Three families shrouded in the tragedy of the "Chongqing sister and brother falling"

Surging news reporter Xie Yinzong

The case of the Chongqing sister and brother’s death was sentenced on May 11th, and the Chongqing Senior People’s Court ruled that the appeal was rejected and the original sentence was maintained.The rulings of Zhang Bo and Ye Chengchen reported to the Supreme People’s Court for approval in accordance with the law.

On November 2, 2020, Zhang Bo, who lives in Jinjiang Washington, South Bank of Chongqing, dropped his daughter Xuexue (pseudonym) and the 1 -year -old son Yang Yang (a pseudonym) from the 15th floor, causing two children to die.The South Bank Police investigations found that in addition to Zhang Bo, the suspect of the intentional homicide also had his girlfriend Ye Chengchen.

After the trial of the Fifth Intermediate People’s Court of Chongqing, the first trial was made on December 28, 2021. Zhang Bo and Ye Chengchen were guilty of intentional homicide and were sentenced to death and depriving political rights for life.The two were not convinced to make an appeal to the Chongqing High Court.

Since the surging news reported on July 4, 2021, he has contacted three families in the three families in the case of his sister and brother, trying to try his best to restore the three families shrouded in the tragedy.

On November 2, 2020, two young children fell from the 15th floor of the 15th floor of the 4th building of Jinjiang Washington, Nan’an District, Chongqing.Surging news reporter Xie Yinzong’s information map

The grandmother Cao Meimei (pseudonym) of the two victims of the child told Peng Mei News that after the incident, their homes would actually collapse.Suffer pain.

Zhang Bo’s family originally hired a lawyer for him. After the lawyer met, he learned that Zhang Bo killed the two children, Zhang Bo’s family wrote a letter to scold Zhang Bo and dismiss the lawyer.Zhang Bo’s mother originally rented a house near the crime community and was often reprimanded by other owners.The neighbor of his hometown said that after Zhang Bo killed his children, his mother washed his face with tears when he mentioned the matter.

Ye Mouchen and Zhang, suspected of intentional homicide.Interviewee confession

Since 2021, Surging News has been going to Changshou Ye Chengchen’s family many times to try to contact his parents, but has never knocked on his house.People familiar with the matter said that in an interview with other media, Ye Chengchen’s mother kneeling to apologize to Chen Meilin, the mother of the two victims.

"Never spare you"

Cao Meili still remembers the scene of Xuexue and Yangyang on the afternoon of November 2, 2020.That afternoon, she received a call from her daughter Chen Meilin.

On the other side of the phone, Chen Meilin cried before Chen Meilin said.

"What’s wrong?" Cao Meili asked anxiously.

Originally, her husband Chen Zhongjun (pseudonym) had a 58th birthday that day. The family planned to go out to eat and celebrate the birthday that night. Their couple were preparing to clean up.

"Xuexue and Yangyang had an accident, it fell from the 15th floor, and now rescued in the hospital." Chen Meilin squeezed out this sentence.

"How could it fall from the 5th floor?" Cao Meimei asked Chen Meilin.

"The 15th floor was fell from the 15th floor." When I heard the 15th floor, Cao Meili’s heart mentioned his throat."I think most of the children are very dangerous."

Subsequently, Cao Meili and her husband hurriedly drove from the home in Dashiba, Jiangbei.

As soon as I entered the emergency room of the hospital, Cao Meili saw Zhang Bo, who was squatting in the corner’s dull eyes. Cao Meili said angrily: "Zhang Bo, the baby must be killed, I will never spare you this time."

Cao Meili told Peng Mei News that Zhang Bo and Chen Meilin fell in love in 2016, and she knew it after a long time after talking.At the beginning, she and her husband both opposed her daughter and Zhang Bo."Mainly, I think that Chen Meilin’s understanding of Zhang Bo is not deep enough. The cultural level of the two is relatively different. The period of love may be fine, but it is easy to have problems when the relationship is flat."

After communicating with her daughter, Cao Meili failed to persuade Chen Meilin. Cao Meimei, who knew her daughter’s temper, did not stop the two from exchanges. She hoped that her daughter could withdraw through the problem through communication.

But things are contrary to their wishes. Not only did they not break up, Chen Meilin had not married and had children in 2017.For Cao Meili, it is undoubtedly a big blow. "Unmarried and having children violate the bottom line of our family. I advise her to resolutely kill her children, otherwise her father knew it."

"Meilin said that after all, Zhang Bo said he would be responsible for her." Cao Meili said that she and her husband opposed them together, not because Zhang Bo was born in rural areas.Human."Now that I am responsible for you, after getting married, it is a pot and pans."

Chen Meilin insisted that Zhang Bo would be good to her. Cao Meili and her husband felt that "the children and grandchildren have their own children and grandchildren, and the daughter grew up. His parents gave reasonable suggestions and could not listen to the child’s choice."

In August 2017, Zhang Bo and Chen Meilin registered for marriage.Because of his anger, Chen Meilin’s father, Chen Zhongjun, did not attend the parents before marriage.

Because of the surgery of thyroid cancer, Cao Meili was lying in the operating room and failed to witness her daughter’s wedding on November 11, 2017.Wedding scene.

Cao Meili said that at the beginning of the marriage, Zhang Bo was "still possible" to Chen Meilin, and people were smart.Shortly after Xuexue was born, in order to take care of her children, Chen Meilin took Xuexue back to her mother’s house.

Soon after her daughter was full, Chen Meilin was found to be pregnant again.Cao Meili’s attitude was extremely resolute this time, opposing the child, but the pre -abortion examination of the hospital changed the decision."The two of them were intended to have two. The doctor said that the abortion is likely to have extreme conditions that may need to be removed, and Meilin gave up abortion."

In early 2019, after Chen Meilin’s second child was born, her marriage with Zhang Bo was as predicted by her parents.

"I told Meilin‘ Zhang Bo was definitely someone outside ’.” Cao Meili said that her daughter also maintained saying that “Zhang Bo was not like that” at that time.

But soon Chen Meilin was beaten by reality. Around April 2019, Zhang Bo filed a divorce with Chen Meilin with his feelings, and concealed his marriage and a son to pursue netizens Ye Chengchen. Around August 2019, Zhang Bo and Ye ChengchenEstablish love relationship.

Chen Meilin begged Zhang Bo to "give the two children a complete family", but Zhang Bo was insulted by "I see you seeing you a few more minutes".On February 26, 2020, the two agreed to divorce.As a cancer patient, Cao Meili could only try to take care of Xuexue, and Yang Yang left his grandmother to the age of 6, and then returned to Chen Meilin to raise it.

For Chen Meilin’s divorce, Cao Meili said that she was very happy from her heart.In her opinion, her daughter’s first marriage is not perfect, and it is better to divorce in time.

On October 25, 2020, Zhang Bo’s mother contacted Chen Meilin and asked her to send Xuexue to the South Bank, saying that Zhang Bo wanted to buy clothes for her daughter.This made Cao Meimei feel uneasy at the time.

"Two babies have never been concerned about since childhood." Cao Meili said that at that time, the idea in her heart was "the sun came out of the west", "Suddenly concerned, is Zhang Bo’s key baby", Chen Meilin sent it.When the child went out, she deliberately told her daughter to follow the child.On the same day, Xuexue returned safely.

The evidence of the case confirmed Cao Meili’s concerns. Before and after Zhang Bo’s divorce in February 2020, Ye Chengchen began to tell Zhang Bo that his parents could not accept the fact that he had a child, and they could not be together with children.The two murdered the two children when they met longevity.The two seek to kill children through interviews, WeChat chat, etc., and agreed to kill Xuexue and Yang in an unexpectedly high way.

Less than a week before the last time the child was picked up. On November 1, 2020, Zhang Bo once again drove to the Dashiba floor to pick up Xuexue. This time, Cao Meili’s doubt was even more integrated.Considering that Zhang Bo was the child’s biological father, although Chen Meilin refused Zhang Bo to pick up the child, she still drove Xuexue to her grandma’s house.

Because his parents and Zhang Bo did not want to meet again, Chen Meilin planned to pick up Xuexue himself.However, because she entertainment was late on the day, she was told by Zhang Bo to sleep when she went to pick up her child.The next afternoon, she received the bad news of the child’s accident.

Cao Meili said that when the child had an accident, she firmly thought that it was not an accident, and the child must have killed Zhang Bo."At that time, Zhang Bo’s family advised me to say‘ how is this ’.”

The family is suffering from three mouths,

Pain will accompany the rest of your life

Shortly after the child had an accident, Zhang Bo was captured by the police.

Cao Meili said that Yangyang was in the grandma’s house for a long time, but Xuexue was raised by them. Their feelings for Xuexue were more like a little daughter, not the granddaughter of the intergeneration.

"Mainly Meilin was brought by her in -laws. I also wanted to cultivate Xuexue into an excellent child." Smart Xuexue did not disappoint them, and when he was 2 years old, he could recite many Tang poems.

In Cao Meili’s memory, the experience with Xuexue is beautiful. They will play with Xuexue and Yangye when they have time, and they basically leave their footprints in the scenic spots around Chongqing.

But after the accident, this beauty is also an unforgettable pain."We basically don’t dare to go to these attractions now. As soon as we go to mind, the children are playing with the pictures of the children, and tears will not stop flowing."

The originally warm home, because there are children everywhere, Cao Meili dare not dare to be at home. As long as he is at home, he will think of the child, and then cry without stopping.Fortunately, her husband retired in 2022 and usually accompany her at home. "Otherwise, I would really be crazy."

Chen Zhongjun speaks more straightforward. He and his daughter Chen Meilin often conflict without speculation.This man who is not good at expressing his heart is to keep strong in front of his wife and daughter.When smoking in private, he also expressed his inner pain. "The day of the child was my birthday. In the past two years, I greeted my comrades. Don’t wish me a happy birthday. That is my forever pain in my life."

Cao Meili said that shortly after the child had an accident, a colorful dragonfly flew at home, like Xuexue wearing flower clothes.She said to the Dragonfly, "你, are you back to see your grandmother?" This dragonfly has not flew away in their house. After the dragonfly died, she preserved it in a box.Later, the beautiful birds, butterflies, and so on at home, Cao Meili always felt that Xuexue and Yang Yang came back.

In January this year, Zhang Bo wrote three letters one letter and asked Chen Meilin for forgiveness.Surging news reporter Xie Yinzongtu

In addition to the thoughts of Xuexue and Yangyang, Cao Meili and his wife also worried that Chen Meilin collapsed under the pressure of thought.Since the incident, every year on the New Year’s Eve, other people’s Happy Orchestra meets at home, because Chen Meilin, who miss the child, may collapse at any time.On New Year’s Eve this year, the family went to Tiantai Temple to see two children. After returning home, Chen Meilin suddenly mood out of control and thought about the child.Thinking of the extreme behavior that her daughter had done in the past, the Cao Meili couple drove Chen Meilin to travel all the way to Yunnan on the first day of her New Year.

Regarding the results of Zhang Bo and Ye Chengchen’s death penalty, Cao Meili, Chen Zhongjun and Chen Meilin said that this is just a little more improving them. Only after the death penalty is reviewed, the stone in her heart will land.In the days waiting for the judgment, their days were suffered every day.However, the pain in their hearts will always be there, and they will accompany them for the rest of their lives.

Chen Meilin Douyin Screenshot

Destroy others and destroy their own home

Zhang Bo’s hometown is nearly 20 kilometers away from Ye Chengchen’s food factory, all of which are Gelan Town, Changshou District, Chongqing.

Zhang Bo’s hometown is located in the outskirts of the Twenty -four -three -nation Road. The house on the first floor was built with his father and his uncle.The cement wall without painting has been mottled.

The nearby residents told Peng Mei News that Zhang Bo’s family conditions were poor. His parents were working outside. After graduating from elementary school, he did not study again.After Zhang Bo left home, the residents didn’t know much about him.Before Zhang Bo got married, his father died of illness.After that, his mother had lived in her hometown for a while. After Xuexue was born, she also returned to Changshou to do wine.

Zhang Bo’s family is located in the longevity hometown.Surging news reporter Xie Yinzong

"Zhang Bo’s father -in -law feels very kind and can be done. When he came back to do wine, his mother -in -law was making children." The villagers said that Zhang Bo had a sister. After the incident, they couldn’t believe that Zhang Bo killed himself.Children.

Zhang Bo’s sister sent a message to Chen Meilin after the incident. The information wrote, "I really can’t believe this matter. I really don’t know if such a thing happens (Note: How) say that we have only known recently that we have only known recently that we have only known recently that we have only known recently that we have only known recentlyI also wrote a letter and asked him. He now feels that he is not a thing and regrets it, but there is no regret medicine in the world. He will punish him if he does such a law. "

The villagers said that Zhang Bo’s mother Liu Huawei (pseudonym) is a honest rural woman, but it is easy to bring a little dirty word when speaking. After Zhang Bo buy a house in Chongqing, Liu Huawei also lives in Chongqing.Others will return home when there is a red and white affairs in the villages and villages.

"After the incident, as long as his mother returned to his hometown and mentioned this, he couldn’t stop crying. Later, no one would like to mention the matter with her. Listening to her herself, she originally rented it near the scene of the crime scene.The house, but the owners learned that Zhang Bo’s afterwards thought that her family taught was not strict, and she accused her of having to move. "The villagers said that Zhang Bo not only destroyed others, but also destroyed her home, letting her older older olderMother has nowhere to stand.

People familiar with the matter told Peng Mei News that Zhang Bo’s family had originally hired a lawyer for him. After meeting with the lawyer, he learned that Zhang Bo killed the two children, and Zhang Bo’s family wrote and scolded Zhang Bo and dismissed the lawyer.In addition, because of the high level of culture, in fact, in the end of Zhang Bo’s cognition, only two ways to kill children or Ye Chengchen committed suicide in front of him can be selected, so he killed himself under the pressing of Ye ChengchenTwo children.Judging from the entire crime time, Zhang Bo has been looking for various reasons to push off the crime, but when Zhang Bo did not commit crimes on November 1, 2020, Ye Chengchen had threatened suicide in the Changshou District with a jumper.EssenceIn the end, the child was killed on November 2.

The people who are familiar with Zhang Bo feel that Zhang Bo and Ye Chengchen come together. They should feel that the Ye family is rich than his ex -wife’s house.

Chen Meilin also told Peng Mei News that before the divorce, Zhang Bo told her that "we are not all the way, I am a person who pursues wealth and nobles."

According to industrial and commercial information, although Ye Chengchen was still a shareholder of food factory founded by his parents, in the surging news interview in 2021, the leaders of the food factory said that the food plant had been sold.In the industrial and commercial information, some patents in the food factory have indeed been transferred to other companies in the food factory.

Since July 2021, Surging News has many times to Ye Chengchen’s home in Changshou District to try to contact the interview, but never knocks on their door.

The surging news learned from other channels that after the pronouncement of the first instance, Ye Chengchen’s mother had been interviewed by the media. Because at the time, Ye Chengchen never apologized to Chen Meilin and her family after the incident, so her mother was when she saw the media when she saw the media., Kneel kneeling to Chen Meilin the first time.

Before the second trial was pronounced, Surging News once again contacted Ye Chengchen’s family through the middleman, hoping to interview it, and eventually it was unsuccessful.

"If it wasn’t for Ye Chengchen so forced Zhang Bo, the two children would definitely not die." Cao Meili said, if that, how good the day is, unfortunately there is no if there is no.

Source: Surging News

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