Toothache takes medicine to get pregnant, can the baby still ask?

Fans’ "faint wind" (pseudonym) asked: Dr. Fu Fu was pregnant for more than 20 days, took a film a few days ago, and took a medicine for toothache. Does it affect the child?

Let’s talk about toothache and shoot movies.Everything is poisonous, as long as the dosage is sufficient.The American Radiation Society clearly states that the dosage of a single -diagnostic X -ray examination can not cause doses that can cause fetal damage at all.Therefore, I hope these female friends will not worry too much.

Specifically, the X -threaded radio dose received by the fetus is lower than 50mgy, which will not have a healthy impact on the fetus. Only by receiving an irradiation higher than 100mgy can there be problems.

After receiving a single chest X-ray examination, the irradiated dose of the fetus in the abdomen is only 0.02-0.07mgy, and the X-ray irradiation dose is greater than 100mgy (10rad).However, the diagnostic X -ray examination does not reach the dose, and a ray less than 50mgy (5rad) generally does not cause harm to the fetus. If the pregnant mother has to follow X -ray, this dose and below are relatively safe.

When shooting the chest, the adoption dose of the pregnant mother is far lower than the positive X -ray of the pelvis.Compared with the torso, there are less adverse reactions caused by the exposure of the limbs.

Different gestational weekly, the susceptibility to X -ray radiation is different.For X-rays greater than 100mgy, there may be miscarriage at 3-4 weeks of pregnancy, because at this time, the fertilized eggs are very fragile; contact with 5-10 weeks may cause deformity, because this is the key stage of the development of various organ systems of the embryo;Contact from 11-17 weeks may lead to low IQ or even mental retardation.After 18 weeks of pregnancy, the diagnostic X was checked first, and there was no clear adverse effect on the fetus.

After taking medicine, after the eggs are fertilized, the development of embryos and fetus is divided into three stages: early embryo, embryo period, and fetal stage.

1. In the stage of not sensitive (early embryo): within 2 weeks after fertilization, within 28 days after the last menstruation.

During this period, the impact of drugs on the embryo was "all or none": not the embryo died of death due to the impact of the death dose drug (all), or the fetus was not affected by the drug (none).

During this period, fetal malformations are generally not caused.

2. Sensitive period (embryo period): 3 to 8 weeks after fertilization, that is, 5-10 weeks of pregnancy.

This period is during the differentiation period of embryo organs. The embryo began to differentiate and develop. After being affected by harmful drugs, it can produce morphological abnormalities and cause deformity, called "high -sensitivity period of deformed".

Specifically, if the nerve tissue is 15-25 days after fertilization, the eyes are 24-29 days, the heart is 21-40 days, the limbs are 24-36 days, the genitals are 26-62 days, and the drug is affected by the drug.

3. Low sensitivity period (fetal period): 9 weeks after fertilization, that is, 11 weeks of pregnancy to full month.

This period is the stage of fetal growth, organs development, and perfect function, but the nervous system, reproductive organs, and teeth are still continuing to differentiate, especially the peak of the nervous system differentiation, development and proliferation.

During this period, the influence of drugs mainly involves fetal growth and organ function, such as limited fetal growth, low birth weight, abnormal functional behavior, premature birth, etc.

The fans of the "faint wind" are currently pregnant for more than 20 days. A few days ago, she took a film and took a medicine with toothache. If her pregnancy was more than 20 days of pregnancy, it was calculated from the last menstruation.It is 4 weeks of pregnancy and calculation from the time of the same room, which is 6 weeks of pregnancy.

Drugs that fall within 4 weeks of pregnancy are the role of the baby in the abdomen is all or nothing, nothing or abortion.

Similarly, a large number of clinical evidence in foreign countries shows that in the early pregnancy (note: here is the first 4 weeks of pregnancy, that is, from the first day of the last day of the last menstrual period, it will be accepted by X -rayThere are only two results of the baby’s influence: the first result is that the baby accepts all adverse effects and naturally abortion; the second result is that the baby is not affected by adversely, and naturally grows normally.

What about taking medicine within 6 weeks of pregnancy?It is necessary to look at the instructions of the drug, because this period is a period of differentiation of embryo organs. The embryo began to differentiate and develop. After being affected by harmful drugs, it can produce abnormal morphological abnormalities and is called "high -sensitivity period".

The tooth X filmed at this time, because the dose of a single examination is very small, it naturally has no effect on the baby in the abdomen.

For example, excessive body temperature in the early pregnancy is related to neural tube defects and other birth defects, so it is necessary to give antipyretic treatment.Acetaminol is the preferred antipyretic drug for high fever during pregnancy, and it can also relieve headache and muscle pain. Other antipyretic drugs (such as aspirin, ibuprofen) may have adverse effects on pregnancy.

If this pregnant mother eats acetylphenol, it is safer, but if you eat aspirin or ibuprofen?Need a doctor to calculate the last time of medication for pregnant mothers.

If you fall in a sensitive period, and then look at the nature of the drug, the half -life, reproductive toxicity, and toxic target organs of the drug?Finally, from the perspective of pharmacy, according to the above medication time, comprehensively evaluate the risk of pregnant mothers’ medication to the baby, and give advice to whether they can continue pregnancy.

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