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Xinhua News Agency, Tokyo, July 28 (Reporter Su Bin, Yi Ling, Xiao Yazhuo) The Olympic Games never lacks thrilling competitive scenes, and also witnessed countless touching moments.Among them, such a group of athletes have a heavy identity because they are pursuing the dream of the Olympic Games, which is particularly admirable -they are athletes and mothers.

At the ongoing Tokyo Olympics, these "mother players" struggled and pursuing excellence inspired hundreds of millions of sports fans around the world.

1. Wu Jingyu (China, Taekwondo)

In the history of the world Taekwondo, Wu Jingyu was the first female athlete to participate in the 4th Olympic Games.At the age of 34, she picked gold twice at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and the 2012 London Olympics.At this Olympic Games, although Wu Jingyu finally stopped resurrection, she still gained the respect of sports fans and even the chairman of the International Olympic Committee Bach.

"Now, I can accept my retirement." Wu Jingyu said with tears after losing the game on the 24th.At the same time, she also sent a blessing to her daughter: "Mom and dad will always love you and live in your own hands. We hope you bravely pursue everything you want."

On July 24, Wu Jingyu (left) and Pogdanovic were in the game.Xinhua News Agency reporter Xu Zijian Photo

At the 2016 Rio Olympics, Wu Jingyu ranked seventh, and then she chose to retire and gave birth to a daughter in 2017.Just half a year later, she made an amazing decision -return to the field.

"The first two months after returning are very difficult. My body is like a scattered, and even running is very strenuous, let alone kicking high." Wu Jingyu said in a 2020 interview when he said that time said that time said.Essence

In addition to the athlete’s identity, Wu Jingyu is also the position of vice chairman of the Chinese Taekwondo Association.She also hopes that they can return their loved careers to their loved careers.

2. Liu Hong (China, track and field)

Liu Hong’s experience is similar to Wu Jingyu. The same 34 -year -old, also left the field behind the honor, and chose to come back after becoming a mother.

Originally, Liu Hong intends to say goodbye to the field after the end of the Tokyo Olympics, but because the epidemic caused the Olympic Games, Liu Hong was in a dilemma -she was not sure if she could persist for another year.

However, Liu Hong did it with her tenacity.In March 2021, at the National Return Championship and Olympic Games Tournament, she and her teammate Yang Jiayu both broke the world record.

"Now, the Tokyo Olympic Games is the main goal, and I don’t want too much about it later." Liu Hong said.

On March 20, Guangdong team player Liu Hong (first from left) was in the game.Photo by Huang Bohan, a reporter from Xinhua News Agency

3. Alex Morgan (US, football)

The Tokyo Olympic Games is the third time that Morgan, 32, has embarked on the Olympic Games, and is the first time that she has participated in her mother.In May 2020, she and her husband Carasto ushered in her daughter Xia Li.

Before departing to Tokyo, Morgan wrote on social media: "This month, I will miss my baby daughter. Xia Li, I will make it all worth it."

"I feel that my physical condition is better than before pregnancy. I feel the changes in my body, and it is a good change." Morgan said in an interview with the official website of FIFA.

4. Alson Felix (American, track and field)

American track and field star Felix is about to participate in her 5th Olympic Games.Previously, she had won 9 medals.When she came to Tokyo, she was expected to break the record of 10 Olympic medals in the legendary star Carl Lewis, becoming the most track and field athletes who won the Olympic medal in American history.

In November 2018, Felix ushered in his daughter Kamlin.She hopes to return to the Olympic Games as her mother to prove to the world that women can still break their records after giving birth.

"I hope to let the successors see the different side of (female), which requires us to spur ourselves to keep moving forward and fight for ourselves!" Felix said.

5. Anfraze (Jamaica, track and field)

In August 2017, the six Olympic medal winner Fraser ushered in his son, Si An.At that time, Fraser wrote "I hope I can be the best mothers" in social media.

At the Tokyo Olympic Games, Fraser looked forward to boarding podiums in women’s 100m and 200 meters.

On August 16, 2008, Jamaica player Xieli-Anfraze watched the records after the second round of the women’s 100m.Xinhua News Agency reporter Chen Jianli


When he came to Tokyo, Oshanaka had set a history -she became the first African female athlete to participate in the 7th Olympic Games, and she was also the first female athlete in the history of table tennis to participate in the 7th Olympic Games.

"I feel that I am the happiest woman in the world today. I still can’t believe it, just like dreaming." Oshanek, who was already the mother of the two children, said after obtaining the "admission ticket" of the Tokyo Olympics.

In the women’s singles game on the 24th, Osuo Naya lost to a American player to stop the qualification competition.


The 46 -year -old gymnastic general, Chosovica, is a legend in Olympic history.

From 1992, he participated in the conjunctive athletes, to representing Uzbekistan, and then because his son was cured to German nationality, and finally resumed Uzbekistan’s nationality.

In 2002, Chosovica’s 3 -year -old son was diagnosed with leukemia. She changed the seller and participated in the competition.

On July 25, Chusovkina tried to the audience after the game.Xinhua News Agency reporter Cao Can

In order to have higher income and better medical conditions, Chosovica transferred to Germany, representing Germany in the World Competition.In the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Chosovica won the silver medal of the women’s jumping horse and returned the help of Germany to her. That year, she was 33 years old.The story of "You haven’t cured, I don’t dare to grow old" moved countless people.

After the son was sick, Chusovinna still chose to fight on the field. This time, she supported her to continue to move forward.In the Yuming Stadium in Tokyo, 46 -year -old Chosovinna stood on the gymnastics field she loved, and competed in the same field as the players who were similar to their son.

After regretting stopping the qualifying match, there were no audiences at the scene, but thunderous applause broke out.The referees, volunteers, and media workers present were applauding and paid tribute to the great athletes who interpreted the spirit of the Olympic Games throughout their lives.

Edit: Zheng Zhi, Huang Xuguo, Wu Junkuan, Lu Yanxin (internship)

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