Those who are not a marriage inspection prepare for pregnancy before pregnancy

According to the new "Marriage Registration Regulations", you can choose not to do "pre -marital medical examination", but many of the projects in the marriage check should be made up before you are pregnant. This is necessary to help you give birth to a healthy baby.EssenceThe new "Marriage Registration Regulations" has changed the "pre -marital medical examination" (referred to as "marriage inspection") from forced to voluntary.For unmarried men and women, many people tend to choose to avoid the marriage check, but some experts do not agree.Because the marriage check is the first guarantee of eugenics to a certain extent, we should take it seriously instead of giving up.If you chose to give up your marriage inspection, then the expert reminds you that you need to carefully check most of the projects of the wedding examination during the pregnancy period, which is of great relationship with a healthy baby.It is recommended to check the project:

1. Blood routine (blood type) early detection of blood systemic diseases such as anemia, because if the mother is anemia, it will not only cause complications such as postpartum hemorrhage, puerperidal infection, etc., but also affect the baby and bring a series of impacts on the baby, such as susceptible to infection., Decreased resistance, backward growth and development.

2. Urine routine helps early diagnosis of kidney disease.The ten -month pregnancy is a huge test for the mother’s kidney system. The increase in body metabolism will increase the burden on the kidneys.If the kidneys are ill, the consequences will be very serious.

3. Diagnosis of routine digestive system diseases and parasitic infections, such as toxoplasma infections. If it is not found early, it will cause serious consequences such as abortion and fetal malformations.

4. Diagnosis of hepatitis and liver damage diagnosis of liver function (two pairs and a half).If the mother is a patient with a viral hepatitis, she does not find it in time, and it will cause very serious consequences after pregnancy, premature birth, and even newborn death.Hepatitis virus can also spread vertically to children.

5. Diagnosis of pulmonary diseases such as chest perspective/photographic tuberculosis.After pregnancy with tuberculosis, the treatment of treatment drugs will be limited and the treatment will be affected.Moreover, activity tuberculosis often aggravates the condition due to postpartum fatigue, and is in danger of being transmitted to the child.6. The diagnosis of ovarian diseases such as irregular menstruation in gynecological endocrine. For example, women with ovarian tumors, even if the tumor is benign, often due to the increase in uterus after pregnancy, it will affect the observation of tumors, and even lead to danger of abortion, premature birth and other hazardsEssence

7. Infection of titherd, mold, and bacteria in the leucorrhea. If you have sexually transmitting diseases, it is best to treat it thoroughly first, and then get pregnant.Otherwise, it will cause danger of abortion, premature birth, and premature fetal membrane.

8. Chromatotore testing was found early and found genetic diseases and infertility such as Keta syndrome and Terri syndrome.

9. The whole body checkered systemic examination and fertility ability assessment.

Although it is just a simple and conventional inspection, the role of the family’s happiness and your future baby’s health may be what you think of.According to relevant statistics, in 2002, only in Nanjing, among the people who have done marriage inspection, the detection rate of the disease was 12.79%, an increase of 31.05%over 2001.Among them, the detection rate of male diseases is 12.01%, and women are 13.58%, and women are higher than men.The detection of the disease is: 6.47%of the diseases of the reproductive system, including the long foreskin, phimosis, female vulva vaginitis, ovarian tumors, etc.Internal medicine accounted for 3.43%, including hypertension, fatty liver, diabetes, heart disease, etc.Infectious diseases account for 0.82%, including hepatitis, sexually transmitted diseases, tuberculosis, etc.Severe genetic diseases account for 0.14%, including chromosomal abnormalities such as Cycid, Turner syndrome, etc.For these diseases below, early detection and early treatment through these medical examination items are particularly important:

1. It is worth noting that the hidden syphilis is that in the past 6 years, the number of sexually transmitted diseases in the marriage examinations has grown by 66.72%, most of which are syphilis, and 85%are hidden syphilis.The second only to AIDS has the greatest sexual disease to the human body.It is subtle, "eating" the body and harmful to health. It can be transmitted to the spouse, causing a child to abort, premature birth, death, and neonatal congenital syphilis.However, as long as this disease is found early, early treatment can be cured.

2. Hepatitis B is a high -incidence of hepatitis B in my country. There are 350 million people in the world’s hepatitis B virus carrying HBSAG+), while there are 120 million in my country, accounting for one -third of the world. 25%of people will have chronic liver disease in their lives.Therefore, it is of great significance to eliminate and control hepatitis B virus infection. The transmission pathway of hepatitis B mainly includes the spread of maternal and infant transmission, life contact transmission, HBSAG+) baby born to mothers will be 25%to 40%within one year of birth to HBSAG(+), Among the newlywed couples, one party HBSAG (+), the other is not infected. 2.25 years after marriage, 52.6%of the infected party infected with hepatitis B virus infection, of which 14.0%turned into hepatitis B virus carryingBy.If the man HBSAG (+) is found, and the female party is given to the female hepatitis B vaccine, it can effectively prevent the woman’s infection and the vertical dissemination of the mother and baby.Blocking "can effectively prevent maternal and baby transmission, thereby reducing the infection rate of maternal and infant B virus by 2/3.

3. Nervous tube deformity my country is a high -incidence of neurotoma, and the incidence rate is 10 times that of the United States.If three months before pregnancy to three months after pregnancy, oral Selian tablets (a small -dose folic acid tablet) can reduce the occurrence of neural tube deformities of more than 70%.Through the "Tang’s screening" at 14 to 20 weeks of pregnancy, it can reduce the birth of a congenital stupid child by 60%to 70%.China is a country with defects and disability. The following numbers are enough to explain the necessity of discovering and preventing birth defects through these wedding inspection items: 1.The incidence of congenital disability discovered or diagnosed during the age of 0 to 14 is about 4%to 6%, which means that in China, 800,000 to 1.2 million newly disabled children are added each year;Types, born every 6 minutes, 1 nerve tube deformity. Direct economic losses caused by nerve tube deformities in China each year are more than 200 million yuan, and the congenital stupid treatment costs exceed 2 billion yuan.Up to 12 billion yuan.2. China’s current disabled population has reached 60 million, accounting for 4.9%of the country’s total population, and 18%of the total number of families in the country; 3. According to statistics, the congenital intellectual disability among the people in our country has reached 30 million, and it is 2%per year.The proportion of proportion; 4. Most of the genetic diseases and birth defects occur in rural and remote poverty -stricken areas with more than 75%of the population.A study shows that the risk of incidence of severe neonatal hemolysis disease in the Miao people such as Guizhou is as high as 22%; the incidence of abnormal hemoglobin in certain ethnic minorities in Yunnan is as high as 40.2%, which is the crown of the world; the parts of the provinces in Shaanxi, Guizhou and other provincesThe incidence of regional genetic intellectual disability has reached 12.23%;

5. my country has vast low iodine and high -fluoride regions, with 700 million people who have suffered, accounting for half of the total population.Therefore, after you miss the marriage check, don’t forget to make up for these medical examinations before pregnancy, let your pregnancy health start smoothly.

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