These unreliable contraceptive methods make you change your parents for a second!Don’t "tide" and take risks

There is a "winning prize", only surprising and no joy, saying that unexpected pregnancy is said.

I obviously did contraception, she was still pregnant by accident, what can I do if I can do it …

However, the fact is that many so -called "accidents" are actually roots!Book!without!have!exist!avoid!pregnant!

So the following scenes often appear ↓↓↓

Girl, listen to me, if your other half has to use some unreliable methods to contracence, kick him out of bed!

After all, we can’t bear any result of artificial production or giving birth to children.

Some men will think: "Wearing a set of homework", it is difficult and uncomfortable. What should I do?As long as the sperm does not stay in the woman’s body and ejaculate in vitro, it will not conceive!

However, this method is unreliable.Some female compatriots have paid a painful price because of this ↓↓↓

You didn’t see sperm in, it didn’t mean nothing.Semen usually flows out of the urethral mouth before ejaculation, and each drop contains about 50,000 sperm. If it flows into the vagina, a drop can make women conceive.

Moreover, if it is suddenly interrupted at a climax every time, it may not only cause male sexual dysfunction, but also cause feminine coldness.

What’s more terrible is that you think about it, how can you guarantee that he can withdraw from the most high time?

If you encounter this man who likes to take risks, it is recommended to think about whether he loves you enough.

If you ca n’t go in outside, the probability of pregnancy is similar to that of Midtopa.

Even if men secrete a small amount of small tadpoles under the action of hormones, they are trying to travel to women, and they are basically impossible to achieve conception.

but!Please do n’t believe that a man said, “I’ m stubborn and I do n’t go in ”, because it’ s the same reason to say “I just look at I do n’t buy” as a woman. It ’s just just talking.Can hold back you to win!

In order to pursue the sensory comfort of "intimacy", some men always drag the wearing time and drag, and they can’t wait to wear it when they are "launch".But what is the difference between this?Sperm is likely to be swimming in early ~

Remember, body fluid exchange does not start from "launch", but starts from physical contact.

Except for wearing a sleeve halfway, picking the set is too early and too late, there is a "winning" risk.Use a sleeve, remember 3 words: wear the whole process.In addition, it is a hooligan!

Safety period, that is, non -ovulation period.Ovulation can be followed, usually about 14 days before menstruation.So some people thought that in the non -ovulation period, he didn’t seem to be pregnant.

But as the saying goes, the plan can’t keep up with changes.It may be more difficult to count for a safe period.Because ovulation is often affected by many factors, the ovarian regulation of ovulation is not bad in seconds.

Even women with stable physiological periods are difficult to ensure whether they will ovulate one day.Those aunts who are irregularly mentioned not to mention any safety period.

In addition, sperm can survive for a few days, and it is not impossible to meet with eggs unexpectedly.

Some men think that they are still vacuum, so they look for all kinds of excuses and do not wear a sleeve. To the woman, "I don’t wear a suit, finish taking medicine."

If he encounters some "thoughtful" girls, he said that wearing a cover is uncomfortable, then don’t wear it, just swallow the emergency contraceptive pills afterwards.

For this kind of man, I really want to scold, "You are really scum!"

For this kind of girl, I can only say "You are so stupid …"

Do you know what is emergency contraceptive?That’s what is used for 100,000!

Not to mention that the contraceptiveness of the emergency contraceptive pill is only 70%to 80%, far lower than 97%of the condom and 99%of short -acting contraceptives (correctly).

The side effects of emergency contraceptives alone are scary enough -long -term and multiple times will cause women with endocrine disorders, irregular menstruation, and even infertility …

It is a pity that many monkey -urgent young people only know about the future, and treat the emergency contraceptives used for the dead sheep as a conventional contraceptive method. When the incident is happened, I regret it.

Artificial abortion is terrible and common.

A set of data released by the Institute of Science and Technology of the National Planning and Family Planning Commission pointed out in 2013 that China’s artificial abortion is as many as 13 million people each year.

Most of the shocking numbers are derived from the ignorance of contraceptive knowledge of both men and women, and the man’s care about the woman’s body.

If it is the former -I do n’t know how much people are hurting, and I know half -knowledge about contraception -then I recommend you strongly and take a closer look at this article.

And if it is the latter, your partner thinks that "it is not me to suffer anyway", then the editor also suggested you, polish your eyes, and think about his value -even a small condom is unwilling to wear, so you don’t care about you, don’t care about youIn your body, you can also reject his enthusiastic request!

So long in life, women’s own bodies, do it and cherish it.

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