Too shameless!After the woman was pregnant, she found that her boyfriend was married, and also dated 3 girlfriends

Online dating is risky!It is difficult for you to distinguish online dating with you, is it a wolf wearing sheepskin?

I advise all the single sisters not to dating easily, let’s take a look at Ms. Liu’s recent encounter.

Ms. Liu was 30 years old. A few months ago, she met a man on the Internet. The fun and humor of men attracted Ms. Liu. They talked with each other.

Ms. Liu also asked whether the men were single, and the man told him that he was indeed single.At first sight, they met and hated late, and they quickly established a relationship.

When Ms. Liu was in love with the man, they also had a relationship quickly. When the relationship occurred, the men did not take contraceptive measures and promised that if they were pregnant, they would ask.The man of the heart is a warm man, so he paid without any defense.

Soon after the relationship, Ms. Liu found that she was pregnant and told the man that the man did not expect that the man had changed his face and changed his previous "warm man" attitude. He even told Ms. Liu that he was married and asked Ms. Liu to kill her children.

Ms. Liu also got a even more surprising news. The man admitted that he was married and also had three girlfriends at the same time. This is undoubtedly the scumbag!Too shameless.

The warm man became a scumbag. Ms. Liu was helpless, but she could only accept reality, but about the compensation of the fetus, Ms. Liu and the man had different differences.

If you discuss well before the fetus, it will pay 80,000 yuan after the fetus, but Ms. Liu said that she only received 10,000 yuan from the men’s transfer, and did not receive the remaining 70,000 yuan.

Ms. Liu reluctantly wanted to mediate through the news media staff, and also hoped to expose the man’s abominable behavior.

When the staff was looking for the man, he said that in fact, the remaining 70,000 yuan had been handed over to Ms. Liu in the form of cash, and said that Ms. Liu was an extortion of the current behavior and would consider suing Ms. Liu.

Ms. A Ling said that she did not receive 70,000 yuan from the men’s remaining, and the man could not provide evidence that had been given money.

Regarding who is lying, there is no conclusion for a while, let us continue to pay attention to the development of the incident.

Today, Ms. Liu lamented that she was not encountering her own person. Not only was she who was deceived by the scumbag and she was pregnant and was pregnant. When she was tire, she found that she was an ectopic pregnancy. She had to cut off her tubes.Damage will affect future pregnancy, and the chance of pregnancy will be reduced by 50%.

Ms. Liu said that he regrets it very much now, hoping to use his own experience to persuade all unmarried women, and you must polish your eyes when looking for a boyfriend.Be sure to find out the details of the other party, but don’t be deceived like her!

What do you think about this?I am the three aunts in the neighboring village. Welcome to comment.

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