They are all pregnancy. Why are some people who are very sick, but some are not pregnant?Related to the fetus

A few days ago, there were friends in the mother group mentioned such problems: Why is it also pregnant, some people vomit their doubtful life, and some people do not vomit at all?

I have been eating and vomiting from early pregnancy, spitting water, and wanting to vomit when I smell the taste of the food.Every time when I cook upstairs and downstairs, I have to put on a mask quickly.

By four months of pregnancy, I had to vomit more than twenty or thirty times a day.The bile and blood of the vomiting came out, the throat was hot, and the stomach was burned by stomach acid.

What’s even more collapsed is that I was hungry and panicked, and I was awakened several times in the middle of the night, but as long as I wanted to eat it, I wanted to vomit.So, I now think of which food does not vomit.

Alas, it’s so difficult.I live a few days every day, and I wake up every morning, and I have to comfort myself. "I finally survived another day."

As usual, the friends in the group actively expressed their views.I probably watched it. Indeed, some people were not pregnant, but some people spit from her arms to giving birth.

What impressed me was that such a message:

"I am particularly envious of those mothers who are pregnant, and they are painful. Unlike me, not only did I have no pregnancy during pregnancy, but I also eat more.

With a big belly all day, I went to work on an electric car.Others looked frightened, but I was like a crowd.Like a cow, his physique is inexplicable."


So the question comes, it is also pregnant. Why don’t you say that some people do n’t say that they do n’t even have a disgusting feeling, but some people vomit the darkness?

Mainly related to these factors:

Severe unbalanced hormone levels in pregnant mothers

After pregnancy, in order to better give birth to a gestational sac, the hormone level in pregnant mothers will change significantly.Among them, estrogen, progesterone and choric membrane promote gonad hormone.

The rise of hormones can make pregnant mothers more or less, feel a little nauseous, and even vomit.This is a normal pregnancy reaction.

However, if the fetus is too fast and the hormone secretion level in the pregnant mother’s body will be more serious, then the gastrointestinal peristalsis function will be worse, and gastrointestinal spasm will occur, which will increase the pregnancy vomiting.

The digestive system of pregnant mothers is relatively weak

Some pregnant mothers have better constitution and powerful digestive function, so even if the hormone changes in the body are large, the impact on their digestive system is relatively small.

Therefore, after they are pregnant, there are basically no pregnancy vomiting.

However, some pregnant mothers have weak constitutions. Before pregnancy, the stomach and intestines are weak.Therefore, after pregnancy, changes in hormones will seriously affect their digestive system.

No matter what you eat, the food will accumulate in the gastrointestinal tract, which will cause severe pregnancy, nausea, or even dizziness.

The smell and taste of pregnant mothers change

After pregnancy, some pregnant mothers will become particularly sensitive.They can smell a little bit of oil smoke or dislike.

In addition, their tastes will change significantly.It is particularly exclusive to some foods, as long as you smell, see, and even think of, the stomach is particularly uncomfortable.

Pregnant mothers have great emotional fluctuations and excessive mental stress

Studies have found that pregnant mothers have a greater relationship with mental factors.

If you are pregnant, pregnant mothers often stay up late, work intensity, and long -term mental tension.And emotional fluctuations are large, and often feel anxious or emotional.

These will cause the pregnancy of pregnant mothers to become severe.

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