Tiger’s pregnancy is very bumpy.

Xiaohu Information Birthday: April 15, 2012, Gender: Naturally, girl hobby: Xiao Gong Wang played balls to sleep, eat, etc., fear: take a bath, take a bath!IntersectionThere is also something that I have never seen before, personality: Gentle and coquettish and unity are more indifferent to strangers

Tiger was not willing to let the birth still feel like a child before the age of two, so when I was more than two years old, I was worthy of twice for 10 days and 12 days.When the goods should be picky when they are picky, they should eat everything when they are pregnant. As for the nipples and stomachs, then when I think I think I am pregnant, I naturally feel that it is right.When it is old, I feel that I have lost my hopes of vomiting and vomiting my meals every morning. I vomited two days in the morning. I hope to continue to be delicious, delicious, and then.EssenceEssenceThere is no just cheating paper.

Finally, this time, it is still a baby to summer, but I dare to wait again!IntersectionIntersectionIt must be matched with the air conditioner of the delivery room. It is still time to get in estrus. It ’s time to take a bath pet shop the day before. I also said that it seemed to be in estrus. Touch it. It was found that there was a ray of red in the fart.The peach was wiped out without feeling speculative, not waiting for a day to get up and found a lot of blood. Hahaha is finally excited to give me up. Staring at it every day, I was afraid that I could finally match the tenth day.The problem is here again. It ’s too big to have two husbands. If you do n’t match it, you can put the tiger. When you try it at night, you can change the other male Wang.Go!I was so happy that I felt a heart disease, and then I took a walk with a dog to take a walk for the second time with the second match. Finally, the dog was completed.The experience of passing the empty nest continues.

Little Tiger 3 to 28 days of pregnancy

Began to pick up eaters. First, mix wet food and eat and eat less consumption. Even if there are wet grains inside, there is no way to get on the killer Wo Wo Toujun ~

Method: Cut the broccoli purple and blue cut shattered (cut into headache each time)

Potato carrot is cut into steamed pan and steamed after steaming into mud

Beef chicken milk is crushed and cooked (I did n’t cook it at the beginning, and then I knew that I wanted to cook the oil)

After putting them together, add two eggs and stir well. After pinching into a ball, you can grab a ball and pinch with both hands and falling with each other.

Finally, steam the water for half an hour after boiling the water

The steamed photos are not on haha.

I don’t know much about the belly. I look at the body widening and lay down from the top.

Tiger and its ball hahaha hahaha

It likes a little male Wang.EssenceIt’s really so small, but who doesn’t love it to see the expression of Xiao Gong Wang, it is created

After raising a small tiger for a long time, I found that the observation of dogs is really unnamed after all. After all, the focus of their lives is that your brains are always turning every day, just like I usually talk to my old sister before walking the dog.Dog?Later, I found that after saying that one day, Huzi started to get up in the yard, or usually love to mumble the chain when looking for it?It also gave it a signal of the dog and standing in the place where the chain was placed. I usually love to talk to it.What about your ball?Later, when I found that it was said, it would find it. Some things were not that you deliberately taught it how to do it. It was always learning slowly, and it was a kind of tacit understanding between you accumulated.Just like your family accompanies you to give you happiness. Raising dogs must be responsible for raising it to the end, and also to learn how to educate a dog. It will bring more and more surprises it will bring you.

The recent tiger is usually like this

The mud claw dugs the old hole

Three little guys, one male, two mother, and two white bars, the largest little boy Wang, one and a half pounds, it is really enough

Little Tiger gave birth to three big babies at more than two:30 in the morning of August 14th at 2:30 am. Last night was really the most tense night in my life.I immediately called the doctor to let the doctor let the doctor take it. I arrived at the hospital at more than twelve o’clock. First, I did B -ultrasound amnamifared. There was no Xiao Wang stopped the heartbeat directly. I heard the news.Little life is still very lively in the morning, but now I stop my heartbeat and I don’t know what else is, so I check the blood test and check to see the body supports the cesarean section. I want to consume a little more time.When the test results come out, the doctor takes out the surgery list and ask what kind of anesthesia we want?We ask what is the difference between him. He said that the safety of breathing anesthesia is relatively high. We are particularly anxious and quickly say that the doctor is still explaining that the price is better than that.Just good

Then prepare an infusion injections for Huzi before surgery.

Touching Xiaohu anesthes anesthetic watching it softened and shattered, and then waiting outside the operating room. If we think about it, there will be a living and bad situation.In half, the doctor called us to come and come soon

Then running in quickly, in fact, the nervous legs ran in softly at the time. What I saw was another countertop full of toilet paper with a little Wang’s placenta with the umbilical cord movement, and the mouth was purple.It is said that you can wipe it with toilet paper and think about it. Although it is hung up, it will make people walk cleanly and wipe it calmly. At this time, I will hold the second nurse and say quickly!I said it is still alive?She said of course alive and quickly scratch it to stimulate its nerves

Oops, I bombed me and my older sister shook her hands and held a bunch of toilet paper holding Xiao Wang with a wipe and rubbing them with a weak cry. At this time, the third one came out of the green color.EssenceEssenceI often wipe and wipe, and I did n’t move. I ca n’t take care of the older sister. Then the nurse came over and picked up the miserable and unscrupulous laughter that they screamed for a few times.Go out and continue wiping

Xiaohu sewed inside

In the end, Xiaohu was hugged and not completely awake.

Then I saw that Xiao Wang was curious when I heard it, and Xiao Wang first hugged Xiaohu Xiaohu and didn’t see it before he would go out and give it out to see it.You can still bite them and can only touch Xiaohu secretly let Xiao Wang eat Xiaohu and did not refuse to hope that everything can be better.

Xiaohu’s state is not bad, although it is a lot of time, but you need good news

I also drank catfish soup

I heard that there was a roar in the outside and still ran out.

Stealing a lazy interception in the small video

Three photos that are being jailbreak are now jailbreak, getting more and more, and immediately changed the third box.

Historic step

A messy second girl


Netizens share the family with pets

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