This signal during pregnancy may become a murderer of the fetus. Don’t know the pregnant mother

The life of the fetus during pregnancy is very fragile. The reason why it is prone to fetal stopping during pregnancy is also caused by the prevention of pregnant mothers who cannot protect the fetus well.All taboos in the pregnancy should stay away from all the fetus in the pregnancy, and to escort the pregnancy of the fetus during pregnancy.

During pregnancy, the pregnant mothers may become a murderer when they have this signal, and pregnant mothers do not know.

Signal of secretions

After women are conceived, some secretions start to occur when the holiday stops, and these secretions do not say whether they are physiological or cases. In fact, they may hurt the fetus. Pregnant mothers must do safe protection.Avoid fetal sins.

The secretion will be left on the underwear as soon as possible. At this time, the underwear is extremely prone to infection with light yellow dirt. It may be the unknown of the pregnant mothers of the "murderer".

When there is dirt on the underwear, it is easy to infect bacteria and cause inflammation.The threat of inflammation during pregnancy is still quite large. Many pregnant mothers do not have timely control when they have inflammation, causing the embryo to be infected and caused the fetus.Therefore, the hygiene on the underwear is a thing worthy of being valued by us.

When dirt appears on the underwear during pregnancy and cannot be cleaned, pregnant mothers should lose and put on new underwear, so as to ensure hygiene, so as not to cause bacteria.

During the pregnancy, the fetus is at stake. Although it is in zero -distance contact with the mother, the pregnant mothers cannot perceive the current situation of the fetus, and can only be passed through the method of delivery.During the pregnancy, the young age also reminds you of expectant mothers that the fetus should be given priority to ensure that the fetus grows in a good pregnancy environment.

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