True man, want to have three babies to give birth to yourself!Schwarzenegger is pregnant

A video of "I support the third child" caused a strong spit yesterday.

I also glanced at it, and my stomach was uncomfortable.

Call for a while, do not mention the video author, company, do not forward, do not hunt strangeness, do not give any opportunities to increase traffic in such garbage works.

Besides, there is no point of view, just to make you very disgusted.

The content is very simple and rude and even rude, that is, they have taken 8 people from all walks of life, and repeated a theme: "I support three babies."

The only commonality is that they are all -men.

The shooting highlights their occupational identity, such as doctors, such as managers, such as professors, etc.

Whether the camera is framing or lighting, it can highlight the "sacred and authoritative sense of authority".

The effect is bad.

The barrage is all OS.

The evaluations of various ways are integrated, just one word:


I also want to support the per capita living area of 100 square meters. All of them have school houses in Beishangguang. Can I support it?

But the balance of everyone’s bank card, only knowing that, even if I guess, do I have that ability to send you millions of numbers for you?

I still want to support everyone to run the marathon, but my legs are on the other, can I support it?

Do I support me?

I will voluntarily donate blood. If possible, I also hope that one day I can donate bone marrow or organs in the future.

But I am embarrassed to kidnap others morally.

The physical condition of others, the work and life of others, can not help donate blood and donate the bone marrow. What should I do?

Isn’t your appeal to other people’s oppression?

What’s even more ridiculous is that this is still a group of people who never have children.

Oh, man!

Let’s not talk about the mortality rate of pregnant vomiting, abdominal pressure, inconvenience, and 1.78 percent of 10,000 months in the ten -month -old death rate of ten months.

(Source Liuye knife)

"I support my three -child, but why should I set up a subway woman’s specialty, isn’t it equal between men and women?"

"I support three babies, but I don’t want to set up more venues in public places to set up a maternal and baby room."

"I support my third child, but I just want to sit in the car to smoke a cigarette brush mobile phone and talk to my girl about the tiredness of middle -aged men."

"I support my third child, but what is the painless delivery, don’t women come like this?"

"I support my third child, don’t buy my wife’s red bag, keep the baby"

"I support my third child, but don’t think about me to bring my children at night at night"

"I support three babies, but I don’t want to quit smoking and drink alcoholic and quit games. I don’t even want to wash the dishes. After all, it is a woman’s business."

"I support three babies, but I don’t agree to increase women’s maternity insurance"

"I support the third child, but I don’t think it is necessary to keep the workplace opportunities of women."

"I support three babies, but I don’t think men need forced maternity leave."

"After all, it’s all your women!"

The child born obviously is the gene of two people.

It was obvious that a child was born for men, and in all aspects, it took advantage of it.

The first major cheap is the heavenly selection of gene competition. In this world, only a small number of males can leave their own offspring. After the 100 -year reproduction of a village, anthropologists findUnder the blessing of a monogamy, the male DNA in the sample village finally left the offspring, only a few men.Most male genes died after the second generation and three generations.

The second cheap is that as long as there are offspring, men can get pension protection under the current legal system.

Haven’t you seen such a bad case?Daddy sexually assaulted her young daughter, sentenced to prison in prison, but she was old, and she wanted her daughter to support it.

The law supports this father. No matter what his father does a bad thing, his daughter has the obligation to support him.

In the end, because her daughter was a family of Chi Polynism, even her life had problems, and the court eventually did not support it.

"Who allows only women to have children."

"Besides, your women can’t give birth without our men." – When they said that, they stole the concept lightly.

Sperm that can’t get out of the rotten streets of men, stealing hundreds of millions of sperm in a one -hundred -hundred -hundred amount of eggs with more than 400 grains of eggs in a life of women.10 months of pregnancy+3 years of lactation equivalent.

All women who can’t see such a story will drop the pit.

All men who use this case are scum.

In fact, in cooperative fertility, men used to feed with women are equivalent:

1. Economic investment.Women are working, men pay money.Women are responsible for having children, and men are responsible for building nests and hunting.

2. Time investment.Women are born, women are nurtured, and men are nurtured.

3. Common education, and soothe women who are physically and mentally exhausted.

4. The entire society cares about the efforts of mothers and provides more benefits, convenience and guarantees for maternal and infants.

This is a normal man.This is a normal society that values the future.

Those who don’t do anything, fork their waist: "I support three babies",

That is not support, that is abduction, that is the arrangement task.

Anyway, it is not his life, and the pain is not his pain. The risk of death is not him. Postpartum breast pain (rising milk), uterine pain (retraction of uterine), upside down in the night, bring children to bring childrenThe chicken flying dog jumping is not he suffered!

If it is more true, many men will smile on her hippie face, "I want to give birth, but I don’t have that function."

Okay, good news is here!

Chinese scientists successfully let the male mouse get pregnant!

This technology news is really timely.

How does scientists do?

First of all, we need a big rats.

Well, nonsense.

The Gong Rat was castrated.(Oh) It must be castrated, otherwise the male hormone in its body is too high, isn’t it necessary to have a miscarriage?

You need a big mouse.

What are the big mice?Switch the blood vessels of the Gong Rat and the Mother Rat, and the blood circulates each other, and the two mice establish a symbiotic relationship.In order to prevent rejection reactions, these two mice have to be close relatives.

Why do I need a mouse and a propenal mouse together?

Because only the mouse can provide related hormones for pregnancy childbirth …

To put it bluntly, a living body is opened for the male mouse.


Next, transplant the uterus.

Perm the uterus of the other female mouse to the mouse.

After the transplant surgery is completed, the mouse recovers health,

Transplant embryos in the uterus to the male mouse.

Of course, at the same time, the embryo is transplanted in the natural uterus of the healthy symbiotic mouse.

The mouse is pregnant, and the hormone secreted by the mouse can be shared to that male mouse.

In this way, under the females’ progesterone asylum -these hormones are continuously supplied to the male and mice that were not able to get pregnant and breed mice through symbiotic vascular sources, and the bastard who transplanted the uterus was smoothbig.

The embryo developed on the 215th day and a cesarean section was performed.

Take out a healthy survival mice.

Although it is obvious that the conjoined female and rats open all kinds of cheating to deceive nature, after all, it can be regarded as the descendants born from the male body?

Male -The biggest obstacle of men’s baby is the antibodies and hormones in their own bodies.

To put it plainly, the uterus can be transplanted, embryo can be implanted, but a series of precise changes that women naturally produce after conception, the complicated hormone changes related to pregnancy and childbirth, help embryos to stay, developed substances, men cannot secrete themselves.Intervention is useless.

If you can solve this problem, men can have children.

A sci -fi film has created a kind of magic medicine: Anti Spirit -can help men through the "pregnancy".

Arnold Schwarzenegger played a film, the old film- "Weilong II", also known as "Devil II".

It is said that Schwarzenegger was only involved in the experiment at the beginning. In order to prove that the new drugs were useful, they were ready to end in 3 months of pregnancy.

As a result, it was three months. Because of the tough guy Schwarzenegger under the action of pregnancy and hormones, he became tender and maternal.

Emmmm, of course, he finally did it.

His girlfriend (child’s mother) also came to tell him, "I really can’t believe it, you did it. You gave birth to our child."

It sounds touching.

The tough guy of the Terminator is full of muscles, and the mother’s love is really beautiful.

In the end, the births of all kinds of pro -children who were born were a little happy, but they were really forward -looking.

Therefore, those men who have a word "I want to have three babies",

The opportunity to practice your dream of life is here!

You want, let you want it!

Even if there is no uterus, there have been cases of male abdominal cavity unexpectedly fertilized eggs before.(Women’s ectopic pregnancy is this principle) But the male abdominal cavity is not the uterus. It cannot support the greater and greater nutrition and blood supply needs of the embryo. It grows like hemangioma later. If it is not treated, it can cause major bleeding.The tissue crash and the blood vessels will break.(But you won’t be in the uterus. Write here to worship the strength of the female uterus)

Now there are cases that can successfully move the uterus to the male, and give enough hormone support. Can men be able to give birth to a baby successfully?

What?No outlet exit?

Don’t have a cesarean section?

I didn’t let you give birth to the urethral.

When a woman has a cesarean section, I haven’t seen you sympathy!

When a woman’s delivery channel is torn, I can’t bear it!

After cutting, you can also breastfeed and not kidding. Men also have breasts. As long as the male breasts are sufficiently stimulated, and with prolactin, men can breastfeed!

Don’t say, I don’t have milk, how can I coax children.

In the days of the morning and fainting, the days when they were coaxing and breastfeeding, kiss can feel it by themselves.

As for the nipple wrinkles and the pain of mastitis, you can also experience it.

See "Is it easy to have a baby"?

If you don’t want to move the uterus for the time being, after all, it is still a bit troublesome. Before leaving someone to have a child to have a child with a second child,

You can experience the pain.

That simple.Simulation instruments are now available everywhere, and dozens of dollars can be fully experienced.

Those who gave birth to one child allowed him to give birth to pain at level 8 (without level 10) for 30 minutes. If he could open his mouth, he was qualified to say.

Those who gave birth to the second child allowed him to hang up at level 10 for 1 hour, and he could open his mouth, and he was eligible to say.

Those who gave birth to the third child let him hang up for 10 hours.

You can also say that you will win!

Sisters, what do you see?

Those who urge you to have children, please send him this article.

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