Three factors that girls do not come to menstruation, have you recruited?

Some netizens often ask: irregular menstruation, pregnant pregnancy has been unsuccessful. Seeing that they are getting older and older, the elderly at home are anxious.I want to ask, what should I do if I do n’t adjust my menstruation? How can I get pregnant quickly? What should I do if I do n’t think about pregnancy? For this problem, I believe that many women want to know how to solve it.Teacher Xu will take everyone to take a look today.

May one: pregnancy

First of all, if you are delayed, you need to consider whether you are pregnant. If you have sexual life and normal menstrual cycle, the menstrual period delays the menstrual period, and symptoms such as increased urination, changes in appetite, vomiting, and nausea can be used to test urine in the first time. IfFor positive, it is very likely to get pregnant. However, in the end, you must go to a professional obstetrics and gynecology hospital for B -ultrasound to determine whether you are pregnant and abnormal.

Determine the baby’s childcare women after pregnancy, you should obey the obstetrician’s doctor’s advice. Do not overwork, take more rest, and do a good job of health care and delivery during pregnancy; if you are a woman who has to end pregnancy, you must choose a professional and regular womanThe obstetric hospital performs surgery to protect the ability to re -pregnancy.

May 2: endocrine disorders

In the case of determining that it is not pregnancy, it is necessary to consider whether the menstruation caused by endocrine disorders caused by gynecological diseases is delayed.Women’s endocrine disorders are very harmful. Endometriosis, polycystic ovary syndrome, premature ovarian function, and part of breast disease are all caused by endocrine disorders. Especially the first three gynecological diseases can easily lead to female infertility.Make high attention.

Therefore, women with childbearing age should go to a professional obstetrics and gynecology hospital to check the B -ultrasound and hormone measurement in time without pregnancy, clarify the cause of diagnosis and treat them in time.

May three: mental factors cause stress

Dr. Tang introduced that, in addition to the above two possibilities, psychological factors such as mental tension, excessive exhaustion, excessive pressure, and environmental changes can cause delay of menstruation.In this case, it is often accompanied by breast bloating, upset, disturbing, and depression. Generally, no treatment is required, but sometimes menstruation has been postponed, and Chinese medicine can be taken for dialectical conditioning.

After finding that they are small or abortion, the menstrual flow becomes very much compared with the previous, and it seriously affects their daily life. In the face of this situation, many women are very scared.Is it too much menstrual flow and accompanied by abdominal pain, then go to the hospital to go to the hospital in time.

There are many reasons that cause menstruation, such as qi stagnation blood, excessive fatigue, and physical deficiency.Usually pay attention to rest, do not over -fatigue, and ensure comfortable mood.If menstruation does not come for a long time, it is best to go to the hospital’s gynecology detailed examination.What you encounter a problem, please leave me a message, I will answer it for you.

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