Tooth extraction during pregnancy can cause fetal malformations?Don’t be deceived, 4 tricks teach you to care for your teeth!

Generally speaking, expectant mothers must check their mouths before preparing or pregnancy to deal with oral problems.During pregnancy, pregnant mothers are more prone to oral problems than others because of changes in hormone levels, because toothache may also affect appetite, which will affect the absorption of the fetus in the stomach.If you are extracted in the first or early or late pregnancy, you may have to bear a certain risk, but it is not to say that you must endure the problem of not dealing with your teeth when you are pregnant.

The following will answer related questions such as washing teeth, tooth extraction, and hemp medicine during pregnancy.

1. Can I watch teeth during pregnancy?

sure.Normal oral disease treatment can be performed during pregnancy, which does not cause damage to the baby.Simple tooth tonic, tooth washing, etc. can be carried out at any time as long as the physiological state of pregnant women and babies is healthy.Doctors generally recommend treatment in the second trimester, because the fetus at this time is relatively stable and it is not easy to cause accidents.

2. Can I take anesthetic and tooth extraction during pregnancy?

no problem.Many people are worried that tingling medicine will affect the baby, so cavities and wisdom teeth can only endure.In fact, this is more likely to cause infection and even abortion.In the early stages of teeth, pain, or symptoms of tooth inflammation of the teeth in the early stages of pregnancy, generally choose conservative treatment to relieve pain.If the treatment is not effective, further treatment will be performed, and general doctors will choose to be carried out around April from April to June.

For a problem that can be used, because oral surgery is used in oral surgery, and the amount is very small.Study statistics this does not cause fetal malformation and organ damage.Of course, if you choose to perform surgery, you still have to consult a doctor and obey the doctor’s instructions for treatment.

3. How to maintain oral and prevent oral diseases during pregnancy?

1. Try to use fluoride toothpaste, brush your teeth in the morning and evening, remember to rinse your mouth after meals, or clean it with dental floss;

2. Pregnant women need balanced nutrition. Do not blindly supplement the meat. Protein and vitamins must also be arranged;

3. Eat the food with high sugar as much as possible, because high sugar foods not only affect blood sugar and weight, but also may affect oral health;

4. The most important point, remember to brush your teeth when you confine!If you don’t clean it a month, your oral cavity is likely to become a bacteria of bacteria.

In general, during pregnancy, oral diseases can be treated. The important thing is to actively take a doctor and follow the doctor’s advice!Once the teeth pain occurs, the pregnant mother must not bear it anymore. This will not only affect the mother’s health, but also endanger the safety of the baby!

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