Top 12 small things that should be paid attention to when you are pregnant, how good you have long known

Hello everyone, I am Sun Yan, everyone calls me Jojo.I am a master’s degree in medicine, the attending doctor of obstetrics and gynecology, and the multi -platform health blogger.

For women, pregnant children are one of the most important stages in life. However, many of the original important things are often ignored by everyone, or no one informs, or it is difficult to distinguish between true and false …

If you want to be smooth and comfortable during pregnancy, these knowledge is really indispensable.Today, Jojo will take a look at it for everyone, but those trivial things are crucial!

Olive oil does not prevent stretch marks

Stretch marks are due to the increase in glucocorticoids during pregnancy, causing skin elastic fiber degeneration. When the skin tension is increased, fiber is broken.

Therefore, controlling the appropriate growth during pregnancy, and avoiding too fast weight growth may be an important way to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy.

It is unscientific to rely on olive oil to completely prevent stretch marks.

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Do not wear radiation protection clothes during pregnancy

The radiation that affects the fetus must reach at least 5 to 10 RADs, which is equivalent to 50 continuous abdomen flats.We basically cannot contact such a large amount of radiation in daily life, so there is no need to wear radiation protection uniforms.

If it is a large dose of radiation, the radiation protection effect of pregnant women’s radiation is not available.

The only role of the radiation protection suit is estimated to remind others to give a seat to the pregnant mother in the subway.

Early pregnancy CT has no great impact on the fetus on the fetus

There is no need to do the flow of the chest because of the early pregnancy without knowing it.

For those non -abdominal and pelvic CT scans, fetal radiation exposure is actually very small.

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Even during the pregnancy, when the abdomen is covered, the total radiation exposure is about 2 MGY when the head CT scan is performed, and the radiation exposure of the fetus is 0.10 MGY.

Similar situations include tooth shoots.

I did n’t know about it in the early pregnancy. The radiation of the fetus was small, equivalent to 0.0001 MGY.

These doses are far lower than the teratogenic threshold and are not enough to cause harm to the fetus.

Therefore, girls should not be stupid to be a crowded because they took dental slices or make a chest CT in the early pregnancy!

You can make up during pregnancy

As long as it is a regular product that meets the requirements of the state, as long as it meets the national requirements, it will not affect the fetus.But remember to light makeup and makeup remover.

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Musk bags will not cause abortion

The musk bag was aborted in the TV series, and it was deceiving!

There are also opportunities for delivery during pregnancy

Some mothers with hip positions can be performed outside the hip position under the operation of an experienced obstetrician at 36 weeks of pregnancy, which can turn the fetus into the head position. There is no other vaginal trial taboos, or the vagina can be tried.

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Calcium supplement does not make the placenta calcify

Most of the calcium in the baby’s bones depends on the mother’s reserves in the third trimester. Therefore, remember to supplement calcium in the third trimester, which is very important!Emphasized things three times!

The placental calcification is the normal natural physiological process of the placenta, which is caused by the lock of the fluff, which has nothing to do with the calcium supplementation of the pregnant mother.

Do not eat one person to make up for one person during pregnancy

Generally speaking, a normal weight mothers with a normal weight, the overall heat in the early pregnancy does not need to increase an additional additional additional increase. When it is in the middle and late pregnancy, it only needs to increase the calories of 200 kcal than before.

The calories of 200 calories are about a cup of milk and a banana, not many.

Diet during pregnancy needs to pay more attention to the safety of food. It is recommended that you grasp the principles of diet in balance, health, less food, and meals.

The calorie intake during pregnancy can be adjusted according to the weight of pregnant mothers and fetal growth.

You can eat ice cream during pregnancy

Seeing this piece of little cat pregnant mothers are all stolen?But pay attention to controlling the amount of consumption.

You can drink coffee during pregnancy

You can drink coffee during pregnancy, but you need to pay attention to caffeine intake.

In 2010, the American Obstetrics and Gynecologist Association recommended that coffee can be consumed during pregnancy, but the caffeine intake is recommended to be less than 200 mg per day.

It is recommended not to drink heavy coffee, Kabchino, American coffee, etc. during pregnancy.The caffeine among these categories is easy to exceed the standard.

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Wi-fi can be used during pregnancy

Obstetricians suggested that pregnant mothers do not look at mobile phones and iPad for too long, not because of Wi-Fi radiation, but because I often look down at the cervical spine for a long time.

It is best not to eat the following fish during pregnancy

Pregnant mothers pay attention to don’t eat sharks, swordfish, flagfish, large -eyed golden tuna, square fish, big ear horses, chest spine bream, etc.

These fish heavy metals may exceed the standard!

That’s it for today’s sharing. I hope that the friends who are preparing for pregnancy or during pregnancy must be scientifically maintained.

I have experienced my friends who have experienced the above small details during pregnancy, and do n’t make a regret in their thighs, because Dr. Jojo also has more dry goods and look forward to sharing with you!

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