Twins have a variety of diseases in a premature birth of twins for 27 weeks. Parents: Never give up this strong little life

Today’s headline user@今 今@@今 今 今 今 今: My family lives in Shenbei New District, Shenyang City, and has twin children. On April 6 this year, when I was 27 weeks pregnant, I was in a sudden situation.Shenyang Shengjing Hospital performed abdomening surgery.After the child was born, the boss had just arrived in [1180g] because of the premature birth. The child’s breathing function was not good. The lung development was not complete.Want to ask for help from the society.

Remember the boss who was still in the thermal insulation box of the hospital, and was busy with the second child who was just discharged by her. The new mother Xiaobai had no time to be sad.

On April 6 this year, the twin mother Xiaobai, who was pregnant at 27 weeks of pregnancy, went to the hospital for a routine birth checkup due to emergencies. Doctors suggested that a cesarean section surgery must be performed.

The two children were immediately sent to the newborn insulation box of the hospital after surgery.

"For 4 months in hospital, the two children have spent more than 800,000 yuan. Now the boss has performed two abdomen operations, and the situation is still to be observed. But the doctor said that he was particularly strong, and we also wanted to give the children a hope!"Xiaobai said.

Pregnant twins

27 weeks of production inspection encounters emergencies

Xiaobai and lover Mr. Zhang have been married for many years.

"We all like children very much, but because my body is not good, we have never wanted to go to children." Xiaobai said.

After recuperating, Xiaobai finally became pregnant last year. "The two of us were in Shenyang who were examined from the countryside. For so many years, we bought a house and finally settled in the family in Shenbei New District, Shenyang. At that time, my lover was 35 years old.Once, this two children can give us a family happy. "Xiaobai introduced." We bought the bedding, clothes, and small toys used by children early, and started planning children’s rooms for them …The car is convenient for me to go to the hospital for inspection and future life. During this period, we went to the hospital to do various examinations many times during this period, and everything was normal. "

On April 6 this year, when Xiaobai had been pregnant 27 weeks, he came to the hospital for a check -up. "When an emergency occurred, the doctor suggested that the cesarean section surgery must be performed."

Premature birth twins are diagnosed with nearly 20 diseases

Severe custody 4 months

"After the child was born, because of the premature birth, the boss weighed 1180g, and the child’s breathing function was not good. The lung development was not complete.After giving birth, the children lived in the insulation box directly, wearing ventilator and various monitoring equipment. "Xiaobai said.

After 4 months of treatment, the situation of both children improved.

"The most important of these is the intestinal necrosis of early birth. After two abdominal operation, the boss is still observed in the ICU intensive care unit insulation box of the neonatal ward.It is now necessary to take oxygen at home for treatment at home. For more than four months, we have seen the boss several times. When you come out of the surgeryWe are all very worried. "Xiaobai said.

Give the little man a hope

We will never give up him

"Because it was a premature birth, we hadn’t had time to get insurance at that time. At the beginning, the money was responsible for ourselves. Our parents were all rural areas. Although we worked hard in these years, there were not many savings in their hands after buying a house and the car.Now that it has been spent, in order to save children, relatives and friends can borrow all. The doctor said that the follow -up treatment time is still long. "Xiaobai introduced.

After the two children got the hukou, Xiaobai replenished the insurance reimbursement for the child to reimburse some medical expenses according to the policy.

"The doctor said that the boss specially cooperated with the hospital’s treatment in the thermal insulation box, and was very strong, and the desire to survive was very strong, just like a real little man. We are his current hope.He will not give up him, and he must do his best to cure him. "Xiaobai said.

Liaoshen Evening News reporter Sui Guanzhuo

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