These conditions may be caused by the lack of vitamin B

Vitamin B (Vitamin B) is also a vitamin B, which is the general name of certain vitamins. They often come from the same food source, such as yeast.

It is a set of compounds with different structures. It has its own names, such as vitamin B1, and vitamin B is a general name. Sometimes it is also called vitamin B, vitamin B miscellaneous or vitamin B compound group.

Vitamin B is a water -soluble vitamin. They are synergistic, regulate metabolism, maintain the health of skin and muscles, enhance the function of the immune system and nervous system, and promote cell growth and division (including promoting the generation of red blood cells and preventing the occurrence of anemia).

There are more than twelve vitamin B clan, and nine are recognized by the world. They are all water -soluble vitamins. The time to stay in the body is only a few hours, and it must be supplemented every day.The B family is an indispensable nutrient for all human tissues, and the key to food release energy.It is all coenzymes, participating in the metabolism of sugar, protein, and fat in the body, so it is listed as a family.

All vitamin B must play a role at the same time, called the fusion of VB.Crossing a certain VB alone, due to the increase in cell activity, the demand for other VB is increased, so the role of various VB is complementary, the so -called "principle of wooden barrels".Dr. Roger William pointed out that all cells have the same demand for VB.

So what will happen to the lack of vitamin B?

Common symptoms of vitamin B deficiency

A corner of the mouth: wet white erosion or ulcers on both sides of the mouth, and a horizontal cracking gap, which can extend to about 1cm to the mucous membrane and skin. It covers the yellow scabs and affects the mouth, speaking, and eating.

Lipytitis: slightly swollen lips, red lips and dryness, desquamation, cracking, or exfoliating erosion, pain, and burning sensation.

Big tongue: early tongue has dryness, burning sensation, or tingling, and then the tongue is swollen, bright red (red), and the bacterial nipples are swollen and congested.Then the silk nipples were first, and then the bacterial nipples atrophied and disappeared, making the tongue surface smooth, shiny and atrophic tastitis. Some patients could see the tongue cracks or small ulcers.Some patients may experience oral mucosal ulcers.

Smoke acid deficiency (rough dermatology): severe tongueitis, full or partial tongue mucosa is bright red, early silk nipples, bacterial nipple hypertrophy, later silk nipples, then bacterial nipples atrophy, tongue surface red, Bright, beef red, is particularly sensitive to trauma or other stimuli. It is susceptible to traumatic ulcers. It may have tongue pain, tenderness, and even spontaneous pain.In addition to being affected by the tongue, general oralitis, gingivitis, periodontitis, necrotic gingivitis or gingivitis can also occur, and vitamin B2 is deficient. Early symptoms such as corneritis and ligrital.

Athletes: Due to the lack of vitamin B1, it is contagious; skin ulcers: itching, redness and swelling; insomnia: neurasthenia, easy to dream.Babies are mostly acute onset, and the nervous system is the main one to call the cerebral beriberi; those with heart dysfunction are called heart (heart -type) bell disease;There are also few symptoms of symptoms.The older is mainly manifested by edema and multiple peripheral neuritis.

In addition, vitamin B1 is deficient, oral mucosa may be highly sensitive, and the maxillofacial pain has neurological pain, etc. Vitamin B6 and pantothenic acid and folic acid deficiency can cause damage such as tastitis and oral mucositis.

Oral ulcer: Also known as "mouth sores", it is a superficial ulcer that occurs on the oral mucosa. The size can be from rice grains to soybean size, round or ovate, and the ulcer surface is concave, and surrounded by congestion.Ulides have the characteristics of periodicness, recurrence and self -limiting, and occurred in lips, cheeks, tongue margins, etc.The cause and pathogenesis are still unclear.The cause may be local trauma, mental tension, food, drugs, hormone levels and vitamin or trace element deficiency.Systemic diseases, genetics, immunity, and microorganisms may play an important role in their occurrence and development.Treatment is mainly based on local treatment, and severe cases need general treatment.

Vitamin B1 is lacking disease

It is athletic disease that is caused by water -soluble vitamin B1 deficiency. It is characterized by multiple neuritis, muscle atrophy, tissue edema, heart enlargement, circulation disorders and gastrointestinal symptoms.Most of the diseases occur in areas with white rice as the staple food, and the treatment can be fully recovered in a timely manner.

The cause of beater disease is: Vitamin B1 exists in the epidermis and germ of grains, but grains with skin and germ are not easy to save. Perfurate and germ during food processing causes a large amount of vitamin B1. The daily intake is less than 0.2 mg.Can develop.

Disadvantage or obstacles.Gastrointestinal and hepatobiliary diseases, or often taking laxatives, can make vitamin B1 deficiency.

Vitamin B2 Lack of disease

Vitamin B2 is exhausted in the body of 60 ~ 80 days, and the disease can be developed after less than 2 to 3 months in the diet.Early symptoms include: weakness, fatigue, oral pain and tenderness, fever, itchy eyes, and may have changes in personality.To further develop lipitis, corneritis, mortitis, nose, and eyelids of seborrheic dermatitis. Male has scrotal starchitis, and female occasionally see lattice.In addition, corneal vascular hyperplasia, anemia and brain dysfunction can occur.

Eating more foods rich in vitamin B2 is the fundamental way to prevent vitamin B2 deficiency.Good food sources are mainly animal liver, kidney, heart, egg yolk, and milk.Botanical food is the main source of dietary vitamin B2.The vitamin B2 content of beans is also very rich; the content of green leafy vegetables is higher than the root stems and melon eggplant;

Vitamin B6 is lacking disease

Vitamin B6 exists in three forms: pyrine, pyrine, and pyromamine in biological tissues. It can be transformed in pyradanin and pyride in the body., Soybean, lentils, carrots, and bananas are rich in vitamin B6. Intestinal bacteria can synthesize a part of vitamin B6, so generally no vitamin B6 deficiency occurs, cause lack of reasons, increased amount, biological utilization or metabolic interference, such as thyroid gland, such as thyroid glandHypertrophic, pregnancy, electrical radiation, living and work in high temperature environments, uremia, liver disease, chronic alcohol poisoning, use interference vitamin B6 metabolic drugs (such as alcohol, cyclopanine, pyrodiazineAmine, oral contraceptive pills, 4-deoxylhrine, etc.), "vitamin B6 dependence" with congenital genetic defects.Although the intake of vitamin B6 in infant patients in diet is normal, there is still a lack of requiring amounts.Generally, adult vitamin B6 supply is 2 mg/d.

Those who lack of vitamin B6 may have weakness, expressionlessness, mental sluggishness, drowsiness, melancholy, loss of responsibility, neurotic, easy to irritate, and a few have sensitive peripheral neuropathy.Can be convulsions.The seborrheic dermatitis changes on both sides of the eye and nose can be extended to the peripheral, facial, forehead, back of the ear, scrotum, and perineal.The neck, forearm and knee pigmentation, forehead acne -like damage, and lulmitis, mortitis, stomatitis and tongue and papelry hypertrophy.Patients’ immunity is reduced, infection is prone to occur, especially urological infections.Small cell hypotonic anemia and giant red blood cell anemia can also occur.

The role of vitamin B family

Prevent oral ulcers:

B people can maintain and improve the health of epithelium tissue, such as the skin of the eye, the health of the mucosal tissue of the digestive tract.When severe lack, there will be vision fatigue, corneal congestion, and corneritis.When oralitis and oral ulcers, doctors often want patients to take nuclearine, which is B2.

Participate in human energy metabolism and make people energetic:

Vitamin B is a key matter in the process of sugar metabolism.The energy required by the body’s muscles and nerves is mainly provided by sugar, so it is the most vulnerable.With sufficient VB, the energy of the nerve cells is abundant, which can relieve anxiety, tension, and increase the tolerance of noise; otherwise, the ability to deal with stress decline and even cause neuritis.Among them, vitamin B1 deficiency can lead to beriberi.

Regulate fat metabolism and prevent acne:

Vitamin B clan is also related to fat metabolism. Poor fat metabolism can cause lipid dermatitis, acne, and acne. Supplementing vitamin B has a good effect.

Maintain normal digestive function:

Vitamin B has a helping effect on the digestive system, supplementing vitamin B6 to relieve vomiting. Lack of B nationality can even lead to gastrointestinal motility, poor gastrointestinal secretion, causing poor digestion, constipation, bad breath, and stool.

Prevent Laipi disease:

The niacin in the B vitamin constitutes the coenzyme in the body to form dehydrase. It plays an important role in the metabolism of carbohydrate, protein, and fat.Die Di, manifested as dermatitis, diarrhea and dementia

Watering and protecting the liver:

The liver involved in the metabolism of many material in the human body requires a lot of energy and various enzymes. B vitamins B have a protective effect on the liver. To relieve toxins such as alcohol and nicotine, soothe headache, migraine, and protect the liver.

Prevention of fetal malformations:

Modern science has confirmed that if the lack of folic acid within 3 months of pregnancy can lead to malformations of fetal nerve tube, thereby increasing the incidence of brains and no brain.Currently in my country, supplementing folic acid from 3 months to three months of pregnancy has become a consensus.

Maintain hair and nail health:

B vitamins can help body tissue use oxygen to promote the amount of oxygen obtaining the skin, nails, and hair tissues, and remove or improve dandruff.Vitamin B5 is missing that it is easy to cause hair, hair dryness, fragile and easy to break.

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