Two zinc -supplement world (What are the symptoms of zinc deficiency?)

Is there such a phenomenon in life? Some people’s hands meet the water immediately in the fall, some people’s heels are cracked and eight flaps, some people have nails, and some peopleThe eyelashes are unknown to the eyes, and there are still people who walk on the street and see some beautiful women’s eyes watery, thinking that watery is beautiful, tell everyone, wrong, that is a phenomenon of liver deficiency, and there are, and there are some, and there are some.People did n’t find that when they got up in the morning, they always felt that there were little mosquitoes flying around in front of their eyes.I do n’t know the reason for 3 mobile phones. What are the phenomena of people? Sleeping at night to have nightmares. After waking up the next day, I can tell people. Other people sleep at night.Ask everyone, whether the phenomenon of dawn is good? Both sleeps are not good. People who do n’t dream at night do n’t dream of dawn.Like sleeping, some ladies in life are not serious about menstruation for 3 days, and it is not appropriate for a few days in the future. I just mentioned so many phenomena, collectively called symptoms, not diseases. Do you know?There is also a process. We must take it seriously for the symptoms in order to pay attention to health and life.

Zinc is one of the pillar elements of life.In the human body, zinc is an essential trace element with a wide range of distribution and is also rich in trace elements in cells.In life activities, zinc plays a "life gear" role of transporting substances and energy metabolism. It is also a necessary component for the enzymes required by DNA replication, RNA transcription and nucleic acid synthesis.In addition, zinc is widely distributed in human nerves, immunity, blood, bones and digestive systems, and participates in the synthesis and activation of nearly 300 kinds of enzymes in the body.Due to the "incomprehensible relationship" of zinc and life and its extremely critical role in the development of intellectual development, people praise zinc as "flower of life" and "the source of intellectual".

Zinc can maintain the growth and development of the body, maintain normal taste function and appetite, maintain the normal metabolic function of vitamin A and the ability to adapt to the dark environment, promote growth and development, improve immunity, and maintain the central nervous system function.

The mystery of zinc in the human body

Participating in the synthesis of various enzymes in the body, everyone found that all the chemical reactions in the human body are inseparable from the participation of enzymes, so the synthesis of enzymes cannot be separated from zinc.

Accelerate the division and growth of cells, and promote the regeneration of skin, hair, etc., everyone knows that if the lady rationally supplement zinc skin, it will be white and tender and shiny.

Promoting the comprehensive growth and development of the human body, especially the growth period of children. When it comes to all parents here, we must pay attention. Do you know that we human beings have two soaring periods. During the pregnancy period, 456 was the first fiercest.In addition, if women deficiency during this period, the 6 -month uterus of the fetus is as large as a 4 -month uterus and a slow development. If it is 8 or 9 years old, it is the second increase of the human body.Everyone must know that children must grow well. If you want to develop well, and learn well, you must supplement your child zinc during this period, because zinc can promote the development of the second sexual characteristics of the child.Zinc supplement can accelerate the growth and development of young people, which has a direct effect on the formation of collagen tissue and bone growth, and has obvious effects on the growth and development of children caused by zinc deficiency.

Zinc and children’s intelligence. Modern medical research has proven that zinc is a trace element in the human body and participates in the synthesis of protein and nucleic acid, which affects the division, growth and regeneration of cells.There are three main aspects of zinc on children’s intellectual development: first, zinc can promote the division, growth and regeneration of brain cells, and this is the material basis of intellectual development; the other is that the brain memory area (hippocampus return) is particularly richThe zinc deficiency will lead to a decrease in memory and poor academic performance. The third is that zinc deficiency will reduce the speed of neurotransmitted transmission information, reduce the amount of transmission, and the child’s reaction is slow, which can even cause mild brain dysfunction and cause multi -disease.Children with lack of zinc children’s intellectual development, and children with relatively high zinc content in the body, have good intelligence and excellent academic performance. Therefore, zinc has the effect of promoting the intellectual development of school -age children.

Improve the fertility of men and women, men flow out of the largest amount of semen in their lives, women’s menstrual blood, and zinc participation in the synthesis of semen in fertility capacity. Men only contain 2-4 sperm per milliliter.A qualified man is indispensable for both, otherwise neither is a healthy man.Men’s zinc deficiency may affect the metabolism of sperm and the mobility of sperm, and affect the development of the gland; female zinc deficiency may cause abnormal ovarian development, habitual abortion, extending pregnancy, abnormal tires, difficulty in eclampsia, poison, and hemosidium, poison, and hemorrhage, and hemorrhage.Baby birth weight is low.

It affects the taste and appetite, there is no taste in the mouth, eat a sour pear, the tongue is sweet, the tongue is bitter, and the sour sides are sour. Among them, it is layout. There are more than 1 billion taste buds on the tongue.The tube is blocked, and the taste buds are blocked.

Maintaining vision and promoting vision development, zinc is an important substance to maintain vision and promote vision development.In the eyes, the most zinc content of retinal and veins is the highest. When zinc deficiency, it will affect the ability of vision and darkness to adapt.Note that the intake of zinc and calcium is not only conducive to physical health, but also beneficial to prevent the occurrence and development of myopia.Some children have myopia or amblyopia, which is directly related to zinc deficiency calcium and deficiency.

To prevent dementia, there is a memory area behind the human head. The memory area is also called hippocampus. The zinc content in the hippocampus is equivalent to 70%of the zinc content in the entire human brain., Abnormalities of limb activity, abnormal thinking functions, and even premature Alzheimer’s disease.Do you want to remember? Replenish zinc right away, and it is urgent.

Enhance the repair ability of human trauma tissues, accidentally cut the hand, and zinc must be supplemented when there is trauma, because zinc can promote the complexity of cells, and the recovery ability is particularly fast.

Zinc and other functions of the human body, zinc promotes protein synthesis through zinc -containing, accelerates cell division and growth, enhances energy metabolism, tissue respiratory processes and cyt membrane stability to promote the regeneration of trauma tissues, thereby promoting wound healing.Zinc can also improve the proliferation ability of immune activity cells, stimulate antibody response, and improve immune function.

Children’s lack of zinc growth and development: -6.57cm with a normal height of children with low blood zinc, the average value of the normal person, and a weight of -2.73kg, which is significantly lower than normal children.If not treated in time, it will lead to dysplasia and low intelligence.Low intelligence: Zinc deficiency is easy to cause low intelligence, decreased learning ability, weakened logical thinking ability, and difficulty reflexation.The survey results of US scientific research institutions show that students with excellent academic performance have high zinc content in their hair.Canadian scholars are prepared for zinc to eat diet, eaten to low intellectual students, and have basically recovered their intelligence after two years.

Pregnant women lack zinc fetish: affect the fetal brain, heart, pancreas, thyroid and other important organs to make them dysplasia; Pregnant women: First, reduce autoimmune ability, easy to get sick, and pregnant women naturally cause the fetus.Abnormal, loss of appetite, poor digestion and absorption.Clinical studies have proven that the fetal central nervous system is congenital malformations, slower growth in the palace, and brain insufficiency after birth, which is related to zinc deficiency in pregnant women.

Zinc intake: baby: zinc 3-5 mg/day; children: 10 mg/day; adult: 15 mg/day; pregnant women: 20 mg/day; breastfeeding women are 25 mg/day.

Although the balanced diet of normal people can be available for about 10-20 mg zinc daily, only about 2-3 mg can be used. The main reason is that the plant acid can form insoluble salt in the intestine and zinc.The use of zinc also affects zinc.Therefore, in daily life, it is necessary to reasonably supplement zinc to maintain a healthy life.

How to choose a good zinc supplement preparation?Our article is good for the zinc supplement preparation standards for headlines, so I won’t say much here.

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