Three months of pregnancy, the Ningbo woman found that her husband was full of debt: it fell into the trap in this way

It is said that when you talk about money hurting your feelings, but if you do n’t talk about money, you may become a big problem after marriage!After entering the marriage hall, some talents found that they had little understanding of the other half.Recently, after a woman in Ningbo got married and became pregnant, she found that her husband’s debt was exhausted, and his life could not breathe, which caused a lot of heated discussion among netizens …

I talked with my boyfriend for three years. Until I got married and married, I was immersed in happiness. After learning about the man’s debt, my beautiful marriage life was broken.Netizen @Yuntoukeji recently posted on the forum for help and caused heated discussions:

Donglun netizens posted:

After talking to him for more than three years, I have been together since college. At that time, it was really beautiful.He will take me to watch the concert, take me to the Potala Palace in my dream, I can’t move climbing Mount Tai. He will carry me back. I can’t see the fireworks. He let me sit on his shoulders and lift it up.I.We will go to the barbecue stalls on the roadside in the middle of the night, just because I am hungry.Until I got married, I have been immersed in happiness, but now, the beauty has disappeared!

I found a court ticket, and I learned that he owed a lot of money, and Li Tanli had no ability to pay back. This subpoena was just one of them.

It turned out that he borrowed money every year before marriage and borrowed from the bank. The bank could not borrow it.If you ask more, you will throw me a word: We are a family now, I don’t have it yet, you can help me get it first. I will make it in the future.

I was like five thunder, and he lied to me, and it was irresponsible to the children in my stomach!The big cake is good, I just fell into the trap you dug to me!

For the sake of children, I can ignore the reason. I think our marriage is still saved. I have borrowed it in my mother’s family, but I can’t fill in his holes!Do you want my parents to sell your house and pay you debt!what do I do?It’s really crazy!

Heated discussion among netizens: Before marriage, it is too important!

@Zhejiang C_ Chen Ming: Didn’t you find it for three years?In addition to marriage inspections before marriage, the credit also checks it, avoid risks, go to the People’s Bank of China, or search for inquiries such as Yiyi or E Zhaotong on WeChat.

@诺: It is estimated that the years of chasing women have borrowed money to spend. The longer the interest I borrowed, the higher the interest … There is no future, and there are no future.Then, then

@Hellokity: Don’t pay back to his debt without knowing the root cause of the problem!

@: For three years, it has been immersed in love?Then pay for your chaos.

@: I still need to know how much!

Some netizens believe that timely stop loss

@NBCCTV-1974: This kind of man must not marry, hurry up, unable to borrow money everywhere, and don’t consider the consequences. Such men will not change their lives in their lives.

@: Divorce in hundreds of thousands, just 100,000

@cbxz128: Don’t say past things, I suggest: resolutely stop loss, resolute and resolute!The child also decided to stay by themselves, or stayed by themselves.

@vane1985: You are stupid. Such an unspeakable man has endless troubles. The child beats hard and divorced!You still have hope to silence uu in the next half of your life

@Uu: What about the other parents?Attitude is also important.In any case, it is recommended to stop loss in time, so you can feed enough youth.

@179: No longer stop loss, you will be very tired in your life.

If debt is arising before marriage, then it is considered as personal debt in principle, which has nothing to do with the other party.Even after marriage, I knew the other party’s debt before marriage, and there was no need to pay the responsibility of the other party’s pre -marital debt after marriage.If it is the debt after marriage, in principle, it will be identified as the common debt of husband and wife.

Article 1064 of the People’s Republic of China

The husband and wife signed the joint signature or the husband and wife’s afterwards, and agreed to express their negative debts, as well as the debt that the husband and wife should be held in their daily life during the daily life of the marriage relationship.During the marriage relationship, the husband and wife side exceeded the debt that the family’s daily life needs was exceeded during the duration of the marriage.except.

Xiaobian believes that once you plan to enter the marriage hall, in addition to remembering a marriage check before marriage, you should also openly confess your assets and debt issues. Although it is emotionally rational, it is more conducive to the harmony of the future marriage life in the future.EssenceFeelings can’t just talk about money, but you can’t help but talk about money!

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Source: Oriental Hotline

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