Tucao’s pregnant wife "drooping her chest" and "fat becomes a ball". The female star husband finally apologized, but this matter is not over yet

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Don’t make a joke with things that pregnant women care about

Recently, a video of the emotional collapse of emotions released by actress Sun Yan rushed on a hot search, which resonated with many expectant mothers.

Sun Yan said with red eyes and said, "Some jokes during pregnancy cannot be opened."

It was not a big deal that caused her emotional collapse, but the small details in life and language.Because the husband who was drunk and snoring was snatched in the middle of the night, she couldn’t pull it back. For a while, all the grievances broke out during her pregnancy.

The fuse is that the quilt is gone, and in fact, because she thought of her husband’s mouth that owed her to joke, she poked her most painful place in her heart and made her cry.

Because the pregnancy breasts will develop secondary, and this becomes the goal of the old public joke, once, twice, three times …

"You reach the pinnacle of life, but your chest is drooping."

"This is your cutest time, because you have become a little fat ball."

As the closest person of Sun Yan, every time her husband says "drooping" and "little fat ball", it is equivalent to sprinking a hand of salt in her heart.Little baby?

No matter what kind of, it shouldn’t be!

There is no way to change the chest sagging. It is also inseparable to get fat and become fat. These are more or less psychological burdens. Bao Da should understand the hard work of Bao Ma’s pregnancy.

Some netizens who are also Baoma looked at Sun Yan who was crying red eyes, and expressed distress: "You are easy to cry during pregnancy." "Don’t say that you are pregnant, you can’t hear these words if you are not pregnant."

Fortunately, Sun Yan quickly communicated with her husband to solve the matter. Her husband wrote an apology review book and realized his mistakes:

First, you should not entertain for a few days in a row to let you be alone at home, and you can still drink drunk;

Second, you should not sleep, snoring, make you sleep well;

Third, you should not have an unsatcrimed body joke to make you cry;

Fourth, I hope my wife forgives, and I ask everyone to supervise it. I strive to refuse the entertainment.

After passing, the attitude of his husband’s apology is sincere. There are the hearts who want to correct, and it is true that he is not intentional when he says these words, and even he doesn’t even take it seriously.

But many times it is the most unintentional to hurt.

In life, pregnant women often encounter some unintentional damage, even more serious.

When some husbands are uncomfortable or uncomfortable when they see their pregnant wives, they will say, "Isn’t it pregnant, what can be confusing, who is not like this?"

Sometimes relatives and friends will also come: "Oh, see you are getting fat now."

Even strangers see the pregnant women who have passed, and they will say to the people around me, "Tell you to eat less, or you are not as round as her."

These unintentional jokes and incomprehension have tied the hearts of pregnant women like a needle.

They also want to be beautiful, and they want to be as light as swallows, and they don’t want to suffer these sins, but is it possible?

Therefore, pregnant women need the care of relatives and everyone, not to say respect, but to change the unintentional attitude and transform from "external action" to "internal care".Do not laugh, care more, understand more, and pet more.


Pregnancy is never a relaxed thing

British writer Rachel wrote a sentence in "Become a Mother": "Every member of human beings will experience the process from birth to unusual independence, and this process must be requisitioned by a woman’s life."

This is the journey of pregnancy, which is a new life given by the mother on the track of life.

The process of breeding life is to upgrade monsters and encounter various adverse reactions and tests.

Dr. Lilac has shared women’s pregnancy map:

In the early stages of pregnancy, you need to be careful. After 3 months, the fetus grows rapidly, squeezing the bladder and urethra, which causes frequent urination. Due to the increase in estrogen and progesterone in the body, a pregnancy reaction will occur, and severe cases cannot eat.

After 6 months, the belly will be supported, and the growing growth of the fetus will compress the lungs to make the chest tight and swell. The weight of the belly can only lie on the side.

In the last two months of pregnancy, my feet were swollen to two yards, and bending and turning over were extremely difficult …

Not to mention that it takes a few hours or days to open the pain of the ten fingers, and the wound when encountering a cesarean section.

The changes and pains of these bodies are a hurdle that mothers are going to pass during pregnancy, but for children, they are extremely strong.

However, strongness does not mean that they are not hard.

Numerous complicated examinations must confirm the fetal heart, progesterone value, Donald, diabetes, and hypothyroidism to see if the umbilical cord is around the neck, etc.

Not only that, there are some things that are difficult to open during pregnancy, which is hidden and painful.

Netizens have shared the "embarrassing moments" during pregnancy.

5 months pregnant, the frequency of going to the toilet is getting higher and higher, and I ca n’t sleep well at night many times. By 8 months, I ca n’t control it.Urine can only be solved with diapers.

Some pregnant women experience pubic pain.

Friends Bao Ma had skeptical life when she was 6 months pregnant. His legs were painful to walking, and he couldn’t turn over in the middle of the night. It felt like "sour", and she cried and got up every morning.At that time, her greatest wish was to quickly restore her peace and sound.

There are also pregnant mothers who have experienced varying degrees of social death.

There is constipation and hemorrhoids in the late pregnancy. Sometimes it takes an hour to go to the toilet.

Because of the pressure of pregnancy abdomen, farting is not controlled without controlling, and the sound is too loud;

Others dare not laugh or sneeze at all, otherwise they must sprint into the bathroom 100 meters.

In terms of pregnancy, none of the expectant mothers are easy. The birth ceremony of this life is worth thousands of sentences "hard" and "thank you".


The emotional or bad of pregnant women requires her husband to be a "regulator"

Someone on Douban has shared a sentence that his mentor said during obstetrics and gynecology: "What is the most basic demand for pregnancy and postpartum pregnant women?"

The answer is: "I saw it."

This seeing not only seeing the changes in the body of pregnant women, but more importantly, seeing the changes in their mood and the support of psychological needs.

Due to changes in various hormones during pregnancy, such as progesterone and estrogen, they can affect the emotions of expectant mothers, and gastric acid secretion and fat metabolism and blood vessel contraction will also bring emotional fluctuations.

At the same time, the mood of the pregnant woman is the interweaving, tiredness and joy of the baby in the belly.

At this time, her husband must act as a good regulator, hearing the needs of his wife, seeing emotional anxiety, and giving concern and understanding.

First of all, prospective dad also needs knowledge upgrade.Pregnancy is never a matter of one person, and knowledge during pregnancy should be understood.Previously, there was a prospective father who carefully watched "Encyclopedia of Pregnancy" on the subway.

Secondly, after understanding, you need to accompany more.In fact, there will be a little bit of nostalgia for pregnant women in each birth check. Husband will ease the mood to a great extent. Let’s look at the changes in different stages of the baby, and can also promote the emotional sublimation.

In addition, in the face of the emotions of instability during pregnancy, your husband should not care or dislike it. You must know how to encourage and praise.

When a friend Xiao Meng was pregnant, she watched her swollen figure and was worried that she would be particularly anxious when she looked at her position or umbilical cord around her neck.At this time, her husband will always touch her stomach and say, "Don’t worry, our baby will be very good, you are also the most beautiful pregnant women."

The encouragement of the prospective father’s love can be the armor of the prospective mother, which defeats the pain and restless armor.

Recently, Qingdao Bao’s father, who has recently been searched, explained what her husband really cares and helps his wife during pregnancy.

Because he was worried that his wife would be nervous, he gave his wife a cake the day before, and confessed affectionately in order to let his wife feel his love and cheer for the wife who is about to produce.

"This is our last two -person world, and tomorrow will become a family of three. My husband hopes that his wife will be as happy as before. After having a baby, you are still my little princess.My husband will always be the first in your heart. "

The reason why these words were moved is not because of the sweetness of the language, but as a husband, he can see the hard work of his wife, cherish her efforts, and give the power of care and backing.

Many times, what pregnant women need not to float on the surface, but although it is not easy to suffer from you with you, but the heart is always firm.


During the most beautiful pregnancy, please care about yourself

Bringing life is the most beautiful process. All changes, whether it is figure or psychological, is a great issue. Bao Ma deserves all care, but don’t forget to know how to love yourself.

As netizens said: "Fertility is an irreversible process. It is responsible and accompanied by pain. Only by yourself, the ending will be beautiful."

This is not as comfortable as possible.

Husband is not the only spiritual pillar, learn to be happy and fulfilling pregnant women

On the issue of mood during pregnancy, her husband can share it, but it cannot be used as the only spiritual pillar. Bao Ma can use more time to enrich herself during pregnancy.

Do what you want to do but do n’t have time to do, such as practicing yoga, both giving birth and exercise.

There are many mothers who have resting during their life as a period of pregnancy. Their life is not tediously waiting for her husband.Essence

When the expectant mother’s attention is not only put on the baby and her husband in the belly, the world will be wider and more happy.

Find a multi -faceted support, learn to do stress release, mother who releases pressure

The term mother should never be imprinted on the sacrifice and great framework, otherwise it will become a selfless and dedicated tight curse. Pregnant women can use themselves as a body to be a mother -in -law supported by multiple parties.

To talk to your family, your parents -in -law can set up a handle;

To make new friends and communicate with more pregnant mothers, it can solve the problem and relieve stress.

When my friend was pregnant, I made a lot of Baoma who was giving birth together. Together, I shared the changes in different periods. The interesting things of gossip pregnancy were very happy every day in the group.

During pregnancy, it should never be a single person to fight alone, condensing the family’s sense of dedication and responsibility.Whether a family has love is a test during pregnancy. A good mother who has been taken care of can be a good mother who is physically and mentally healthy is the starting point for family harmony.

The wonderful journey of life is sail to the mother, hoping that whether it is her husband or family, they give Bao Ma more care and care, let them know that everything is worth it.

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