Those things should be done after pregnancy

I am a prospective mother. Now I am more than 7 months of pregnancy, and the due date is June 11. Today, I will summarize what should be done after pregnancy.

(1) 6 weeks of pregnancy to the hospital to do a color Doppler ultrasound

If the menstrual rules are planned, the couple have planned babies, and the "relatives" have not come yet. We can go to the pharmacy to buy a pregnancy test stick or test strip. First, determine whether you are pregnant.

Morning urine detection shows positive (two bars). Congratulations to the sisters. There should be pregnancy without special circumstances.

At this time, we don’t have to rush to the hospital first. Based on the last menstrual period, we will simply infer how many weeks of pregnancy.

If you go to the hospital too early, the fetal cells are too small, it is not sure if you are pregnant, nor can it be determined or ectopic in the palace.

You can go to the hospital for a color Doppler ultrasound when you are 6 weeks of pregnancy.Healthy embryos have already had fetal heart sprouts at this time, so that you can formally recognize as pregnancy.

(2) Reduce work intensity and wear comfortable clothing

Beautiful expectant mothers try not to wear high heels during pregnancy and change to soft and comfortable clothes.

If a mother needs makeup in the workplace, she can buy a cosmetics for pregnant women and use skin care products with safe ingredients.

If it is necessary to report to the unit leadership in advance, adjust the work arrangement, pregnant mothers are not suitable for work with high intensity and high loads, especially in the first three months of pregnancy, to avoid overtime and tired.

(3) Build files from 10 to 12 weeks of pregnancy to the community

At about 10 weeks of pregnancy, the husband and wife have to set up files for the baby to the baby. After the archives are established, all the vaccines of the baby before the age of 6 have come to the construction community.

At the time of establishing the file, you need to bring your identity card, hukou book, marriage certificate, and previous inspection report form.

On the day of the establishment of the file, I took 5 blood blood in the community hospital, mainly to check whether the various physical indicators in the early stages of pregnancy were normal. Finally, the leader and child health manual costing about 300 yuan.

(4) Determine the production hospital, and the fixed production inspection doctor

After the file is built, we must determine which hospital will be produced in the future.We should consider whether the traffic, medical resources, medical teams, and the hospital around the hospital have blood banks and pediatrics.

After determining the production hospital, we must also find a trusted gynecologist who is suitable for us.

The doctor of fixed birth checkup will be very aware of the situation of our pregnant women until the child is born, which is more conducive to future production.

(5) Checking on time on time, obey your doctor’s advice

Several important births during pregnancy must be done.

12 weeks of NT examination, 16 weeks of Tang family screening, 22 weeks of large row, 26 weeks of sugar resistance, 29 weeks of sketch …

Pregnant mothers should communicate with the attending doctor in time. Pay attention to the results of each examination. At each stage, the baby and the pregnant mother are different from the nutrients.To inform your doctor in time.

(6) Booking Yuexun, ready to be produced in the production package

When confinement, you need to ask the sisters of Yuezheng to book a few months in advance, because the excellent monthly schedule is full, and it is okay to find it through the intermediary, or it is introduced by others.

I was booked four months in advance, and my colleagues recommended it to me when I felt good, so that I saved a agency fee.

At 7 or 8 months of pregnancy, you can prepare for the birth package. For maternal use, babies are used, it is best to prepare two parcels. It is more convenient to use at a glance when you go to the hospital.

The above is some matters I need to pay attention to after the pregnancy I summarized.Experienced sisters are welcome to continue to add, and our pregnant mothers can also pay attention to each other and communicate at any time.

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