These three parts of the pregnant mother are painful, don’t worry, but this proves that the fetus is healthy

Many mothers will have such physical discomfort when they are pregnant, which makes many mothers worry, for fear that the fetus will have a bad impact.Some of the mother’s physical response is indeed implying the health of the baby, especially in the first three months of pregnancy. The condition of the fetus is not stable. The mother’s health is important to the fetus.But not all the pain of the mother is that the fetus is saying that she is uncomfortable, but some pain is that the fetus is saying that she is strong.If pregnant mothers have pain in these parts, they prove that the fetus and pregnant mothers are healthy.

one.Chest pain and abdominal pain in the early stages of pregnancy

When I am pregnant for one to two months, pregnant mothers are often accompanied by mild abdominal pain and chest pain. Pregnant mothers should not worry too much, which proves that the fetus is growing healthy.Because the embryo needs to draw nutrition, it is necessary to continue to find and explore. In the process, it will inevitably break through the blood vessels. This is why pregnant mothers will be accompanied by a small amount of bleeding.Chest pain is due to the increased estrogen secretion of pregnant mothers after pregnancy, which can cause chest hyperplasia.However, pregnant mothers don’t have to worry, this situation is a signal of normal secretion of hormones.

two.Back pain in the middle of pregnancy

The back pain of pregnant mothers is inevitable. The fetus is getting bigger and bigger, occupying the space of other organs in the mother’s body, and with the pressure of the fetus to the mother’s belly, the mother is inconvenient to move.With increasing pressure, it will naturally back pain.This actually means that the fetus is normal. If the mother has no pressure, it does not prove that the baby is slow, isn’t it normal?

three.Poempy pain in the second trimester

The pubic bone is located at the junction of the thigh roots and the calf.Pregnant mothers will feel their pubic pain in the late pregnancy, and sometimes very serious. This is not a good thing for mothers to grow bigger, it is almost possible, but it is beneficial to the baby.Mom will suffer because of pubic pain, but this just shows that the fetal development is formed and prepare for her birth.In order to make the fetus safely, the mother’s body will release a large amount of hormones, causing a series of physical changes such as the separation of the pubic bone, so the pregnant mother feels pain.Instead of pubic pain, it proves that the mother’s body is preparing for the baby’s birth. As long as the mother holds back the pain and pass through the heavy level, the baby will be born immediately.

Huaibao is not easy. Moms have to undergo a series of physical changes to endure the pain of various parts. In the end, the baby can be born healthy, but as long as the mother persists, when the baby is born, he feels that everything is worth it.

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