Two times, the mother of Changsha Sanwa checked and found that "grapes" grew in the uterus

Zhang Rou (pseudonym), 42 years old, has been discontinued for 4 months. Three months ago, she measured the negative urine HCG at home early pregnancy test strip. In addition, she had irresistible menstruation, she didn’t care, and did not go to the hospital for examination.On the evening of December 5th, she suddenly appeared a lot of vaginal bleeding and was accompanied by abdominal pain. After being sent to the hospital by her family, she was diagnosed as "hydatidal". Why did the uterus be "grapes" and "hydatiditic tires"?This confused the Zhang Rou family.

"The patient bleeds the vagina when admitted to the hospital. The increase in uterus is like May in May, and the vagina is full of blisters. The cervix cannot be exposed.The uterus is greater than the menopause month, the chorionic gonad hormone has increased significantly, and the performance of the B -ultrasound, consider that the diagnosis of Portuguese fetus is basically established. "According to Huang Qiao, the deputy chief physician of the gynecological deputy physician at the Changsha Central Hospital (Changsha Central Hospital)After evaluating the condition, the gynecological combination of blood transfusion department, anesthesiology, B -ultrasound and other departments formed a rescue team to surgery for patients under the guidance of the full anesthesia B -ultrasound. A large amount of blisters were cleared during the operation.The signs of life are stable and returned to the ward safely. The current situation is stable.

According to Zhang Rou, she is already a mother of three children. She has also had an artificial abortion before. This year, menstruation was not regular. Four months ago, she found that she had discontinued her menstruation. She was afraid that she was pregnant again.Hurry up and buy the early pregnancy test strip test, but the urine HCG is tested as negative. "When I see it is negative, I think it is nothing to do with pregnancy, but it is simply irregular menstruation.. There are irregular bleeding in the middle, and I haven’t cared. In the past few months, I feel that my belly has grown up a lot, and I thought it was gaining weight. Until the evening of December 5, a lot of vaginal bleeding occurred, accompanied by abdominal pain, and abdominal pain.I feel wrong. "

Huang Qiao, deputy chief physician of the gynecological department of Changsha Central Hospital (Affiliated to Changsha Central Hospital of Nanhua University), introduced that "Portuguese tires" are as the name suggests.The medical term refers to the abnormal hyperplasia of the nourishing cells of the placenta fluff, and the height edema is highly edema, forming a string of grape -like things.Portuted tires are a kind of benign nourishing cell disease. The lesions are characterized by completely limited to the uterus. Water blisters do not invade the muscle wall, and there is no metastasis of other organs.Divided into two categories, one is a complete hydatidal, which belongs to the placental fluffy.The entire uterine cavity is full of blisters, permeable nourishing cell hyperplasia, and no fetus and embryo tissue.The other is partial hydatidal, and some placental velvet is swollen and degenerated. Local nourishing cell hyperplasia embryos and fetal tissue are visible, but most of the fetus has died, and the complete hydatidal is more common.

"Portex occurs in women in childbearing age, with nutritional conditions (such as lack of vitamin A and its predecessor Herototic and animal fats), socio -economic factors, age is more than 40 or less than 20 years old (ovarian function is not complete), grapes have grapesHistory of fetal diseases, chromosomal abnormalities, etc. are high -risk factors that occur in hydatid fetal fetus. "Huang Qiao reminded that the common symptoms of hydatidal fetus are: vaginal bleeding after menopause, severe pregnancy vomiting, abdominal pain, hypertoloia, premature ecomian epilepsy, uterine abnormalities and changes and changesSoft, once it occurs, it will bring great harm to pregnant women. High risk of uterine bleeding, uterine infection, and uterine perforation are high; if it develops into erosive hydatidus, it may be seriously fatal due to the metastasis of the lungs, brains, liver and other parts.Harm.

Once the hydatidifier is diagnosed, the Qing Palace is required in time.After the Qing Palace, regular pedestrian chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) is required, and it has been strictly followed up for 1 year since the first negative.Careful asking the medical history during the review, including menstrual conditions, symptoms such as vaginal bleeding, cough, and hemoptysis.If an abnormality is found in the clinic, you need to review the ultrasound again. If the ultrasound is prompted to be unclean in the uterine cavity, the 2nd Cleansing Palace is required.At the same time, reliable contraception is required for 1 year, using contraceptives or oral contraceptives, and not placed in -palaces.

Huang Qiao emphasized that once women of childbearing age discontinue menstruation or pregnancy, whether they have fertility requirements, they should go to the obstetrics and gynecology department as soon as possible, and timely find abnormal pregnancy (such as embryonic discontinuation, ectopic pregnancy, hydatidum, etc.)Serious consequences.

Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Mei Mei Correspondent Xia Jianli Hu Yuan

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