These three places are always painful after pregnancy?Don’t worry, that’s because the fetus develops very well

After women’s pregnancy, due to changes in their bodies, physical feelings will be different from before pregnancy.As the fetus gradually develops, pregnant mothers will feel a lot of discomfort in their bodies, and some pregnant mothers even worry that their pain will affect the development of the fetus in the abdomen.But in fact, pregnant mothers don’t have to worry too much. Some physical pain in the body actually imply that the fetus is very good. Let’s take a look!

1. Back pain

This pain usually occurs in the middle and late pregnancy, because at this stage, the abdomen of the pregnant mother has a large degree of bulging, and the fetus occupies most of the space inside the abdominal cavity and puts pressure on the stomach.Afterwards, you will feel sore.

In fact, pregnant mothers can think so. If the fetus does not develop well enough, it will not cause pulling the waist and back, and it will not cause soreness in the back of the waist.If pregnant mothers feel that the pain is usually more serious, they can be improved appropriately by supporting the abdomen belt.Pain.

2. chest pain

After the pregnancy is pregnant, not only the fetus is constantly developing, but even the breasts of the pregnant mother will enter the second stage of development, and there are some discomfort of dysfunction.This is because after women enter the pregnancy, the body changes inside. In order to ensure the nutritional supplement of the baby after birth, the pregnant mother’s chest will enter the development stage in advance to prepare for the storage of breast milk.The pain of pain is also convenient for mothers to flow out more smoothly when breastfeeding.

In contrast, pregnant mothers who do not have pain in the breast during pregnancy are prone to lactation and lack of milk.In response to the phenomenon of chest pain, pregnant mothers can try to improve them through massage, open their fingers together, put them on the lower side of the chest, and gently push in the shape of the chest. It can relieve the pain in 5 minutes.Pregnant mothers can appropriately increase the number of massage according to their own situation.

3. pubic pain

The pubic bone is located at the bottom of the abdominal cavity, and the position is probably in the parallel position of the thigh roots. The pain of pubic pain generally appears during the period to the third trimester to the time before delivery. Because the fetus gradually grows, it will occupy a lot of space in the abdominal cavity.When the lower end of the abdominal cavity can cause pubic pain.

In addition, before giving birth, in order to make the fetus in advance to make the fetus through the birth canal, a loose bone hormone will be secreted in the body to separate the pubic bone on both sides. In the process, the pregnant mother will feel the pain of the pubic bone pain.EssenceIf you encounter this phenomenon before childbirth, congratulations to the pregnant mother, because the baby has been developed completely, and it will be born soon.

It can be seen that pregnant mothers not only pay attention to many things in life, but also need to bear a lot of pain. However, although these pains are uncomfortable, they also imply the development of the fetus. Pregnant mothers only need to patience and relieve their bodies on their bodies.The pain of the baby is born safely.Pregnant mothers here, do you experience these pains during pregnancy?

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