This thing on the pregnant mother’s face is actually normal!

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As the saying goes, the mother after pregnancy is the most beautiful.But many pregnant mothers have found that their faces are more oily, their skin is worse, and even acne appears on her face. Some pregnant mothers are distressed. Is it because they become yellow -faced before they have a baby?

In fact, acne during pregnancy is a normal physiological phenomenon.After pregnancy, pregnant mothers are affected by hormones in the body, causing the amount of sebaceous glands in the skin to increase the amount of sebaceous glands, coupled with other causes of psychological pressure, lack of sleep, and emotional fluctuations during pregnancy.Pregnant mothers don’t have to worry too much, pay attention to care in daily life.

1. Use the facial cleanser suitable for your skin to clean the skin and wash it with warm water. Pregnant mothers with oily skin can wash several times a day.Massage gently when washing your face, helping the pores smoothly discharge dirt.

2. Pregnant mothers and mothers try not to make up.If you have to make up, just make a light makeup, the work of removing makeup must be done well, and the residual of cosmetics on the face will make the pores blocked more serious.

3. I believe that many people can’t help but want to squeeze with their hands. Pregnant mothers should not squeeze with their hands to avoid secondary infections on the bacteria on their hands.It’s difficult to recover.Enemia on the pregnant mother’s face is only temporary, and there is no need to use any specialized acne products. You can use aloe vera gel to relieve slightly when you daily skin care.

4. Pay attention to the diet of pregnant mothers.During pregnancy, for the healthy growth of baby baby, pregnant mothers will have more tonic. After acne, pay attention to eating more vegetables and fruits, eat less fried, high calories, spicy, and stimulating foods.

5. Try not to stay up late, keep going early and get up early, and ensure that sleep is sufficient.In addition, maintaining a happy mood and reducing psychological pressure, after all, the baby’s health and successful birth are more important than anything.


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