This decoration shower area will never be!Consider these 6 o’clock in advance and enjoy the freedom of bathing

In the midsummer, after taking a bath every day, drilling into the air -conditioned room is the happiest moment after the end of the day of battle ~

However, in this session of the bath, there will always be some moths to affect the mood: the space is crowded, the arm is stretched to the wall; the water heater suddenly breaks, and the water tiger takes a cool bath;Pig; accidentally fell, and the tail vertebrais pain was so painful to doubt life …

For hot and hot summer, you must not just take a bath!IntersectionIntersectionLet’s talk about those things about bathing today:

1. About space selection

For bathing, an independent, spacious, ventilated space is a necessary condition:

1. Position selection

Since there is a lot of water in the bath, it is recommended that the location of the bathtub or the shower area must be close to the window settings:

This is conducive to fast ventilation and dry space, reducing bacterial breeding and affecting home health.

2. Space size

Considering the comfort of ergonomics, the space length and width of the shower area is best not less than 90cm:

If it is a bathtub, the size of the bathtub on the market is available from 0.8m-1.8m, and the space required for the specific space is also dependent on the actual situation.

However, no matter how large the bathtub, in order to meet the comfort of better use, it is best not to be less than 55cm away from the wall outside the bathtub, so as not to open the movement.

3. Wet and wet separation

Especially in the shower area, there are many water, and the water will splash with the bathing movement.If you don’t want to spread the bathroom to the entire bathroom, it is recommended to separate the wet and wet separation design.

Can increase the shower room ▽

It can also be a simple glass partition ▽

If the space is too small, you can also use the shower curtain to limit the water flow ▽

Controlling the area of the wet area will not only bring convenience to cleaning, but also make standing and walking more safer.

2. About water heater

In addition to the appropriate bathing space, the amount of water and water temperature of bath water is also the key, and the related is the heat!water!Instrument!There are three main types of water heaters: solar energy, electric water heater, gas water heater.Comparison of the three:

1. Solar water heater

Converting solar energy into heat energy heating water is the most money, but the water tank water is limited and affected by the weather.

△ The water tank of solar water heaters

2. Electric water heater

Using electric heating water, it can be used immediately with heat, but the cost is the highest, and the water tank water is limited. It also takes place in the bathroom.However, it is suitable for families who are not gas.

3. Gas water heater

The use of gas to increase thermal water, the lowest cost, is also used to heat, but the premise is that the gas is needed.

△ Gas water heater is generally installed in the kitchen

Third, about shower

In addition to the comfort of water temperature, shower is also a key factor affecting bathing bathing

After all, no one doesn’t like the waterfall -like water rinse experience?Of course, this may not be good for saving water, but it is really cool!In terms of types, there are three types of shower breakup, top spray shower, and side spray shower:

The popularity of top spray and handheld shower is the highest, while the side spray shower chooses less due to difficulty and cost, and use habits.

In addition, the installation method of shower is also divided into two types, bright and dark installations:

1. Outlet shower

The pipeline of the bright shower is installed outside the wall. This is also the most common form of installation:


Easy to install and easy maintenance.


① Occupy the bathroom space, the vision is not beautiful;

② The main body of the water control and the water supply pipe are exposed outside the wall, and bumps are prone to occur.

2. Dark shower

Dark shower, that is, the shower pipe is hidden inside the wall, only exposing the shower head and switch:


Do not occupy the bathroom space, the appearance is simple and generous.


① The difficulty of construction is slightly higher, and the pipeline of the wall must be cut in advance;

② Later maintenance is inconvenient, and maintenance is more troublesome.

Fourth, about floor drains

Although the floor drain in the shower area is not very eye -catching, it is also closely related to the bath experience. After all, no one wants to go to the floor drain when everyone wants to take a bath?IntersectionIntersection

The floor drain in the shower area should prevent insects, deodorant, and not easy to block. As for the speed of launching, because the water bathing water is gradually produced, the instant water flow is not large. The drainage speed of the floor drain is not as high as the washing machine and bathtub drainage speed.

Comprehensive consideration, it is recommended to choose water sealing floor drain in the shower area:

In terms of appearance, you can choose a strip floor drain to expand the drainage area, which is also conducive to blocking hair and not easy to block:

5. About storage

The storage of the shower area is mainly some baths, not many. You can choose a wall -mounted shelf or a niche:

Wall -mounted shelf △

Niche △

Because the bathroom will have a pipeline of the water. Out of beauty and sound insulation, they will be wrapped in brick walls. When the bag pipes can be directly increased, the niche design can be directly increased, which is convenient and practical.Regarding the design of the niche, there is a more detailed introduction today in the second article, everyone moved ~

6. About anti -slip safety

Bathing is also common in life due to wet and wet on the ground, but this is not unavoidable:

1. Anti -slip ground

The floor of the shower area can increase the non -slip slot, and the friction is stronger:

2. Safety handrail

The wall increases the security handrail, which is very friendly to the elderly, pregnant women, and children:

3. Anti -slip cushion

Shower -specific non -slip pad, cheap and convenient:

Although it has been raining recently, the summer has just begun, and you have just started to improve your bath area, enjoy the freedom of bathing, and be happy in summer!IntersectionIntersection

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