious diseases.

But during pregnancy, the stomach of the expectant mothers really need to be careful. Once a problem occurs, it may not only hurt the adult’s body, but also threatens the fetus.

Belly pain during pregnancy, every expectant mother may encounter, but which are normal physiological phenomena, which may be a precursor to the problem?

Normal physiological pain

1. Early pregnancy

In the early pregnancy, expectant mothers feel a little painful and sometimes vomit.

Mainly because gastric acid secretion increases, it causes pain.

This is normal, you can eat more light, digestible foods to relieve.

2. Pregnancy

About 4 months of pregnancy, the uterus of expectant mothers increased, and the uterine round ligament was pulled, which would feel stomachache, especially when walking away.

Generally, it feels pain in the uterus of the lower abdomen, and has a dull and painful feeling.

Don’t worry too much about this pain, resting in bed can be relieved.

3. Late pregnancy

During this time, the baby gradually grows up, and the expectant mother’s uterus has also increased. Therefore, the uterus will constantly stimulate the mother’s lower edge of the ribs, so the ribs are dull. Generally speaking, there is no need for special treatment.pain.

In addition, at night, expectant mothers may cause lower abdomen pain due to false contractions. It lasts for a few seconds and is interval for a few hours. There is no feeling of falling. This is normal. The symptoms can be relieved by the daytime.

Pain needed to be careful

1. Pain of Ectopic pregnancy

In the early pregnancy, if the expectant mothers have severe pain in the unilateral lower abdomen and accompanied by vaginal bleeding, they may be ectopic pregnancy and need to go to the hospital in time.

2. Pain of threatened abortion

In the early pregnancy, if the expectant mother had regular stomach pain, pelvic pain, or small stomach pain for a while, accompanied by vaginal bleeding and abdomen falling, it may indicate a threatened abortion and timely consultation.

3. Pain of the esophageal pores hernia

The incidence of 30%-50%during gestational hernia for esophageal pores. Once it occurs, in addition to stomach pain, there are symptoms such as chest tightness and chest pain, short snoring snoring, and acid reflux.

Specific mothers can do: eat less meals, avoid too sweet, too spicy, too sticky foods.

4. Pain for early peeling of the placenta

Most of them occur in the late pregnancy. The pain of pain is that the lower abdomen has a tear -like pain, and it is mostly accompanied by vaginal bleeding. In addition to stomach pain, it is difficult to bear.

If the expectant mother feels this, be sure to go to the hospital in time.

During pregnancy, expectant mothers are extremely fragile. Even if they are a small stomach pain, the family must be careful. It is important to go to the hospital in time to distinguish what the pain is normal.

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