Training in the middle of pregnancy

Many pregnant mothers in the early stages of pregnancy are unstable due to fertilized eggs, harmfulness, pregnancy vomiting, and the pregnancy reaction is relatively large, and the body shows a tired state.By the end of pregnancy, these reactions have gradually disappeared, and their feelings are getting better and better, appetite recovers, and their physical fitness rises. Many pregnant mothers will choose to start exercise in the middle of pregnancy.What are the characteristics of the second trimester?What are the focus of training?What should I exercise?

The middle pregnancy refers to 5-7 months. The fertilized eggs have developed into a fetus during this period, and the appearance of the fetus can distinguish the head, eyes and other organs.During the 5th month, the hearing of the fetus has begun to develop, and it is particularly sensitive to the low and low frequencies. At this time, you can start prenatal education, which will help the development of the nervous system of the fetus.

Pelvic: The fetus in the middle of pregnancy rose, and the uterus began to be expanded. The bulging belly was like a 4 kg heavy ball in front of the body.The pelvis of pregnant women began to lean forward, accompanied by a series of arranging changes in the lower limbs.This changes the way of walking in pregnant women, and the unique pace of pregnant women and walking posture appear.The analysis results show that the physical center of gravity of pregnant women move forward, causing them to tilt backwards when standing, and accompanied by pelvic leaning forward.The experimental results showed that in all the trauma causes during pregnancy, the unexpected falling accounted for about a quarter, about the 70 -year -old wife.

Upper body: When pregnant women do not maintain the stability of their thoracic vertebrae in the middle of pregnancy, they will gradually begin to appear a bad posture of humpback and round shoulders, except for the center of gravity of the abdominal cavity.The swelling of the chest can also cause the mother to have a round shoulder and humpback, and accompany the shoulder and neck soreness.

Knee joint: Pelvic and lower limb mechanics are linked. If pregnant women do not correct the body, the body arrangement, or the pregnant woman will be crooked before pregnancy, it will be amplified during this period.Because the skew of the lower limbs caused more pain.

Violet: According to the principles of aerobic exercise in the early stage, the intensity can be increased in the middle period to achieve the conscious power coefficient of 13-15. The speaking test can reach VT1 or more.(Speaking in a row during exercise, 10 words need to be breathing)

The two gravity transfer training: pregnant women move the center of gravity from the floor, learn how to get up from the floor safely and effectively, and change from the floor into the standing posture.Here are two groups of training actions.

Group A: Figure 1.-Figure 3. Action conversion, pregnant mothers must learn this action.

1. Sit on the floor, find a stable position of the sciatica, and maintain the head, chest, and pelvis on one line.The other feet step on the ground, and the torso is perpendicular to the floor as possible. At this time, it is a preparation posture.

Seating posture

2. Enter the legs from the preparation posture and step on the ground.Clame legs on the side of the body on the side of the body, and the head, chest, and pelvis should also be kept on one line.

3. Enter from basic movements to three -point support position.Using the stability of the hip joint of the kneeling feet, the control of the physical center of gravity, it is recommended to use yoga mats during the practice.When the action is conversion, the slower the movement, the better.

Three -point support treatment

Group B: The first three steps are the same as Group A

4. From three points to support advanced to squatting, straighten your body at this time, so that the trunk is vertically on the ground.


5. In the posture of squatting legs, the kneeling position is raised along the ears on the same side of the knees to increase the difficulty of movement. Pay attention to maintaining the stability of the lumbar spine and the pelvis, and maintain the expansion of the abdominal breathing.At this time, it will feel that the front side of the pelvis has a tension and stretch. This is the stretch of the iliac waist muscle, which is a normal and beneficial stretch.

Squat stretch

Three -balance training: mainly to reduce the support area practice.Do 10-15 times in a group.

1. Stand with your feet together, lean on your upper body, and bend your knees slightly together.One foot tip, put the focus on the support feet.

One -foot support

2. Mainly stay in a one -footed position and try to lift the tiptoe away from the ground.

Stand on a single leg

After completing the single -legged standing stable, it can increase the difficulty.Coupled with the visual interference (looking on the left and right), and the movement of the arm (raised up your arms up, one -arm drawing circle, etc.).

Quartet training: The most suitable period for weight training in the middle period, but the training process needs to maintain the principle of aligning the pelvis with ribs. You can use the "central axis stabilization test" to understand whether the pregnant woman is suitable for weight training.How to test will share with you in the next article, I hope you continue to pay attention.

As the baby develops, the stomach is getting bigger and bigger, and the center of gravity moves. In order to avoid accidental falling, pregnant mothers need to strengthen their focus and balance training.Let us exercise healthy and happy exercise together.Come on hot moms!

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