This pregnancy supplementary guideline during pregnancy will not grow the meat without long fetus according to eating it.

When each family has a new life, it is excited and excited.However, pregnant women will have vomiting in the early stages of pregnancy, and they usually have appetite for dinner. As a result, nutritional lack of nutrition during pregnancy will have a great impact on the development of the fetus in the belly.So what should pregnant mothers do during pregnancy to ensure that their children and their sufficient nutritional support can be guaranteed?

During the pregnancy, the nutrition she consumed during pregnancy, in addition to providing her daily consumption, also provides the required nutrition for the growth and development of the fetus in order to ensure that the baby can absorb sufficient nutrition and healthy development.However, the supplement to nutrition during pregnancy is also particular about it. You ca n’t take it casually.

1. Comprehensive nutritional supplement

The healthy growth of the baby is the common wish of parents. Therefore, there must be sufficient nutrition during pregnancy to ensure that the fetus has sufficient nutrition, provide material guarantee for the baby’s growth and development, and meet the needs of the baby’s development!

2. Calcium supplement

During pregnancy, a large amount of calcium will be lost during pregnancy, and the calcium required for fetal development is derived from the mother.If calcium intake is insufficient, it will have a great impact on the fetus and pregnant mummy itself.When severe calcium deficiency, it can cause maternal bones and teeth to decarcal, and even cause dystocia.So don’t look down on the supplement of calcium.

3. Supplement trace elements

Pregnant women’s milk powder is not only aimed at pregnant moms, but also suitable for breastfeeding moms. Compared with greasy soup, the nutrition of pregnant women’s milk powder will be more balanced and easy to absorb.Studies have proved that Mummy, who insists on drinking pregnant women’s milk powder, has a high content of trace elements such as zinc, iron, and copper in breast milk, which is very good for the growth and development of the baby.

4. Pregnant treasure nutrition solution

The development of fetal skeletal and teeth needs to be obtained from the mother’s body, especially in the middle and late pregnancy, and the amount of calcium in the fetus is large. Therefore, it is easy to lack calcium during pregnancy and breastfeeding, and vitamins such as folic acid are also necessary nutrition.Specific mothers need to make up more nutritional energy so that mothers can provide better for their babies.

Many mums during pregnancy are worrying about a problem, that is, during pregnancy, for the growth of baby, she ate so many nutritious foods, but she grows meat, but the baby has not changed much.Why is it?This time, I will share with pregnant moms nutritional supplementary tables at all stages of pregnancy, so that pregnant mommy can see the nutrients consumed throughout pregnancy at a glance.

3 months of pregnancy: light balanced

In the early stages of pregnancy, most pregnant mothers will have pregnancy, and anorexia will occur seriously.The pregnant mothers at this stage should be based on light and equilibrium, and properly supplement folic acid to follow the principles of eating less meals.In addition, in 3 months of pregnancy, pregnant moms can also stock some healthy mothers, which can supplement nutrition and fill their stomachs to avoid hunger.

6 months of pregnancy: fierce nutrition

In the middle of pregnancy, it is the stage of rapid growth of fetal babies. At this time, the fetus has rich demand for calcium, iron and other elements. Therefore, pregnant moms eat more calcium and iron -rich foods in the middle of pregnancy.Like milk, bone soup, animal liver, etc. are all good choices.

Late pregnancy: Blood and swelling

In the third trimester, the fetal demand for nutrition began to gradually decrease. At this time, pregnant moms need to control the amount of food, but because it will consume a lot of qi and blood during production, the pregnant mummy should eat more at this stage to eat more at this stage.Foods for qi and blood to prepare for production.Secondly, some pregnant mothers will have edema during the third trimester, so they can also eat some foods that have swollen and diuretic.

The whole pregnancy should be supplemented according to the characteristics of the fetus, so that the fetus can develop better, and pregnant moms will not have too much fat.

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